My Two Alphas Chapter 7

Pulling up,I groaned when I saw my mother standing out the front. If looks could kill, I would turn to ash the moment I stepped out of the car. My mother came storming over to me in all her blazing-hot anger. I could practically see the steam coming off her as she boiled like a kettle about to scream at me.

“Don’t you run from me!” she growled as she reached me, and Tyson stepped in front of her, her hand connecting with his chest instead of my face. I knew I deserved it, but I sure as hell didn’t want to get in trouble. If she would only hear me out, I never meant to blow up the science lab. Yes, I intended to start the fire, but I never intended to destroy the building. And I still had my reasons for doing it if she would just let me explain.

“Reika!” my stepfather snapped at her as he walked out. Tyson rubbed his chest where she hit him as I cowered like the chicken I was behind him, hoping he could save me from her wrath.

“Inside now, Lucy!” my father said, glaring at my mother for trying to strike me. She dropped her head and sighed.

“Well, what do you expect? She is out of control, and I am fvcking sick of it! You deal with her then!” my mother screeched at him as I ran inside and up the steps to my room. Great! Now, I am trapped in here. A good few days, hopefully she will calm down, and I can sneak out of my room again. Or maybe she will let me explain without killing me first. I locked it just to make sure. Flopping on my bed, I wrapped my purple comforter around me.

What a way to come home. Yet, nowhere felt like home anymore. Being away from here for years, only returning for holidays, had left me and my mother estranged slightly. She spent more time yelling at me than letting me explain. Hearing the door bang downstairs, I jumped before hearing a soft knock on the door.

“Lucy, let me in,” I heard my little brother, Rayan, call through the door. I smiled, I hadn’t seen him for eight months. Getting up, I walked over, unlocking the door before reaching out and jerking him inside and locking the door again. I grabbed him, squishing him against me as I picked him up and cuddled him, inhaling his scent. Gosh, I missed him. Since I last saw him, he had a growth spurt and was now up to my shoulder.

“Can’t breathe,” he gasped, and I let him go. Rayan was ten and the picture-perfect son in mom’s eyes. He was next in line for my stepfather’s title as the Alpha King. I didn’t remember my father, but from what I’d heard, I was better off without him. He was the one responsible for killing my wolf and ruining my chances of ever finding my mate or leaving this pack.

I stared down at my brother. He looked like his father with his silver and gold eyes and dark curls, though the eyes he got from mom. Mom was also a mutation, born and raised in captivity like me. We were separated when I was a baby, and until she met her mate, the Alpha King, I was kept in a facility with hundreds of others like me.

Experimented on and used by the hunters. With the help of his family and the other packs, my stepfather took them down and freed us. But none of us felt truly free, we all still lived with what happened. With the nightmares that plagued us.

“I missed you,” he said, flopping on my bed and making himself comfortable with his bag of chips. I sat next to him, and he offered me some. I dug my hand into the bag, grabbing some before leaning back against the headboard.

“On a scale of one to ten, how much does mom want to murder me?” I asked him.

“A twelve, but don’t worry. I heard Uncle Tyson say he would pay for the damage as I walked up here. Figured I would get one last glimpse of you before your death. What sort of flowers should I put on your grave?” he asked with a shrug. I nudged him with my elbow.

He laughed. “Lucy, why did you do it?”

“He pissed me off, and the piece of shit deserved it. To be fair though, I didn’t know it was flammable.”

“Since when is petrol not flammable?” Rayan asked with a chuckle.

“Since it was in a normal plastic bottle,” I told him. He could always see straight through me. I might as well have been made of glass when it came to my little brother.

“Did you happen to bring the plastic bottle with the petrol?”

“No! Of course not!” I told him, acting appalled at his outrageously true fact.

“You did it deliberately, didn’t you?”

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. He always saw straight through me. I nodded, knowing it was no use lying to him. Sh!t! It was no use lying to any of them. They all knew I was guilty. Though, he truly deserved it. I should have burned the bastard alive! Instead, I burned his classroom down.

“Why?” he asked, and I looked at him. He was the only person who ever asked why, most just accused me and told me it had to do with being a mutated freak. To be fair, I have done my fair share of stupid shit, but I actually had a reason for once.

“Doesn’t matter, Rayan,” I told him before I heard screaming downstairs and things being thrown around and smashed. Rayan and I looked at each other before getting up, and I cracked the door open.

“Reika, calm down! You think we asked for this to happen?” I heard Tyson yell at her as Rayan and I rushed out, peering over the balcony to the floor below. Tyson ducked as she threw something at him, and it hit the wall behind him, leaving a dent.

“Love, enough,” I heard Ryker, my stepfather, tell her.

“What? Are you fvcking okay with this? It is fvcking wrong!” she screamed, and curiosity got the better of Rayan and me. I crept down the steps. Rayan, also curious, followed me. One of the steps creaked under his weight, and he smiled, his teeth clenched and his eyes squinting. My mother looked up at me, her face twisting in anger at the sight of me.

“And you! You wait till I get my hands on you!” she growled, about to storm up the steps. Thanks, Rayan. Now we don’t know what they were arguing over, I thought to myself when I saw my mother’s thong flying toward me. I ducked before snorting that she just threw her shoe at me. I watched Rayan dart off, escaping her fury.

“Get here now! Do you have any idea what you have done?” she snapped at me before I felt the command wash over me. My feet moved on their own accord and marched me directly to her. I thought it was bullshit that I had no wolf and yet was still affected by her aura or any Alpha’s aura, it didn’t seem fair. I stopped in front of her, and I had never seen her so angry.

“You humiliated our family. Do you have any idea how hard it was getting you back into that school the first time they kicked you out?” she screamed at me. I knew it was the hormones from her being pregnant, but saying I was petrified of her was an understatement.

She never hit me growing up, but I did get in trouble with her or her wolf Amanda the last four times I had been home. Before I could even answer, I felt her hand connect with the side of my face, her handprint bleeding into my skin as my head whipped to the side from the force. I felt my l!p split open before blood trickled down my chin. I heard my stepfather growl furiously as she raised her hand again.

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