My Two Alphas Chapter 78


I watched in horror as the house burned around them, my brother and sister-in-law trapped inside. We should have stopped him from entering. Now, two lives would be lost. The fields around full of dead grass made me nervous; the old barns would go up if they caught fire along with the surrounding forest.

Ace placed Lucy in the car, but now we had another issue to contend with; the fire was growing out of control and threatening the neighboring forest surrounding it. A tree was next to the kitchen burning already, embers being picked up in the wind and blown into the treeline. Ace growled while pacing as he stared at our childhood home burning, clutching his hair.

“What is taking him so long?” Ace growled, worried for Ryker, who had not yet come out of the burning house.

“Where is Ryker?” came Aamon’s voice behind me, and I jumped. I stared at him in shock, and Aamon clutched my arms, looking me dead in the face.

“Where is your brother?”

“Trying to save Reika,” I told him, pointing to the house. Aamon looked at the burning building. He muttered something too low to hear before misting, vanishing into thin air. Sirens sounded in the distance, and all I could do was stare. Reika’s screams of agony died out after what felt like hours ago.

“Watch out!” someone screamed before the old oak tree beside the house fell. Warriors rushed to put out the blaze.

“We need to put it out before the forest goes up,” Ace yelled, and I saw Melana rush past us, a bucket of water in her hands. I had completely forgotten about her with all the chaos.

Ace growled, also spotting her before he stormed toward her, a terrifying growl escaping him as he grabbed her.

“You did this! You had to have known!” he snarled. Her face changed color, turning purple as he squeezed her throat, crushing her windpipe when yells could be heard.

“Get the pack doctor!” Ace and I looked up, and his hands unwound from around Melana’s throat, and she gasped, rubbing her neck.

“Ryker?” I gasped before taking off, running toward Aamon, who was performing CPR on him.

Another warrior was working on Reika, who looked like she was boiled alive. Her skin melted off in parts when she suddenly stopped breathing. Ace pushes the man out of the way, his hands going to her ch3st.

“She needs blood! Get blood!” I told those crowding around them before biting into my wrist. I kneeled beside Reika, holding my wrist above her mouth while Ace pumped her ch3st, and I fed her my blood.

“Come on, buddy,” Aamon told Ryker before breathing into his mouth and pumping his ch3st again.

“Where is the pack doctor?” Aamon snarled, and the wolves surrounding him stepped back, his demonic eyes glaring at them.

“On his way, he should be here soon,” someone in the crowd yelled out. The sirens were getting closer, and I bit my wrist again, prying the wound open, trying to heal Reika while Aamon tried to save my brother. Ace’s hands were working just as fast.

“The forest, the forest!” someone called out.

“F*ck! Avery, be good if you could get here soon,” Aamon breathed out.

“How did you know?” I asked, biting into my wrist yet again and placing it over Reika’s mouth, my blood flowing down her throat.

“A text message Melana sent to the school mobile. I called her back, and she said Ryker was in trouble,”

I looked at Ace, whose brows furrowed before scanning the place for her but not seeing her anywhere. Focusing back on the task at hand, I went back to trying to help revive Reika.

“What is taking the authorities so long?” I growled. Watching the trees ignite one by one, the forest was going to burn, so much wildlife would be killed when I heard an engine before a loud bang. Jacob’s car was plowed out of the way as the bulldozer from the barn crashed through the wire fence and into the side of his car. Thinking of Jacob, I hadn’t seen him, which made me glance at the house.

“Quick, move out of the way!” one of the warriors yelled, and I looked at the bulldozer to see Melana bouncing around in it as she steered it toward the house.

“Move out of the way!” she bellowed out the bulldozer’s window. I thought for sure she would have taken off after Ace grabbed her, and I was a little shocked to see she remained to help instead of saving her own ass.

The sirens got louder, and I heard a gasp, and Reika took a breath. Aamon was still working on Ryker. Reika’s breathing was shallow, but she was alive. Barely, but alive. Her body fell slack, but her ch3st still rose and fell. The forest was burning out of control, and Melana plowed into the packhouse, the blade of the dozer crashing into the stonework bringing the place down easily and reducing it to rubble.

Heat from the flames was blowing over us when Avery suddenly misted here. She appeared just down the driveway, a little bit away from us. Clutching her knees like she was out of breath, her auburn hair falling down around her like a waterfall.

“The forest! Babe, are you alright?” Aamon called, and she nodded, raising a thumb that he didn’t see. She coughed before standing upright and staggering, and my eyes went wide when I saw her huge round belly.

“Love, are you good?” Aamon called, and I got to my feet and rushed over to her, gripping her arm and helping her walk.

“I’m fine,” she stammered before shaking my hand off and raising her arms. She looked at the sky before muttering to the bright sunny and clear sky. She had on a green maxi dress that did nothing to hide the baby bump I couldn’t stop staring at.

“le fiamme si alzano fanno cadere i cieli lo fanno versare, annegano tutto.”

Her eyes turned black as coal, her hands shook, and the air rippled. Storm clouds rolled across the sky rapidly, the day turned to night, and thunder and lightning lit up the sky. The thunder was deafening as it cracked and rolled loudly before it poured down.

The sky opened up, and a tidal wave of water crashed down on the flames. Winds so strong I fought to remain upright, and Avery looked strained like she was holding the weight of the world up by her hands. Blood dribbled down from her nose, and steam rose, and the flames died down.

“Avery, enough!” Aamon called out to her over the howl of the wind. Avery dropped her hands and wobbled on her feet before clutching her knees just as the fire brigade tore up the driveway. Ambulances followed behind it, and they looked around in shock as the storm left just as quickly as it had appeared.

“Don’t just stand there. Help them!” I growled at the paramedics and pointed to my brother Aamon was still working on. I saw the pack doctor jump out of one of the ambulances unfazed by Avery’s magic, and he rushed toward Ryker just as Avery passed out, collapsing, and I rushed to grab her before she hit the dirt.

“Over here,” I called to the other paramedic while clutching Avery; her huge swollen belly startled me. When did she fall pregnant?

“Mom?” Lucy’s voice trembled, and I looked up to see her standing there, her hands clutching her mouth.

“Mom!” she screamed, rushing over, leaving Ace’s car door wide open as she dropped next to her mother. Aamon came over, having the paramedics take over Ryker and retrieve Avery from out of my arms.

“I got you, love. Take what you need,” he whispered, brushing her hair from her pale face.

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