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My Two Alphas Chapter 68


Ace wouldn’t even let me in the car with Mitchell, instead forcing me in his while Tyson drove off with Mitchell. I felt sick with nerves about what would happen to him. I had no doubt that my mother would unleash hell on him, but hopefully, my presence would deter her from hurting him. I knew Mitchell wasn’t lying, knew without a doubt.

Ace mumbled under his breath when he suddenly veered off, going in a different direction from my parents’ house.

“Ace, where are you going?” He didn’t answer and just completely ignored me.

“Ace, the packhouse is that way,” I told him, but he continued ignoring me until I grabbed the steering wheel and jerked the car. His growls bounced off the windows.

“You aren’t going there. He deserves what he gets.”

“Pull the f*cking car over now!” I screamed at him, knowing he and Tyson were going to just hand him over to my mother and stepfather. They wouldn’t ask questions; they would just kill him.

“He betrayed you. He f*cking deserves to die,” Ace snarled. His anger was out of control. I knew he was mad, but this? He wanted to hurt someone; he needed to hurt someone. His fingers white-knuckled against the steering wheel.

“That’s not for you to decide. He is my friend. Pull over, Ace. Now, or so help my god, I will—”

“You’ll what? Hate me? I can live with that, and so can Tyson,” he bellowed. Fur started growing on his arms as his anger became worse.

“Pull over. You said I could go with him. You said I could help him.”

“Yeah, and that was a lie. We don’t want him near you. He deserves to die for helping Jamie.”

“He did it for his mate.”

“Bullshit, he’s just trying to save his own skin, Lucy. Open your f*cking eyes. Not everyone is your friend. He betrayed you, end of story.”

I reached for the handbrake, ripping it up, and the car started sliding before Ace corrected it, undoing the handbrake.

“Let me out! Stop the car, Ace!” I snapped at him.

“No, you’re staying with me,” he said before flooring it. I was thrown back in my seat as he started driving at alarming speeds.

“Ace, slow down!” I told him as he hit a dip. My head hit the roof of the car, and it became airborne.

“Ace!” He laughed maniacally.

“What, are you scared, Lucy?” he asked as I gripped the seat.

“Yes, now stop!” I shrieked as he turned around a bend so sharply that the car slid out.

“F*cking stop!” I screamed.

“You scared?” he asked again.

“Yes, f*cking yes, now slow down,” I screamed, shutting my eyes.

“Please, stop!” I begged him.

“I will when you stop taking his side.”

“He is my best friend!” I snapped at him, and he growled.

“He is a traitor! I hope my brother rips him to pieces for what he has done,” Ace screamed before punching the dash. A crack ran across it, and his breathing increased in harsh breaths, but the car slowed down slightly.

“You took his side,” he said, and I said nothing.

“You attacked me for him,” he seethed. I shook my head. Mitchell did nothing wrong, not in my eyes. He was protecting his mate. Ace growled, and I could feel Atticus’s jealousy simmering in him, urging Ace to kill Mitchell.

“Please, Ace, take me to my parents’,” I asked him. I hated to think of what Tyson could be doing to him. I could feel Tyson’s anger just as hot as Ace’s.

“He won’t be there,” Ace said before cursing under his breath.

“What do you mean?” I asked, my heart jolting in my ch3st. I should have known better than to let Tyson take him.

“I said he won’t be there. Tyson isn’t taking him back to your parents. He was turning around after we were out of sight and heading back home,” Ace said.

“Turn around. I won’t let you hurt him!”

“It’s done, Lucy. Mitchell won’t be a problem anymore. You may trust him, but we don’t,” Ace said.

“Take me back, Ace.”

“No!” he snapped, and panic rushed over me. Mitchell would be petrified; I wasn’t going to let him die over something I would have done if our roles were reversed. Why couldn’t they understand that? Would their decision be different if they were in his shoes? The answer was no. They would do what they needed to get me back, the same as Mitchell.

