My Two Alphas Chapter 9


What a disaster that was. I knew Reika would be pissed off because she was our mate. Exactly why we had avoided telling her, but I wasn’t expecting her to lose her sh!t so badly. Ryker just gave us a knowing look. Like he’d already known all along, which wouldn’t surprise me, after all, he was very observant.

Ryker was more disappointed that Ace had been fooling around with Melana, knowing he had a mate. Reika didn’t care about that. She was furious that we were her mates, she wanted to k*ll us. We couldn’t help who our mate was, that wasn’t up to us to decide.

She knew this, and it wasn’t like Lucy was actually related to us. She was in no way a blood relation to us. It didn’t seem weird to me, I could understand her freaking out if she were our niece, but she wasn’t.

Thankfully, we didn’t share the same blood because that would be disgusting, and I would have to reject her. But I wasn’t going to reject her just because her mother was uncomfortable with the situation.

“Great, now what?” Ace said, leaning on the car, watching after Lucy, who’d just taken off. I felt terrible for her. She couldn’t even get a word in, and it ticked me off that Reika was so angry she would hit her.

I felt partially to blame, I didn’t think she would have struck her if she wasn’t also angry with Ace and me. Hearing the door open, I looked to the packhouse to see my brother come out.

“Reika will calm down. I know you guys didn’t ask for this, but you have to realize, to her, it is a little weird,” he explained, and I nodded, running a hand through my hair.

“I know she is your step-daughter, but I am not rejecting her, Ryker,” I told him.

“I don’t expect you to. I had my suspicions,” he admitted, and Ace looked at him.

“You knew?” Ace asked, and Ryker shrugged.

“Little obvious with how you were always first to jump in when something went wrong with her. How you were constantly drawn to her the moment we got her back,” he said before looking in the car. “Where is she?”

I saw Ace mindlink her, his eyes glazing over before he focused back on us. He growled. “She is going to Mitchell’s,” he said, and I felt a pang of hurt, knowing she had run to him and away from us.

“Does she know?” Ryker asked, and I shook my head.

“Are you going to tell her?”

“We will see if she figures it out first. Besides, Ace kind of ruined us telling her today,” I told him, glaring at my twin. Ace looked away, and I could tell he wished he had now waited. He never wanted Lucy to catch him like that, especially with Melana.

“What do you mean?” Ryker growled, looking at him. Ace didn’t answer.

“Lucy walked in on him with Melana,” I told Ryker. Ryker growled and glared at him. I had told Ace to wait, but he was too much of a ladies’ man.

Bloody fool. Lucy wouldn’t be happy when she found out. He should have been thinking about the effects it would have on her instead of thinking with his dick.

“Going to enjoy watching you dig yourself out that hole, Ace. She rejects you, you have no one to blame but yourself. Melana used to be her friend. How could you?” Ryker growled at him.

“I know I f*cked up. Melana knows she will never be my Luna. She knows that. I made sure that was clear. She won’t be an issue. I will break it off with her tonight, okay?”

“No, it’s not okay! You should never have been involved with her in the first place!” Ryker yelled at him. Ace hung his head, but hey, I wouldn’t be upset if she rejected him. I could have her to myself. The idea of sharing her with my brother grossed me out.

“Once Reika calms down, she can come back home. But until then, keep an eye on her,” Ryker said before walking inside. I looked at Ace.

“I told her to be home by dark,” he said, and I nodded before opening my car door and climbing in.

Ace climbed in beside me, shutting his door, and I started the car heading home. “Drop me at Melana’s on the way.”

“I swear to god, Ace, if you being with Melana f*cks everything up, I will f*cking k*ll you,” I told him.

“If anything, it will stuff me over. You didn’t do anything. Besides, I never wanted Melana. She was just a distraction,” he said, and I rolled my eyes. I doubted Melana saw it that way.

I dropped Ace at Melana’s apartment in the city, and he told me he would run home when he was done dealing with her. Driving home, I pulled up out the front and leaned my head against the headrest. Tyrant was pissed off that we had just let her run off.

But what does he want me to do? I couldn’t control her and tell her what to do. She wasn’t even aware we were her mates, and the last thing I wanted her to think was that she was unwelcome here or force her here and have her hate me for it. Opening the mindlink, I felt for her teether.

All our packs now branched off each other. Under the Alpha King’s rule, we now had a link to any of us in an alliance well, except for Alpha Jamie’s pack. He liked to make things increasingly difficult, and I knew I would have to deal with him sooner or later.

I knew his pack warriors would have alerted him to Lucy’s presence when she stepped across the border.

“What, Tyson?” Lucy asked when her side of the link opened up.

“Just checking on you. Make sure you come back here before dark. I don’t want you roaming the streets,” I told her.

“Yeah, whatever you say, Alpha,” she said, and I could hear the aggravation in her voice. Sometimes, I think she hated being the only one out of my entire family who didn’t have an Alpha aura or the ability to stand up for herself. Especially against her mother now that she was mated to my brother.

“You don’t need to call me that, Lucy. You know that,” I told her. She didn’t answer, but I could feel the link open still and knew she was listening.

“What are you and Mitchell doing?” I asked her, trying to keep the jealousy from my voice. I hated how close they were even while she was away. I knew she never went a day without talking to him, even if it was just text messages.

“Nothing, but Meredith invited me to stay for dinner, so I will head back after that.”

“I will come to pick you up. I don’t want you walking in the dark.”

“No, I am good. Mitchell can run me back,” she said, and I sighed.

“Fine, but not late, Lucy. If you aren’t going to school, you can start training with me in the morning.”

“What? Yelling at me wasn’t enough? Now you want to beat the living daylights out of me?”

“No, we can discuss it when you get here. Not late, Lucy. I mean it, or I will come and find you,” I warned her, and she cut the link off. I had no problems grabbing her while she was kicking and screaming. I was used to her defiance and the major chip on her shoulder.

Though it had gotten worse the last year or so. She very rarely talked to us anymore, or if she did, she shoved us out when we became a little too nosey when we would mindlink her.

Ace and I have discussed that something was off with her, but then we saw her and she was her normal loud bubbly self. She was hard to take seriously, and it didn’t help that she was constantly in trouble with some authority figure.

Still, something was off. I could feel it. Tyrant could feel it too. She changed. Something within her changed, or maybe she was just becoming more aware of the bond and didn’t know what to make of it without having a wolf.

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