My Two Alphas Chapter 57


“Tell me you saw that too,” Ace asked me, and I nodded. Lucy’s head was resting on his shoulder as she passed out from his bite.

“I saw something,” I told him, not sure what to make of it. Lucy had never had a wolf, yet her eyes flickered black, as if her wolf had come forward for a second.

“It’s impossible. Her father killed her wolf when he killed her,” I told him, but Ace shook his head.

“Avery said something to me about it. She thinks Lucy’s wolf is dormant, not dead.”

“Then why hasn’t she come forward before?” I asked him yet if Avery believed that maybe it was possible.

“We will have to wait and see, I guess, but—”

“You’re not sure if we should tell her,” Ace finished for me, and he sighed but nodded his head.

“You know how much she hated not being able to shift when everyone else could, how depressed she got when every other mutation shifted but her,” I told him. Lucy struggled when she was younger. All the other mutations had wolves and survived the transition; hers didn’t, making her feel more out of place because she knew she was different.

“Come on, we should put her to bed,” Ace said, and I reached down to grab her bag. Ace started walking toward my bedroom, but I stopped by his bedroom door.

“No, yours. Your bed is bigger, and we can all fit comfortably in it,” I told him. He stopped looking at me, and I pushed his bedroom door open. Ace also had a bigger room, and I didn’t think Lucy would like bed-hopping.

“You’re okay with all this?” Ace asked me, following me inside. I flicked the light on.

“Of course I am. Why would you ask?”

“Because of what happened. I know this isn’t normal for brothers to share a mate, and you could have had her to yourself.” I nodded at his words.

“Good thing we know how to share then. She is your mate too, Ace. I never wanted to take her from you,” I told him, placing her bag next to the bed. Ace gently laid her down, tucking her in while I started unpacking her bag.

Ace opened some drawers, clearing them out, and I handed him her clothes before finding a photo album tucked down the side of the bag. I pulled it out, and Ace looked over at me.

“What’s that?” he asked, sitting beside me on the edge of the bed.

“Her photo album,” I told him, opening it to see what was inside. I was shocked to find that most of them were of us growing up together. Ace pulled a smaller one out, which was full of family photos. He flicked through it, but the album I was holding was mostly of Lucy and us.

There were heaps of us camping together and at the lagoon, her first day of school. Flicking further into the album, I found some of when we first rescued her from the facility. How small she was and underweight. I looked over my shoulder at her sleeping. She was not this little girl anymore but a woman. Yet the sadness in her eyes in these photos, the hollow look, I had seen over these last few weeks, and I hated seeing that fear in her eyes again.

“I remember that day,” Ace said, pointing to the picture of both of us in lab coats sitting next to Lucy in the doctor’s office. Lucy had the same fear as her mother when she first got out. Took us six months before she would get checked out by the pack doctor. Yet when they wanted to run tests, she freaked out and refused, instead running from us. Ryker had to chase her down. Reika’s fear didn’t help, though, as she always waited in the car, refusing to set foot in the place; she still had that fear.

“I spent two weeks learning how to take blood,” Ace said, and I laughed at the memory. When Lucy refused to get blood taken, the doctor even tried with no lab coat on, but Lucy knew what she was and refused. Ace spent two weeks off school at the pathology lab learning how to take blood samples.

We didn’t think it would work, but Ryker was willing to try anything, and he excused him from school until he was comfortable doing it. I managed to convince her to go back to the doctor’s office, holding her down while they checked her over. When it was time for the blood tests, though, she freaked out again, and the doctor left the office only to return with Ace in a lab coat.


“Lucy, calm down! Stop kicking,” I told her as she thrashed in my arms.

“Okay, Lucy. I won’t take your blood,” Doc told her. Lucy slowly calmed down, yet her heart was racing a million miles an hour. I dragged her back up so she was sitting on my lap, my arms locked around her. Ryker hated bringing her, and this time Ace and I offered to try and pin her down. Seeing her scared always angered Ryker, making him want to smack the doctors trying to help her.

“I want to go home, Tyson. Take me home, please,” Lucy cried, looking up at me. We tried to explain everything. The doctor wasn’t even wearing her coat this time, but nothing helped; she wanted nothing to do with them once she knew they were doctors.

“They just need to do some tests, Lucy. I promise they won’t hurt you,” I told her, but she started crying, shaking her head.

“No! No!” she started screaming when the doctor once again tried to approach her.

“Calm down,” I told her, but she didn’t.

“I will be back, okay? I have a surprise for you, Lucy,” Doc told her.

