My Two Alphas Chapter 5

Ididnotwant to go home. My mother would still spank me even though I was nearly eighteen. That woman was crazy and damn, did she have a good hand. I could still remember the last ass-kicking she gave me, never thinking I would walk the same again. She branded my ass real good that day.

Only this time, I really messed up. I burned the entire science lab down. I still believe it wasn’t completely my fault. Yes, I burned the classroom down, but I only intended to destroy the table, not blow the entire place up. Not my fault someone left the gas on, the teacher was supposed to turn it off before locking it up.

Ace opened the back door of the car, pushing me toward it.

“How about you both go, and I wait here?” I suggested. Tyson looked over at me from the other side of the car.

“Get in the car, Lucy,” he said, and I pursed my lips.Nope! I am not going. I turned around only to find Ace smiling down at me. Was he really finding my potential murder amusing?

“Get in the car, Lucy,” he said as well, folding his arms across his broad chest, but this big buffoon didn’t intimidate me. How could they when I grew up with them?

I raised an eyebrow at his words and was about to tell him to go suck on a big one when he leaned down, proving how short I really was.

“I can always make you,” he said, and I scoffed at his words.

“Make me then,” I taunted, and he went to grab me, but I saw his hands twitch a second before and did the most logical thing any girl would do. I kicked him, and the reaction was instantaneous. I almost felt my own imaginary nuts ache at the contact as he grunted, clutching his balls like his hands were the only thing leaving them attached to him, like it could somehow stop his pain.

“Ha! That will teach you for being balls deep in Melana,” I told him as I darted off, heading for the forest at the back of the packhouse.

“Fuck’s sake! Seriously? You couldn’t just toss her in?” I heard Tyson tell him before chasing after me.

My legs moved at lightning speed as I tried to remember which way went where. I had not been to this side of the woods in years, but I knew there was a river somewhere. I just had to find it. I could follow it, knowing it led to Mitchell’s place, he would help me hide from my mother and these two. He was probably the only person whom I actually liked in our pack. And who didn’t look at me funny for my weird eyes.

Hearing water, I diverted, heading for it, when I heard a growl from behind me, making adrenaline course through my body as I picked up my pace. I could smell the water. I was so close that I could hear the river running downstream. I was nearly in the clear. I just had to jump over to the other side, and I knew I was free. Though that put me on our neighboring pack’s territory, I would only be quick and doubted they would detect me.

I giggled when my foot left the bank before Tyson yelled through the mindlink at me, his voice booming through my head, startling me. I lost my footing, tumbling forward, the fall knocking the air from my lungs.

“Lucy, no!” he screamed just as I hit the ground on the other side. I turned to look at him when I heard growls coming from the trees near me. At first, I didn’t understand when the five wolves stepped out of the trees like they were waiting for someone to cross. I was more confused because they were members of a pack in alliance with ours, but their feral growls said otherwise.

They dropped their heads, teeth bared, and I scrambled backward, not understanding, when I heard a vicious growl resonate from the trees before feeling fur brush against my arm and Tyson’s scent wafting to me. I was shocked he cleared the river without falling into its depths. I was more vampire than werewolf, so for me, jumping was easy, but he was in wolf form. He growled, forcing his body over mine, and the five wolves growled back at him but backed down.

His aura radiating out of him made even me tremble, though it wasn’t directed at me. I saw Ace’s wolf come up on my other side before stepping toward them, stalking them and daring them to step closer. Both their wolves were identical though Atticus, Ace’s wolf, was slightly wider while Tyrant, Tyson’s wolf, was taller. Both were equally menacing, and their paws were bigger than my hands as they towered over me, shielding me from Alpha Jamie’s pack warriors.

“Get back to the other side, Lucy! Now!” Ace snapped at me through the mindlink, his eyes not leaving the five wolves. They looked too scared to move, and I would be too if I had both their deadly gazes on me at this moment.

Tyrant, Tyson’s wolf, nipped my hand when I froze in place, his teeth puncturing my hand, making me hiss and jolting me out of my own head.

“Now!” Tyrant’s deep gravelly voice made me whimper before I forced myself to my feet. I turned before running toward the edge and jumping across. Tyson followed in his wolf form, leaving Ace on the other side with the five wolves when he turned his back on them, yet not one of them dared move as he ran toward the river and jumped it, clearing rather easily.

Atticus stalked toward me, and he grabbed my ankle, jerking me to the ground and ripping my legs out from under me. I cried out as his teeth punctured through the flesh on my ankle. They never hurt me, no matter what I did, they never carried on like this, especially their wolves, but I could feel their auras smashing against me.

“You don’t ever cross the border!” Atticus snapped at me, making me flinch away from him. I didn’t understand what was going on. They were an alliance pack. Ace suddenly shifted back, taking back control from his wolf, leaving him in a crouched position in front of me. His glare made my blood run cold. He stood, and I averted my gaze from his nudity.

“Get up!” he said before stepping around me and walking into the trees, heading toward the packhouse. Tyrant came over, nudging me before pulling on my shirt.

“Now, Lucy,” Tyson’s voice flitted through my head. I turned, getting to my feet when I felt his tongue run across my ankle. The wounds were already nearly healed, his saliva forcing them to heal instantly, and the tingling sensation returned.

“Now. Start walking,” Tyson said, falling in line with me. Ace was walking ahead, and I could feel his aura even twenty meters away from him.

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