Nabilla Benattia pregnant: “Big fright”, go to her doctor urgently

Nabilla Benattia gave herself a good scare this Wednesday, March 23, 2022, as revealed by Thomas Vergara. A situation that prompted the young woman pregnant with her second child to go urgently to her doctor to check if everything was fine.

Nabilla Benattia is currently pregnant with her second child. And this Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the wife of Thomas Vergara was not in great shape at all, to the point of going urgently to the doctor. A story that the beautiful 35-year-old brunette told on Snapchat.

It is worried that Thomas Vergara filmed himself alongside Nabilla Benattia, in a car. The couple who met in 2013 while filming Angels 5 (NRJ12) went to the doctor. And Milann’s dad (2 years old) quickly explained why. ” good today Nabilla is very tired. She had small contractions so now we’re going to see the doctor. This morning she gave us a big scare, so we jumped in the taxi to go see the doctor. There it seems to go but this morning it was very complicated

“, he confided. And the 30-year-old added that she hoped not to give birth right away, because her due date was not expected until June.

Fortunately, the lovebirds were quickly reassured by their doctor. Once out of the clinic, they resumed speaking on social networks to give news to their community. ” I did blood tests and there are small deficits of lots of little things“, first revealed Nabilla Benattia. And his dear and tender to continue: “ She does not eat enough iron, she had anemia. » The businesswoman and influencer must therefore rest as much as she can and eat more iron to be in better shape.

This is not the first time that Nabilla Benattia has had a scare. Already on March 15, she had felt contractions. ” I don’t really know what happened. I had some kind of contraction cramps, I don’t know what it was really so tomorrow I’m going to see the gynecologist to find out what’s going on because it’s not the time yet [d’accoucher, NDLR] and yet I felt some kind of contractions“, she had explained. But, even though what she felt was super strong“, it was also just a false alarm.

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