“I wonder what it is?” I asked her, knowing it was Ace. Lucy looked up at me, but only fear shone in her mutated eyes.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you. You trust me, don’t you, Lucy?” She nodded, chewing her nails, and I k!ssed the side of her head.

“Do you trust Ace?” I asked her, and she nodded again.

“Where did Ace go?” she asked, and I pulled her fingers from her mouth when she started making her nails bleed. She was terrible for it. She would chew the tips of her fingers until they bled sometimes. I didn’t even think she realized she did it half the time. It was a nervous reflex she had, same as chewing on her shirt sleeves. The door opened, and I heard her heart rate pick up, and she started thrashing when the figure stepped into the room in a lab coat.

“Stop, Luce. Look, it is only Ace,” I told her, holding her tighter. She stopped thrashing, looking over at my brother in his lab coat.

“You’re not a doctor,” Lucy laughed.

“I am. I have a badge, see?” he said, tapping the badge on his coat that said Doctor Awesome. I rolled my eyes at him.

“No, you’re not,” she giggled, and the doctor stepped in behind him, her eyes going to the doctor. But she sat down in her chair, observing.

“I am today. I get to be your doctor,” Ace told her, pulling a stool over and sitting in front of her.

“See? It is just Ace,” I told her, and she nodded, looking over at the doctor who handed a tray to Ace. He placed it on the bed beside Lucy, and she looked at it.

“So, can I be your doctor today, Lucy?” asked Ace while grabbing some gloves and putting them on.

“Are you going to stab me?” she asked, looking at the needles on the tray.

“What about if I stab Tyson first to show it doesn’t hurt?” Ace asked her, and I glared at him. He knew I hated needles, and Ace smirked at me. Lucy nodded, looking up at me expectantly, and I fought back a growl, but Ace didn’t wait for an answer and instead shoved my shirt sleeve up as Lucy watched.

“You scream or flinch, I will kick your ass,” Ace mindlinked me.

“You couldn’t have volunteered Doc as your test subject?” I mindlinked back.

“No, I want to watch you sweat. Now hold still. I would hate for the needle to snap off in your arm.” He laughed. “Don’t worry, that only happened once,” he added through the link, and I turned my face away, staring at Lucy instead of what he was doing.

Surprisingly, he was actually gentle—well, as gentle as a needle could be.

“See? He didn’t cry, and we know what a baby Tyson is,” Ace told Lucy while handing the vial of my blood to the doctor. She turned around, putting a label on it while Ace told Lucy to hold the cotton bud on my arm, and she did.

“Now, which band-aid should Tyson have?” he asked her, and she picked a little pink one. Ace stuck it on my arm.

“See? Didn’t hurt, did it, Ty?” Ace asked me.

“Nope, not at all,” I told her, and she nodded, bouncing on my lap before offering her arm to Ace. He rolled her sleeve up before putting the strap on her arm and grabbing a fresh needle.

She jumped when he pushed it through her skin and then relaxed before watching the small vial fill up with her blood. He took four vials of her blood, handing each one to Doc, who labeled and bagged them. He unclipped the strap and gently removed the needle, placing a cotton bud on it when he was done.

“Hold that,’ he told her, and she pressed her thumb on it while he picked her a purple band-aid. “See? All done. That wasn’t so bad, was it, Lucy?” Ace asked her, and she shook her head.

I shook the memory away. “Yeah, and you stabbed me, you j*rk,” I told him, and he laughed.

“But it worked. She got over her fear of doctors, didn’t she?” he said, and I smiled.

“Yes, she did.” Lucy got over a lot of fears. She excelled in school despite being severely behind. Every night we helped her with her homework, and every night Ryker would read to her and Reika before bed.

“We should tell her about her wolf. Even if she doesn’t ever get her wolf back, she has a right to know,” I told Ace.

“Yeah, I don’t like keeping secrets from her,” he agreed.

“I have pack patrol tonight. You can take her back to your room if you want,” Ace told me, but I shook my head.

“No, but can I move my crap in here?”

“You’re serious about sharing a room?” he asked, getting up and putting the last of the other things away.

“Yep, I don’t plan on sleeping without her. You?”

“Me neither. If she lets me sleep near her,” he said.

“She let you mark her, and she marked you,” I told him, wondering why he was still second-guessing her.

“Yeah, I know, she may forgive me, but that doesn’t mean I forgive myself,” he said, and I nodded to him before lying back on the bed.

“I need to go, but I will be back in the morning. Let me know when she wakes up,” he said, leaning down and k!ssing her cheek.

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