My Two Alphas Chapter 70

“Not a chance. You are staying here,” Tyson said, turning and heading for the house.

“Put me down. I can f*cking walk Tyson,” I told him, but he ignored me, and Ace glared at the car as it left. When he turned around, Tyson was climbing the steps, and Ace turned to look at me.

“I liked it better when you weren’t an as*sh0le,” I muttered.

“I have always been an as*sh0le, Lucy, just not to you,” Tyson snapped before depositing me on the couch. Ace walked in, locking the door.

“What were you thinking?” Ace snapped at me while Tyson wandered to the kitchen and turned the kettle on.

“Helping my friend?” I snapped back at him.

“You chose your friend over us, you fought us for him, and you what? Tyrant f*cking hurt you? Did you think of what that would mean for Tyson you jumping in like that?”

“He didn’t do anything wrong, Ace. Like you can judge him. You would have done the same thing,” I told him, stepping up.

“We were not judging him, Lucy. He betrayed you, that’s it. Nothing to judge when he handed himself in. You are the worst judge of character. Think with your f*cking head, Lucy. What is to say that he won’t do it again, for this so-called mate?” Tyson bellowed.

“I know him, Tyson. Mitchell wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Just like Josie or your teacher. Your judgment of them was pretty f*cking wrong too,” Tyson said. I blinked at him, taking a step back. He did not just say that.

“Shit, Lucy, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then how did you mean it, Tyson? Because what you said can only mean one thing in my eyes. I have questioned that f*cking day and my actions over and over again. I don

’t need you questioning me too,” I yelled at him. He stepped around the counter, but I held up my hand, not wanting him near me.

“But you got one thing right. I am the worst judge of character because I thought you were better and knew better than that. Of all the people, you were the one I least expected to say something like that,” I told him before storming out.

“Lucy, I didn’t mean—” I ignored him, heading to the room to grab some clothes. Tears pricked at the edge of my vision.

I blamed myself enough for everything that was going on, and that would have hurt less if he had just slapped me. Do they think I don’t know all this mess is because of me? And now they throw it in my face. Emotion choked me as I headed to the bathroom.

“Lucy, I don’t think he meant it,” Lucille told me, and it was weird feeling her anger and hurt on top of mine. It felt heavy, oppressing.

“He still said it, and he was right. I knew something was off, and I ignored my instincts. I didn’t think he would try to do that, though,” I whispered to her as I turned the shower on.

Lucille whimpered in my head, and the sound was heartbreaking. “I am sorry I wasn’t there to help you. I would have taken your place in a heartbeat if I could.”

Her guilt weighed heavily, and despite not knowing her all this time, I felt like I had known her my entire life and her guilt was seeping into me. Something I wasn’t used to. It was one thing recognizing my own emotions, but feeling hers was overwhelming as tears slipped down my face.

Arms wrapped around me from behind, and I jumped, not hearing the door open, too consumed in my wolf.

“He shouldn’t have said that. He knows that, but he didn’t mean it the way it came out,” Ace whispered, pressing his face in my neck. I inhaled and exhaled deeply.

“You know Tyson wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. He is the good twin. I swear, Lucy, he didn’t mean it, and if you bothered to feel through the bond, you would feel it,” Ace said, but I refused. I block him out, too, angry. It didn’t matter if he meant it; he still said it.

“We all say things in anger, Lucy. It’s been a rough day.”

“Never thought I would see the day when you were defending Tyson to me. Usually, it’s the other way around,” I told him.

“Like I said, it has been a rough day. Just don’t be too mad at him. We love you. We just don’t like the idea of someone possibly hurting you. Neither of us thought Mitchell would do that. We know how close you are to him.

I am sorry for scaring you in the car earlier, too,” Ace said before reaching down and gripping the hem of my shirt and lifting it off me. He placed his hand under the water before adjusting the temperature. He k!ssed the side of my neck and stepped back.

“Hop in while I check on Tyson,” he said, and I did. Ace left, shutting the door, and I washed the dirt and gravel sticking to my sweaty skin off. A few minutes passed when Ace returned, placing two towels on the sink basin and removing his shorts.


“Moping,” Ace answered, stepping in behind me and reaching for the soap.

I kept my back to him, fully aware of his n*kedness.

“Come on, just a quick peek. Let’s see if he is as well-endowed as his brother,” Lucille said.

“We just saw him n*ked,” I told her.

“That wasn’t looking, though. That was us trying to keep them away. You didn’t even peek. Now be a team player and turn that pretty head of ours for a quick look,” she whined.

“You really are the sordid one, aren’t you?”

“I have been locked in your head for so long. I have nothing better to do than think of my mate. Well… mates, as it turns out,” she said, and I rolled my eyes at her. Looking over my shoulder, Ace had his eyes closed, water streaming down his body as he washed his hair.

“See? He won’t even know,” she urged, and I chewed my l!p before looking down. Lucille hummed in my head, and my l!ps parted slightly.

“Guess they aren’t a hundred percent identical, ‘cause damn girl, it’s like a baby’s arm holding an apple.”

“A what?”

“Touch it.”


“Come on, just poke it a little,” she said, and I went to look away only to find Ace smirking at me. All the blood rushed to my face.

“Oh, f*ck!” I snapped at her, mortified.

“Oh, f*ck is what you will be saying when he comes at you with that. That is the best monster deformity I have ever seen,” Lucille said. Ace raised an eyebrow at me.

“It’s rude to stare,” Ace said before smiling.

“I wasn’t… It wasn’t my fault.” I pressed my !ips in a line.

“Because you didn’t just turn to gape at my c*ck?”


“And what did Lucille say?” Ace said, pressing closer. His hand moved to the side of my bre*st, his thumb rubbing over my n!pple.

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