Nerves for your job interview? What to do

Nerves for your job interview? A little tension will keep you alert, but red spots, sweaty hands and a shaking voice can considerably reduce your chances of getting a job. Fortunately, you can defuse your stress, for example with tips from a sports coach.

If you are constantly shivering before your interview, know that you are not alone! People who regularly have to perform under pressure, such as dancers and singers, know that the nerves never completely disappear. Yet you can learn to get them under better control.

1. Go for the higher goal

A tip from a coach: focus on your goal. He distinguishes between the inner game (the battle that you engage with yourself) and the outer game (the goal you want to achieve). Focus on the outer game, because the focus on your nerves will not help you further. So don’t worry too much about the answers you want to give, but go for a clear goal: show your enthusiasm for the job, or really get to know the recruiters.

Tip: Prepare to the smallest detail for the interview

2. We are all human

Remember that the people you talk to are just ordinary people. They are not scary and cannot harm you. You are equal conversation partners, and the recruiters sitting opposite you have also had to apply! So do not think too much about what they want to hear, it will just cause more stress. Answer honestly and be genuinely interested.

3. Practice in an extreme situation

Another tip from the is to practice in extreme conditions. For example, you can prepare for a job interview by going up and down the stairs a few times at home and then saying a text. In this way, you learn to control your voice, and then you practice practicing while you are out of breath and your heart is beating in your throat.

Nerves for your job interview? What to do

4. Provide a solid foundation

Immediately make sure that you have a confident attitude. Body language is very important for a first (and further) impression! Walk and sit up straight, give a firm hand. Practice the conversation with someone who gives you honest feedback. Make sure you prepare all these things so that you don’t have to think too much during the conversation.

5. Edit your subconscious

If you want to reduce your stress level quickly, then you can smile firmly before the conversation. A fake smile also works: a positive facial expression has a stress-reducing effect on your body. Another trick for the subconscious mind is to bring along a familiar scent. A fine scent immediately evokes positive associations and can therefore quickly make you calmer. For example, spray some perfume from your boyfriend or girlfriend on your wrist and smell it for a moment.

6. Name your nerves

Our last top tip is to state your stress during the conversation. For example, say: “I notice that I am vibrating a bit, it is because of the nerves, I really want this job!” By naming your tension, you break it for yourself. You no longer have to ignore or suppress your nerves: you can be yourself, and that is the best recipe for a successful job interview.

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