My Two Alphas Chapter 63


Something was nagging at me the entire time I was patrolling. Jacob also felt something was off too. Just that eerie feeling like someone was watching us, something lurking in the shadows. No doubt, Jamie would have had his men watching, and I put the feeling down to that.

Shifting as the packhouse came into view, I walked up the steps, not even bothering to put my shorts back on, needing a shower desperately to wash the night away. The house was quiet, and I knew they were still asleep, being it was so early. I checked my phone quickly to see a message from Ryker asking if anything had happened on patrol. I quickly answered, telling him it was uneventful, before placing my phone back down and heading to the bathroom.

I showered quickly, exhaustion seeping into my bones, but I was also nervous. Should I go back to my room or go crash in Tyson’s? I knew what they did while I was on patrol but did Lucy want me there with her? We still hadn’t cleared everything or asked her what she wanted. I know we have marked each other but doubt still crept into me about whether or not she truly forgave me for everything.

Walking down the hall toward the bedrooms, I hesitated to decide whether or not to go in there, knowing what I would find. They were in there together. Would it be awkward to disturb that? I had so many questions running through my head.

“It’s our room. Just go in there,” Atticus growled at me. He just wanted to be near his mate. I wanted the same, but knowing they were probably in there both naked, I wasn’t sure whether it would be appropriate for me just to be climbing in bed beside her.

“Oh for the love god, open the door or I will,’ Atticus snarled, and I growled at him before reaching for the door handle and opening it. My room smells heavily of them, every inch of the room drenched in their scents, and I found it oddly comforting, like it was supposed to smell this way. Even Tyson’s scent mingled with hers was oddly comforting. Stepping into the room, I found them tangled in each other. Lucy was asleep with her head on Tyson’s ch3st, her leg over his waist. I moved to my dresser, pulled a pair of boxer shorts out, and slipped them on before moving to the other side of Lucy.

Pulling the blanket back, I lay down excited for sleep. When I rested my head back on my pillow, I was suddenly assaulted with both their scents so strongly that I j*rked upright, grabbing my pillow and sniffing it.

A growl escaped me when I could smell Lucy’s scent and her bodily fluids and not just hers, my nose was r*ped by my brother’s scent.That motherf*cker. I looked over at Tyson, sleeping peacefully before whacking him with the pillow as hard as I could. He jumped before I r!pped his pillow out from under his head, stealing it. Lucy also awoke when Tyson jumped and gr0aned from the impact.

“What the f*ck, Tyson? What did you do to my pillow?”

Lucy giggled before closing her eyes and going back to sleep. Tyson looked around tiredly before he smirked, also closing his eyes and turning my pillow over before using it, not a care given…

“You owe me a new pillow,” I told him. He smiled, rolling as Lucy turned to face me and drifted back to sleep. I growled at him, not wanting to know what he did with it. Lying back down and trying to go to sleep, pissed off about them f*cking on my pillow. That was the only explanation for how her scent could be so strong on it. Lucy moved as Tyson tucked her against him. I sighed, unable to be mad, not that her arousal bothered me but knowing my brother probably had his nuts resting where my head slept made me shiver in disgust. It took me a good half an hour before I felt sleep trying to take me.

I closed my eyes when suddenly the mindlink opened up, and I gr0aned, praying to the Goddess to let me sleep and let the world end around me. When I felt it was my brother, though, I knew I couldn’t shove him out, not without him coming over and kicking the door down and dragging me out to deliver the as*s-whooping he would no doubt give me if I blocked him.Please, don’t make me have to leave, I thought to myself.

“What, Ryker?” I asked, wanting to go to sleep.

“Is that any way to speak to your king? What is up your as*s?”

“King or not, you’re my brother and interrupting my sleep.”

“Still doesn’t explain your bad mood,” he tossed back at me.

“Well, if you must know, I came home to find my pillow violated by Lucy and Tyson f*cking on it.”

“Argh, no, that’s disgusting. Stop right there, or I will remove your bloody tongue. I do not want to know what you pair are doing to my step-daughter,” he growled almost violently through the link.

