My Two Alphas Chapter 93


I had no idea what was happening. I felt my heart stop and nothing but oblivion when pain ravished me. Lucille’s voice whispered to me in the darkness.

“Hang in there, Lucy.” I tried to make sense of her words when I felt it. My link to her was just gone, my wolf was dead, and my heart stopped. My breath wheezed out with a bloody gasp. I knew I was dead, yet I felt like I was floating.

My nerve endings felt twitchy, and I could feel my blood congealing in my veins, yet I was still here in the darkness. Would I be trapped here? What happened to my mates? What happened to my brothers? Time stopped, and so did I or so I thought.

My sense of smell came back first. I could smell dust, blood, and it made my teeth ache before I could smell Ace. His scent made my mouth water, and my fingers twitched. Yet my heart did not beat. The more I sat there frozen in time, the more I became aware of my surroundings, the dripping sound coming off my side, the bubbling cauldron.

The footsteps walking around, the vague crying of Ryden before I heard Ace’s voice taunting Jamie. I had gripped the chair in which I sat to fight back the urge to growl at the monster who tortured my brothers.

Lifting my head slowly, I made eye contact with Ace, whose eyes darted away quickly, and he smiled up at Jamie tauntingly. Rayan was still strapped to the chair, but Melana was no longer at my feet. I glanced around for her to find her behind me, off to the side with Ryden in her arms. Her mouth was wide open, and I mouthed to her to be quiet.

My hunger burned, bloodlust consuming my senses, and I felt my fangs slip out and pierce my bottom l!p, making me shudder when my own blood repulsed me. Tasted as dead as I felt inside.

I glanced at Melana again and nodded toward Rayan. She nodded in acknowledgment, tiptoeing around the room while I yanked off my wrist, the ropes binding me snapping with ease.

“I bet Alicia is a screamer. I will let you know when I drive my c*ck in her when I get out of this chair. If you’re lucky, I may let you watch as I f*ck your mate, so you can hear her scream my name,” Ace taunted. Alpha Jamie snarled before his fist connected with his face. Ace spat out blood and laughed, and Ryden screamed loudly behind me.

“F*cking pathetic just like your b!tch. Shut that f*cking mutt up! F*cking mutations,” Alpha Jamie spat over his shoulder, and he was about to turn around when Ace spoke again, pulling his attention away before he did. I rose to my feet before bending over and breaking the restraints on my legs like they were string; the wolfsbane coating them had no effect on me whatsoever and might as well have been water. Ace laughed.

“The mutations are something, alright,” Ace laughed, and Jamie chuckled.

“But one thing I have noticed about them?” Ace paused, and Alpha Jamie c*cked his head to the side.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“They are impossible to kill,” Ace growled before kicking his leg out. The bucket of wolfsbane his legs were in flew through the air, drenching Jamie, who screamed just as I pounced on him, sinking my teeth into his neck. My legs wrapped around his waist, and my arms wrapped around his ch3st. His blood flowed into my mouth, and I heard Ace scream for Melana to get Rayan out. Jamie’s claws sank into my leg, and he threw himself back and dropped on his back. My arms let go, my teeth tearing from his neck when he threw his head back, and it connected with my nose.

Ace broke his restraints before attacking him, grabbing him and tossing him off me. I scrambled to my feet when I heard a bang outside, and chaos ensued above us.

Rushing over to Rayan, I broke his restraints. My movements were quicker, and I struggled to control how quickly I moved, and my strength was something I had nothing to compare to. Rayan staggered as he stood, and I gripped his arms when I saw Melana trying to wake Josie, who was on the ground still. Ace and Jamie were trading blow for blow when Josie jerked upright, and I called Melana to help with Rayan.

“Here, I will take Ryden,” Josie called. I didn’t have time to stop Melana from handing him over when Josie darted out the door with him, and Melana rushed over to grab Rayan when Jamie shifted. His wolf attacked Ace viciously, and I moved to help him, tackling his wolf, and we slammed into the shelves, the jars on top rattling and falling to the ground around us, when an explosion went off outside.

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