My Two Alphas Chapter 94


Amanda snarled down at Ryker before moving from the room, Avery quickly chasing her and on her heels before gripping her arm.

“I know where she is,” Avery said, gripping her arms and making her stop. Aamon chased after Avery.

“Then what are we waiting for? Take me to them,” Amanda snarled, gripping Avery’s arms tightly.

“Nothing,” Avery said, gripping my arm, and I heard Aamon scream out to Avery when I felt the room fizzle and zap as we misted, the vacuum suction spitting us into the new surroundings. Suddenly, we were in a vineyard. I looked around. Avery clutched her knees, and I grabbed her arm, but Amanda was already stalking off down the rows.

“You alright?” I asked Avery, and she nodded, trying to catch her breath before standing upright. Blood gushed down from her nose, and she wiped it with the back of her hand.

Avery staggered as she took a step, and worry smashed me when I felt a strange sensation rush through me, making my hair stand on end. I glanced out at the vast fields. Amanda walked off with pure determination toward the massive mansion in the distance before she suddenly started running, and a vicious snarl ripped out of her. A growl slipped out of me when I saw men start charging at her, and Tyrant shoved forward, forcing the shift.

“She is alive,” Tyrant growled as I felt the bond coming back to life. Tyrant took over and started running down the rows where Amanda was taking down Jamie’s men like it was child’s play. Her hands tore them apart when she sank her teeth into one’s neck, tearing it out and spraying blood everywhere before turning on another. I pounced on the one closest to me, ripping out the back of his neck as Tyrant tore through his spinal cord, paralyzing him instantly.


Years I have hunted down this woman and now was my chance. Aamon would be furious, but I was the high priestess, and nothing was getting in my way. I knew the moment I woke up to the vision of the ground opening up that if she weren’t stopped, she would destroy the world. Her power astounded me, making me wonder how many lives she had taken to gain her power. I gripped the grapevines wrapped around the mesh, trying to find my feet while Tyson and Amanda took down Jamie’s small army. Tearing them apart, I could feel myself growing weaker with each step, but this was my job. Beryl was my responsibility, and no more of my people would die because of my mistake.

I felt her power the moment she stepped outside with a small girl, dragging the girl who was resisting when she suddenly turned and slapped the child when her head suddenly snapped in my direction.

She snarled, her evil eyes glinting maliciously, finding me instantly sensing my magic. This ended today one way or another. I created that monster. Now it was time to put it down. Straightening up, she tossed the girl aside before storm clouds moved, rushing above and blocking out the rising sun and turning the sky black as thunder boomed overhead. Her magic rippled, the darkness enticing; something I had fought all my life against, not to give in to it and the madness that came with it.

“One more round, Amy,” I whispered, rubbing my bump. Aamon knew this could be my end, but so be it. It had to be done, but I was determined to make sure if it was, I was taking Beryl with me this time. Making up for the mistake of showing this vile woman mercy when I should have only shown her death like the rest of my coven.


The earth turned to mud under our feet as rain poured down, a storm coming out of nowhere, and the ground became drenched in blood. Amanda and I took them down one by one. Time seemed to slow when light blasted past me. I only just managed to duck in time. Tyrant followed the light seeing it head straight toward Avery.

Avery put her arms up, crossing them over her face before moving quickly, and green light met the silver as it burst from her. The bang when her magic smashed Beryl’s made the loudest noise, pushing Avery back when I heard an angry snarl, making me glance in the other direction to see Beryl stalking into the fields, hands forward, when I got punched.

Another explosion boomed behind me, but I was preoccupied trying to get the bastard off my back as he tore into our side. Tyrant dropped his front leg, tossing him over his shoulder before pouncing on him and ripping his neck out.

Amanda screamed when a black wolf bit into her shoulder, and we tackled it just in time to see Josie run out of the barn in the distance, heading for the forest. The doors bang-opened again, momentarily distracting me when Melana ran out, carrying a bloody Rayan. Amanda suddenly shifted, tearing through everything that got in her way as she ran toward the barn just as Jamie rushed out, and she attacked him.

I slipped in the mud, blood drenching our coat, and Tyrant shook himself before taking down the last of Alpha Jamie’s men while Amanda viciously ripped into Jamie. His daughter’s voice seemed to echo as she screamed, watching her father get torn apart.

I saw Ace rush out, his entire body covered in burns and drenched in blood. He looked over at the screaming girl before taking off in her direction. Glancing at the barn, my eyes went to my mate, and relief flooded me that she was indeed alive. Lucy looked around before darting off in the direction Melana and Josie had gone.

Turning back to Avery, I saw Beryl getting the better of Avery. Avery tossed her arm out, trying to deflect Beryl’s magic when she was launched backward. The blow made her skid across the ground on her feet. When she dropped and punched the ground, a crack split up the aisle, and I jumped out of the way just in time before the earth swallowed me. Beryl laughed manically.

“You’re no match for me anymore.” Beryl cackled before throwing a fireball at her, which she only just managed to block when a forcefield flitted up around her. She staggered, gripping her knees before lifting her head and glaring at the woman, her emerald green eyes glowing like a beacon in the darkness before they turned black as night. I could hear her breathing from here as she grew weaker. The smell of electricity in the air made my fur stand on end when lightning cracked loudly above before spearing down at Avery and hitting her.

The sky glowed a crimson red as lightning smashed the ground around us and lit up the sky. Turning toward Beryl, the divide in the earth was huge.

We backed up, hitting the fence covered in grapes behind us before charging forward and jumping across. Tyrant ran toward Beryl, and Aamon was right. Witches were in a league of their own.

Beryl didn’t even look in my direction. Instead, flicking her wrist out and tossing me into the barn. I hit the ground and was forced to shift back when a piece of splintered wood pierced through my side just as I heard Aamon’s voice scream out for Avery over the winds.

My vision blurred as I got to my hands and knees just as Amanda ripped out Jamie’s heart, and Aamon rushed toward Avery when a blast of power exploded out of her.

The blast knocked me back against the barn again and flattened the trees surrounding the place, the grapes exploding with force as everything in its path was obliterated, the barn turning to splinters and bursting, raining down chunks of wood and debris.

The house exploded in fiery rubble when Aamon suddenly dropped where he stood. He collapsed on the ground while I was caught between a magical tornado as Avery and Beryl battled it out.

Avery’s eyes and nose started bleeding as she tried to conjure up more power to overthrow Beryl, the winds so strong branches were flying off trees. The noise was deafening when I saw a flaming branch coming straight at me. Then all I saw was darkness, and I got knocked out.

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