My Two Alphas Chapter 59

Tyson’s weight pressed down on me, and I could hear his heart rate jackhammering in his ch3st. I felt his nervousness seep into me, and I was glad I wasn’t the only one filled with this much anxiety. Tyson’s hands glided over my skin, and I could feel the tremble in them, feel his hesitation which removed all my discomfort, knowing he was trusting me as much as I was trusting him, making me content, knowing I was making the right decision.

I pushed on his shoulder, and he sat up, kneeling between my legs. Sitting up, I tugged my shirt off over my head when I felt Tyson’s hand grip the wa!stband of my p*nts. I lifted my b*tt so he could remove them, and he dropped them off the side of the bed before staring down at me, his eyes flickering. I knew he was struggling with his wolf.

“Maybe it’s better if you wait for Ace, Lucy. He knows what he is doing,” Tyson said, his hands running from my knees to my th!ghs softly.

I leaned forward, pecking his l!ps while unclipping my br*a. “Why are you so nervous?” I mumbled around his l!ps.

“Because I don’t know what I am doing. Well, I do, but Ace has more experience. I don’t want to ruin your first time, Lucy, and for it to be a disappointment,” he breathed out.

“The fact that you said your brother has more experience is exactly why I want to be with you, Tyson. Stop worrying about me. It’s your first time, too. I don’t expect it to be some magical experience. I am not unrealistic, but I want it to be you. It feels right, but if you want to wait, we can,” I told him.

“No, I do, but are you sure you wouldn’t prefer Ace?” he asked. Suddenly, both of us were pulled into the mindlink at the same time.

“You’re awake, Lucy?” Ace’s voice flitted through my head, making me jump. I saw Tyson’s eyes also glazed over, feeling his vibration through the mindlink that Ace had connected to both of us.

“Yep, woke up not long ago,” I told him, and I could feel Tyson’s anxiety through the bond, like he was worried his brother would find out what we were planning on doing.

“What are you both doing? I can feel your nervousness through the bond,” Ace asked, and my eyes flicked to Tyson as he started waving his hands at me, not wanting me to tell him, but I rolled my eyes.

“He will be able to feel it through the bond anyway, Tyson. No point in lying to him,” I whispered to him.

“Hello, are you both there?” Ace asked.

“Yes, sorry, I was talking to Tyson.”

“You didn’t answer when I asked. What are you both doing? It’s bloody boring out here tonight,” Ace told me.

“Nothing because Tyson is too nervous,” I laughed before seeing Tyson’s horror at what I said, making my l!ps tug up slightly.

Tyson rubbed a hand down his face, and he sighed. “Bro, you are being awfully quiet,” Ace told him.

“I am just listening. I am here,” Tyson answered. Ace sighed through the bond before I felt recognition hit me through the bond. Ace laughed through the mindlink. “Did I just c*ck block you?” he laughed, and I snorted.

“Yep, we’re kind of busy,” I admitted.

“How busy?” Ace asked, and I felt arousal hit me from him. It was strange feeling Ace so clearly now; Tyson I was used to, but it took a little concentration to pick up his emotions and what they meant.

“Not that busy because Tyson thinks I should wait for you.”

“What, why?” Ace asked him, but Tyson didn’t answer him.

“Look, it’s simple. Penis goes in the vagina, and that’s it. Besides, I have heard you rubbing one out in the shower. The stamina of Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters is quite impressive. You should have an arm on you like Popeye,” Ace said, and I laughed while Tyson face-palmed himself, shaking his head.

“I am well aware, Ace. Thanks for pointing that out and making shit awkward,” Tyson said, and I laughed at him.

“Wait, are you still in my bed, dude? I swear if you blow your load near my damn pillow, I will gut you with a butter knife,” Ace said though he didn’t seem mad we were in his bed; he seemed more amused at the situation.

“Okay, well, that just killed my mood,” Tyson mumbled, his face heating up.

“Your pillow is safe,” I told Ace with a chuckle.

“Speaking of safety, Tyson, there should be condoms in the top drawer beside my bed.”

“You are not seriously giving me a s*x talk right now,” Tyson told him.

“Hey, just helping a brother out, or have you got some?”

“Why would I have condoms, Ace? I have never had s*x.”

“Well, good thing your brother’s prepared then. Just help yourself. There are even flavored ones,” Ace told him. I knew Ace wasn’t a virgin, and I hated that, but at the same time, I found their conversation amusing and found what he was saying didn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would with Ace talking about his s*x life. I knew that marking him meant I had to push the past behind and leave it there if we wanted this to work.

“Oi, you should leave the mindlink open. I could rub one out. I’m sure Jacob won’t mind.”

“Definitely not. You are not listening to us have s*x, Ace,” Tyson snapped at him, and Ace laughed.

“What? It would be like phone s*x, only it would be mind s*x,” Ace said, and I giggled.

“I am your brother, just no! Don’t you have work to do?”

“Yeah, not much happening right now. Jacob has been on the phone with his boy toy. I am bored, and how is it gross? We’re practically the same person. It’d be like listening to myself. Hey, want me to talk you through it? I could add running commentary like at the races.”

“Pretty sure I will pass on that idea,” Tyson said with a sigh. His face turned red, and I rubbed my foot against his th!gh, and he smiled, grabbing it.

“Okay, are you done? Little busy here,” Tyson told him.

“Such a Debbie Downer. Relax a little, Ty.”

“Okay, we are going now,” Tyson said, his tone almost bored.

“Condoms are in the top drawer. Maybe a little big for you, but I am sure you will manage,” Ace said with a chuckle, and Tyson growled through the link at him.

“Fine, fine, I am going but stay away from my pillow, and if you change your mind about the mind s*x—”

“Nope, bye Ace,” Tyson said, cutting the link off and shoving him out of our heads. I laughed at Tyson’s face, and he chuckled softly.

“Well, that was awkward,” Tyson said.

“Which part? Him trying to give us a s*x talk, or him wanting to mind s*x? Poor Jacob would have been horrified,” I told him, and he laughed. I used my legs to tug him closer. Tyson ran his hands over my legs to my h!ps before leaning down to k!ss me, yet I could feel he wasn’t so nervous now as he moved over me and pressed his weight against me. I gripped his h!p, tugging him closer and deepening the k!ss. My legs wrapped around his wa!st when Tyson chuckled against my l!ps before pulling back.

“What?” I asked him when he reached over, grabbing Ace’s pillow.

“Lift up,” he said, tapping my h!p with a devious smile on his l!ps.

“What are you doing?” I chuckled.

“Looking after his pillow he loves so much,” Tyson said, shoving it beneath my butt.

“He is going to kill you,” I told him.

“Serve him right for interrupting,” Tyson teased, his l!ps moving back to mine as he settled between my legs.

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