My Two Alphas Chapter 86


Crippling pain woke me and stole the air from my lungs as I lurched upright. My sweat drenched the sheets beneath me and clung to my skin as it covered me also. Atticus whimpered in my head, and I fumbled for the lamp, flicking it on and brightening the room when Tyson gasped, also jolting upright in the bed across from me. Yet, the middle of the bed was empty. Light filled the room, and I glanced around and sniffed the air for my mate. However, Lucy was nowhere in sight.

“Lucy?” Tyson called out, and I jumped from bed to check the bathroom, yet some part of me was being pulled outside, like some tether, and an invisible force was saying to go a certain way. My mate mark burned fiercely, and I covered it with my hand, the mark itself searing hot. I glanced at Tyson behind me, his mark an angry red and almost glowing under his skin; he, too, was drenched in sweat and was a sickly gray color.

Atticus was on edge, and the pull to her had us run into the darkness of the night. Tyson was on our heels when pain rippled through both of us, paralyzing us temporarily as we both hit the dirt, and I slid across the ground, the ground tearing at my arms and hands as I tried to catch myself. The air felt stagnant, and I struggled to breathe as pain radiated through my ch3st, her pain flooding the bond, and I couldn’t stand it.

“Where is she?” Tyson choked out when his phone started ringing.

“Answer it. It could be her?” I spat through gritted teeth, crawling to my hands and knees and trying to regain myself. Yet, her pain was crippling and flooding the bond.

Tyson fumbled in his shorts pocket for his phone before dropping it. He tapped the screen, and Melana’s frantic voice came through the phone, and he growled before clutching his ch3st like he was having a heart attack.

“Lucy is in heat. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t stop. She has gone after Alpha Jamie. I am… I am on the old road leading to Avalon City.”

“Where is she?” I heard Tyson snarl.

“I don’t know. I lost her trying to get phone reception to call you,” she said, but I took off, Atticus urging me to follow the bond, and we shifted.

Tyson stayed behind while he waited for instructions from him. Opening the mindlink I listened, waiting before speaking.

“Get back up. I will get our mate,” I told him before hearing him acknowledge my words and answer.

“On it. Find her, Ace, bring her home. I will get Aamon and hopefully Avery. F*ck, I hope we can wake Ryker,” he growled.

“I will find her. Just be ready when I do.”

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