My Two Alphas Chapter 73


They thought they beat me, that this was the end and all their problems were solved, but little did they know I was exactly where I needed to be. This was precisely what I intended. I fooled them all. Mitchell, so severely wanting to redeem himself, I knew he would toss me to them. I knew his loyalty lay with Lucy, and he was only a willing participant in Jamie’s plans out of fear for his mate.

I knew nothing would come between him and Lucy once he found out what Jamie had planned; not even his mate would make him cross her. Their friendship was built on love, respect, and a deep understanding. Yet I managed to fool him, fool the King, fool everyone.

“Not long now, my love, and you will be back with me where you belong.” I smiled, thinking of my mate. We would soon be together and free. This was the only way, and I didn’t care what I needed to do to get my mate back.

Lucy stupidly thought she could take him from me, and I wouldn’t retaliate, wouldn’t get even. How wrong she was, and I planned on taking everything from her. Jamie was just the start of my plans. I would make her pay. She got us banished, got my mate taken from me, and now turned my own sister against me; she would pay for all she had done.

I listened to the sounds coming from above, waiting them out. I only had one person to fear, Avery, but my task should be done by then. Reika and Ryker were arguing as he tried to reason with her; I was a minor and a student, untouchable. They touch me, and the King would be breaking the laws he’d put in place to protect us hybrid mutations.

He enforced rules, and the only person reliable for my punishment was Avery, as she was my legal guardian. Nothing could be done without her input, but I didn’t plan to be here when she got here. I clicked my tongue.Tsk, tsk, tsk.

“Should have listened to the wifey, Ryker. Should have let her kill me when you had the chance. You won’t get another.” I chuckled at my words before hearing him talk to Jacob; I couldn’t stand him. He was a pet to Ryker, a minion. I knew they would be standing guard at the basement entry, expected it, yet I had a plan to get rid of him too.

“Reika, if you kill her, it will start a war. I cannot go against the laws I made. King or not, I am not exempt from the penalties, and neither are you. Until I speak with Avery and she gets here, she remains in the cell. The mutations are protected for a reason. We pleaded that their behaviors weren’t entirely their fault. If I kill her, I am going against the laws we placed around them for their protection.” I listened as they argued before he talked to Jacob.

“Don’t let her down there. Reika, upstairs, now. You stay off the bottom floor and remain on the second floor until I return.”

I felt the command from down here; he thought he was protecting his mate. How very wrong he was, but that made everything easier for me. They were too predictable. Ryker was a reformed man doing everything by the book and trying to redeem himself for god knows what, not that I cared. Reika was still just as unhinged but now without a wolf, quickly put in place by her mate and holding no actual authority anymore. Everyone only obeyed her out of respect. Respect won’t help her now.

“I am leaving to head to Avalon City to meet with Aamon. Avery is visiting her father, and he will try to contact her. But he needs someone to watch over their bodies while they navigate the underworld. It should only be a few hours. Just keep an eye on Rayan. Ryden is upstairs asleep. Do you need me to send anyone else over to help keep watch?”

“No, she is a teenage girl, and she is passed out. We will be fine,” Jacob told him, and I tried not to laugh. I heard Ryker give a few instructions before listening to his footsteps leaving the house. The door shut before I heard a car’s engine and the tires on gravel indicating he was going.Good riddance, now back to my plan.

My arms were tied behind my back, the cuffs burning my skin, and I reached around and gripped my thumb before gritting my teeth as I broke it to stop from screaming out. I knew them thinking I was passed out would be an advantage. Fewer restraints and fewer guards. No one would suspect the small innocent-looking girl was putting up a fight.

My fake tears and begging when they found me clearly worked before dosing me. No one suspected a thing. Pain rippled through my palm as I was forced to break it and dislocate it to squeeze my hand through the cuff of my restraint. I rubbed my wrist, trying to get the blood flowing freely again. The burns from the wolfsbane started to heal, the sedative having no effects on me whatsoever.

“Idiots,” I muttered, pulling my bobby pins from my hair. With a bit of fiddling, the ankle cuffs released. Burned rings wrapped around my ankles where the flesh melted off, but they were already healing. They fed me concentrated levels of wolfsbane and a sedative, enough to even take out a hybrid.

Beryl, Jamie’s witch, made me an antidote, and I had been drinking the crap for weeks. My toxicity levels from the mysterious substance were through the roof; they could have fed me the entire damn plant, and it would not have affected me.

Thank the Moon Goddess that I took drama at school. A bit of fake illness, and Ryker believed I was down for hours; it helped a little that the initial effects did make me woozy until Beryl’s concoction stabilized it in my system.

Getting up, I walked over to Ryker’s torture table. Not that they left any instruments in here, they were in the next cell over. Washing my hands in the sink and drinking straight from the tap, I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand before zeroing in on the cell door. Piece of cake.

Jamming my fingers down my throat, I continued to heave until I emptied my stomach of its contents—the purple balloon full of Belladonna was thrown up and landed in the sink. The second balloon contained wolfsbane in a lethal dose. Pocketing them, I moved to the door of the cell.

I must say, their protocols for checking minors were a little out of whack. They really needed to work on that. Retrieving the bobby pins, I fiddled with the lock. It was more complicated than I thought. Every time I thought I got it, the pin would slip, but eventually, I got it to unlock. Cursing under my breath, I tried until finally, I heard the lock click, and I could turn the lock.

See? All that time lock picking and breaking out of the school came in handy. Thanks to my mate, I haven’t found a lock yet that could beat me. Walking out of the cell, the door groaned as I pushed it open, and I stopped listening for Jacob to see if he’d noticed.

The cell next door was wide open, and I walked over to the bench, jamming a knife in its pouch down the side of my pants on my hip before grabbing another.

This blade was thinner and razor-sharp, drumming my fingers on the steel bench. I had an arsenal at my fingertips as I looked over everything before finding what I was looking for. A needle and plunger. Quickly ducking over to the sink, I ripped the plunger out before pouring the syrupy liquid from the balloon into it, squeezing it out before using some hot water to melt it a bit more, and jamming the plunger back in. I shook the steel needle, watching the liquid change color and turn into metallic silver.

The pipes rattled inside the walls, and I could just make out the sound of the shower running upstairs as I stared at the ceiling. I hoped it was Reika and not Rayan, that little sh!t I needed to get my mate back. Creeping up the steps, I listened for any noise, trying to work out where everyone was located. The TV could be heard in the living room, and I gripped the door handle and pushed the door open just enough to see into the foyer.

I could hear Jacob talking to Rayan as they discussed Rayan’s game in the living room. Slipping out the door, I made a dash for the coatroom. It was next to the hall beside the stairs and across from the conference room. Jacob returned to the basement door, and my heart raced as I slipped out of view just in time before he spotted me when taking his place by the basement door. He took his seat beside the door and pulled out his phone.

I was trying to figure out my next move and how I would get to Rayan on the other side of the house. Ryden cried out upstairs; I knew this place like the back of my hand, having spent so much time here with Lucy, her family was picture perfect.

I was always a little jealous of how she would go home to them every holiday, and she always took it for granted. Whining and groaning about not wanting to come back here. The shower was still running before I heard Jacob sing out.

“I will get him, Reika,” Jacob called out to her just as I heard the water shut off upstairs, only for it to turn back on again.

This was my chance to catch him off guard. Jacob took the steps two at a time, and I quietly sneaked after him, the needle in my hand as I crept up quietly before sneaking up behind him and getting ready, my other hand clutching the knife.

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