“My wife did this to me”: a man who has lived in a cemetery for 15 years tells his story (Video)

A man identified as Rasta Magoda Bakari has made the cemetery his home where he has lived for 15 years much to everyone’s chagrin.

The man who is a father of two told Afrimax in an interview that he has been living in the cemetery located at Bandari Kavu in Tanzania for more than a decade.

On why he chose to live in a cemetery, the 55-year-old said it was the best place to get peace and escape trouble with people.

Going deeper into what led to his strange decision, the man said the situation his ex-wife put him through changed his life for the worse.

According to him, he was a wealthy man when he met the lady, but bad advice from two men and his voodoo practices swallowed up his wealth.

When I met my wife I was a wealthy businessman and everything was going well. Then two men came once and are responsible for changing my wife’s behavior. The two men convinced her that I was no good since I was going bankrupt. They told her they would find a younger, more stable man for her and she gave in.

“, did he declare.

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Magoda said his wife’s extramarital affairs began when he began to experience financial difficulties. The highlight was when he had an accident. She left him to his fate with the children.

The man told Afrimax that he has never had an extraordinary experience with the dead since living in the cemetery. He said : ” The fact that I am surrounded by graves does not scare me at all. I believe once a person is dead they are dead for good and can’t come back to life and kick me out of here. In my years of living here, I have never seen anything out of the ordinary except for some people who come here to throw things away that they believe to be witchcraft. Other than that, everything else is fine. »

To make ends meet for himself and for the children, Magoda rides a motorbike and sells vegetables and other items to villagers in the community where the cemetery is located.

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