“Turn around,” I told him one last time. I didn’t want to throw myself from a moving vehicle; the gravel rash would be a bitch. But I would if I needed to.

“No!” he growled out, forcing my hand. I tossed the door open and unclipped my belt. Ace reached for me a second later, his fingers gripping my shirt, but he was too late. I tossed myself out of the car. The road tore at my clothes and skin as I skidded and rolled across it. I heard the screeching of brakes as I finally came to a stop. Gr0aning, I rolled on my back. Ah, that hurt, I muttered to myself, hauling myself upright.

“Lucy!” Ace roared in panic, and I forced myself upright, staggering. I started limping, and Ace growled.

“Stop, Lucy!” Ace snapped, but I ignored him. Sucking in a breath, I started running before hearing Ace roar behind me and hearing his bones snapping. Looking behind me, I saw Atticus, and I shrieked, taking off like my as*s was on fire and heading back home.

Ten minutes, I could make it in ten minutes. I moved in a blur and hit a tree with my shoulder as I zipped through the forest. I was faster than a werewolf, but I was also pretty banged up, and I could hear Ace gaining on me, yet I kept running, refusing to look back as he chased me.

Atticus, fueled by his anger, launched at me just as I reached the driveway of the packhouse. I saw Tyson’s car parked and could hear fighting and gurgling cries. My heart skipped a beat when I was thrown forward in the gravel. Atticus landed on top of me. I felt his teeth dig into my shoulder as he bit me, making me scream.

I rolled, punching him in the side of the head. He shook his head, baring his teeth at me in warning, but I lifted my knees under him before kicking him off. He snapped at me, but I rolled quickly to see Mitchell’s beaten and bloody n*ked body tossed into the side of Tyson’s car.

His body was lying limp, and I saw Tyrant stalking toward him. I screamed, slipping on dirt as I raced toward Tyrant and Mitchell. My scream was deafening, and Tyrant looked at me in surprise before turning back to Mitchell to deliver the lethal bite.

“NOOOO!” I screamed when pain rushed over me in my panic. I saw tan-colored fur erupt from my arms before I screamed in pain as I launched myself at Tyrant just as he went to tear into Mitchell’s neck. My furry body collided with his, and we rolled, smacking the ground hard. Tyrant growled and snarled when I heard a voice in my head.

“I got this, Luce,” echoed a feminine voice in my head that wasn’t mine. I blinked to see I was no longer in human form but wolf form. No longer in control as the mystery voice shoved me back before tearing into Tyrant viciously. She shook our head as she bit into his flank, and he whimpered before tossing her off and biting our back leg. Mitchell lay unconscious, and I saw Atticus jump into the fray, but my wolf stood over Mitchell’s limp body, and she growled, baring her teeth and snapping her jaws at them.

“Back off!” I bellowed through the mindlink, and Tyrant shook his head, cocking it to the side and staring at me. Atticus stepped too close, and she snapped her teeth at him when I heard the snapping of bones, yet she didn’t take her eyes off Ace’s wolf.

“Lucy?” Tyson’s voice said, shocked, off to the other side of me. Atticus growled but shifted back, and my wolf stretched her sharp claws on the ground, moving the veil and letting me come forward with her. She sniffed the air and growled at them before licking the side of Mitchell’s face that was between her front legs. He didn’t move, no reaction at all.

Both of my mates growled at her, and she snarled at them in return.

“Shift back!” Ace commanded at the same time as Tyson. She tried to fight their command and whimpered, having both of them force their auras over us and was forced to shift back. I cried out as my bones started snapping at an alarming speed.

“Sorry, Lucy,” she said in my head in a pained voice.

“What’s your name?” I asked her, thankful she had just saved my friend.


I stood on all fours n*ked, covering Mitchell’s body and panting hard from the transition.

“You shifted!” Tyson said, shocked and horrified. Ace reached for me, but I slapped his hand away.

“Don’t f*cking touch me unless you want to lose that hand,” I snapped at him.

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