My Two Alphas Chapter 92


Alpha Jamie paced while he waited for Beryl to come back with Emily. Ryden cried out, and I glanced over at him as Jamie wandered over to the crate where he was lying. He rubbed his tummy before pushing his pacifier in his mouth that had fallen out to quiet him. I tracked his movements.

“So, what’s next? You get my nephew to mark your daughter, and you think everything will just go to plan? That you will somehow be allowed to live when my brother comes for you?”

Alpha Jamie turned on his heel to look over at me, and Melana groaned on the ground, pushing off the filthy floor with her hands. She shook her head, looking around when Jamie rushed over and kicked her in the head. She put her hands out, blocking it, and the force of his kick shoved her to her feet.

I growled at him when he punched her, knocking her down to her knees again with speed she didn’t see coming the second time.

“I suggest you don’t test me, girl,” he warned her. I growled at him, and his eyes darted to me before they went to Lucy, dead in her chair. Melana cupped her mouth in shock before she looked over at me, and her bottom l!p quivered. I shook my head. I already knew how dead my mate was; she didn’t need to point it out. Ryden cried again, and Jamie walked over to him.

“Damn babies, never stop crying.”

“I’ll take him,” Melana offered, rushing over, and Jamie glared at her but didn’t stop her. Rayan growled at her beside me, and I shook my head at him. Melana might be many things, but a baby killer wasn’t one of them.

She cradled him in her arms while sitting on a crate. Melana knew to keep her mouth shut, she had always been able to read a room, and she knew the only way out of this, for now, was playing along and that’s what I intended to do when I felt a flutter in my ch3st.

Hope bubbled within me, and I turned my attention to Jamie, who watched Melana for a second before cursing under his breath. He wandered around the room, looking in the cauldron and at the jars on the shelves in the room.

“You never answered me,” I told him.

“Your brother will do as asked. I will have his son’s life in my hands,” he answered simply.

“And what is it you plan on asking him for?”

“He will stand down as king, forfeit the title over to me.” I snorted. Was he delusional? You were born a king, not handed it.

“You think that is funny?”

“I think you’re an idiot,” I told him, and he walked forward, lifting his hand and backhanding me.

I laughed at his pathetic blow; Rayan hit harder. But I was glad he was closer, close enough and no longer paying attention to Lucy. I felt the bond returning; I had no idea what was going on with her, but I had no doubt the reason the pain stopped had something to do with the strange fluttering of a bond reawakening. Her fingers twitched behind Jamie, and I knew I was right. Rayan looked over at me, his voice flitting through my head.

“You see that?” he asked, but I kept my eyes on Jamie, who was watching me.

“You don’t seem too upset at the loss of your bonded. Not that I blame you; my bonded was weak too. Melana would have been a better choice for you. Instead, you chose that monstrosity,” he sneered.

“Alicia was weak, wanting me to stop, wanting to live a normal life,” he said, doing air quotes with his fingers. He chuckled, shaking his head.

“Yeah, she was always too good for you. Has a nice set of tits too,” I told him, and he growled, stepping forward with his hand raised.

“Tell me, are they fake?” I asked. He snarled, baring his teeth. I knew I had hit a nerve.

“Don’t speak of my mate like that!”

“I thought she was pathetic. Since we are comparing mates and all. Thought she was fair game.”

“Your mate is pathetic. Mine was weak,” he spat when I saw Lucy raise her head behind him. My eyes darted to Melana when Lucy looked around.

“You’re seeing this, right? I am not imagining it?” Rayan mindlinked. Jamie looked between Rayan and me, and I heard Tyson’s voice flit through the mindlink. I smiled, knowing he was either close or already here.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing. I am just wondering if Alicia is a screamer?”

Jamie scoffs. “You wouldn’t even know what to do with her, boy.”

“I think I know a thing or two. I bet I could make her scream.” It was petty, but I needed him distracted away from Lucy, and one thing I knew that would tick me off was someone talking shit about my mate.

Lucy stretched her neck behind him, and I was trying to keep my eyes off her blood-red ones. I sniffed the air subtly, trying to get a feel for her, but one thing was sure; she wasn’t a wolf anymore. I couldn’t even sense Lucille at all, and neither could Atticus. Whatever she was, I didn’t care. She was mine, and I was just glad she was back. Melana tiptoed in the background with Ryden, and Lucy’s head snapped in her direction, making her jump.

Alpha Jamie went to turn when I spoke, distracting him away from what was going on behind him.

“I bet Alicia is a screamer. I will let you know when I drive my cock in her when I get out of this chair. If you’re lucky, I may let you watch as I f*ck your mate, so you can hear her scream my name instead of yours,” I told him. He snarled before his fist connected with my face. I spat out blood and laughed.

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