“Well, you wanted to know,” I told him, and I could feel the smile creep on my face.

“Nothing about Lucy. Keep that to yourself,” he said, and I could almost feel how disgusted he was with that over-share of information.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing, but I was wondering if you could check Lucy’s phone for me because I am assuming she is asleep since it is only 3 AM,” Ryker said, and I gr0aned, not wanting to get up but forcing myself nonetheless.

“You assume right. Want to know what she is wearing since I am about to violate her right to privacy by snooping on her phone?” I teased. I think I have just found some new ways to torture my brother. It just may get me killed, but it would be so worth it. His growls made me chuckle.

“One word, Ace. I mean it, your tongue will go.”

“Yeah, whatever. You won’t do it,” I laughed at him.

“No, you’re right, but I am sure Reika will if I told her of your oversharing about her daughter.” I went quiet. She would remove more than my tongue and then would feed it to me.

“Fine, what am I looking for?” I asked him, and I could practically feel how smug he was, knowing he’d won that one.

“See if she has any missed calls from Mitchell for me.”

“Why?” I asked, looking for her phone. When I couldn’t find it, I looked at Lucy, knowing I would have to ask her where she had put it. I shook her shoulder gently, and she rolled over, her eyes fluttering open to look up at me.

“Where is your phone, Luce?” She mumbled, waving off in some direction.

“I can’t find it. How important is it because I don’t really want to force her awake?” I asked him.

“Just look for it. His mother said he rushed out of the house about an hour ago, and he is blocking her out. She said he has been acting strange lately.”

“Strange how?”

“She said he has been depressed, and she is worried about him. That he barely sleeps or eats and hides in his room besides going to school. I did have a complaint the other day that he hadn’t been showing up for training either.” I sighed before shaking her shoulder.

“Luce, baby, I need your phone,” I told her, and she mumbled something about her jacket, and I let her fall back to sleep. Walking out of our room to the kitchen, I saw her jacket on the back of the stool. I rummaged through her pockets, pulled out her phone, and turned the screen on.

Walking back to the bedroom, I gripped her fingers, so I didn’t have to ask for her password and pressed her finger to the back of the phone on the fingerprint panel. The phone unlocked, and I lay down beside her.

“I got it, and there are no missed calls, but why would he ring her when he can mindlink her? All our packs are linked now?” I told Ryker.

“Doesn’t matter. He will come home eventually. Hopefully, his mother has calmed down.”

“Okay, so I can go to bed now that I am done invading Lucy’s privacy? She has a go at me, you are taking the blame,” I told him, placing Lucy’s phone on the bedside table.

“Yes, I will speak to you tomorrow. If Lucy hears from him, let me know,” Ryker said, cutting the link off before I could reply. But now he told me I was finding it hard to go to sleep. Mitchell was her best friend, and I was worried about how much it would affect her if something were going on with him. She had enough going on without adding more stress to it.

Lying down, I rolled toward her, my hand resting on her n*ked !ip, and she moved closer to me, following the pull of the mate bond when she put her face into my ch3st. I rolled over onto my back, pulling her on top of me, and she snuggled against me, pressing her face into my neck. Tyson also moved with her, chasing her in his sleep as he pressed to my side, tossing his arm over, his hand resting on her as*s and back of her th!gh.

I stifled a laugh. Payback was a bitch, and I had no intention of waking him and letting him know he was pressing his face into my armpit. Instead, I tucked him closer to really get his face in there while my other hand ran up and down her spine. I sighed, relaxing while drowning in her scent when I heard purring. I looked at my brother, disgusted. He was getting his kicks in his sleep about being tucked in my armpit, and I was about to shove him away when I realized the noise was coming from Lucy.

The sound vibrated against my ch3st. The purring noise was not her normal one, not a vampiric growl, which was menacing and usually induced by anger or hunger, but like a cat purring, only deeper. It wasn’t her vampire side reacting like that but her wolf. The wolf she apparently didn’t have, making me think of what Avery had said as I let sleep take me.

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