My Two Alphas Chapter 88


I had lost contact with Ace, the mindlink not reaching because of his location. Yet I could feel Lucy’s pain and anguish. Melana couldn’t find the road she was looking for, and the sun was just beginning to rise as I reached the hospital. Aamon was unreachable the entire drive, but I spotted him smoking out the front of the hospital, his clothes all wrinkled, and he looked like shit.

“Any news?” I asked as I parked beside where he stood.

“Avery has grown too weak. She is unconscious and has been for hours. No matter how much energy I give her, she won’t wake up.”

“The baby?”

“Fine,” he said. I felt terrible for him, even more so with what I needed to ask of him. Aamon looked at me before taking a step back.

“What happened to you?” he asked, taking in my sweaty and pale appearance.

“That’s why I am here. Lucy took off last night looking for Jamie, and she is in heat,” I told him, and he instantly tossed his smoke before gripping my arm. I would never get used to the experience of misting. It was unnatural, and I felt like I was being sucked through a vacuum when we suddenly appeared in Avery’s hospital room. Her skin was deathly pale, almost gray.

“She doesn’t look so good,” I told him, and he nodded before digging for his phone in his bag.

“Shit, I missed your calls. Sorry.”

“We need to wake Ryker. I can’t reach Ace, and Melana has no idea how to find the road leading to Jamie’s holiday house. She said no matter how much she drives down that road, she can’t find any others leading off it. She has to keep driving back to get reception to call, and I have a feeling something bad has happened.”

“By the look of you, something bad has definitely happened. As for the road, it could be cloaked, which means the only way in would be on foot. You have to walk past the barrier. Makes sense if Beryl is with him.”

“What can we do? I am way out of my element here.”

“We have no choice but to wait.”

“Wait? My mate is out there dying!” I snapped at him.

“Ace will find her, but until Melana finds the road or Avery wakes up, we can’t do shit but that’s not all. We have no warriors left, in case you haven’t noticed,” he said. “Your pack is small, and Beryl is strong. She has to be to remain hidden all this time, especially from Avery. No offense, but werewolves stand no chance against witches. You have no idea what they are truly capable of.”

I glanced at Avery lying unconscious on the bed.

“I’m not sitting around and waiting for my mate and brother to die,” I told him, walking out. I opened up the pack link, ordering all men to start scouring everywhere outside the city. But Aamon knew my pack didn’t have the manpower and was hours away.

“Tyson!” Aamon called behind me, but I didn’t stop when he suddenly misted in front of me.

“Wait, there may be something we can do.”

“If you say wait, I may f*cking hit you.”

“No, no, I wasn’t going to suggest that.”

“Then what?”

“I need you to watch my body. I need to travel to the underworld. Asmodeus may be able to wake Avery or give enough energy to her at least. I am not strong enough to wake her.”

“You want to bring her father here?”

“Yes, but it’s harder for him. He will have to break down the barrier between this world and his.”

“How long will that take?”

“I don’t know, but if we can bring him up, even if he can’t wake Avery, he will be able to find Lucy and Ace,” Aamon said, and I glanced toward the doors.

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