New serious charges against Yvidero: the web comedian reacts

As we say in colloquial Ivorian language, “there’s a new file”. The case once again concerns Yvidero. The web humorist is accused by an Ivorian actress of having uttered rather mysterious remarks and of not having honored a professional contract. Yvidero immediately responded to the accusations in a publication.

A former collaborator of Yvidero known as “Mymy the Mermaid” or “Pkazai” made accusations during a media appearance. The young lady was invited on the set of a TV show this Wednesday, April 06. When questioned, she unambiguously expressed her dissatisfaction with her ex-mentor Yvidero.

“Mymy the Mermaid” accuses Yvidero of not having respected the clauses of the contract established for his role in the TV series “Madame Tonpki and Company”. A series of which Yvidero is the producer. The show being therefore a skylight, “Mymy the Mermaid” took the opportunity to portray a rather surprising facet of its producer.

She affirms that Yvidero would have put an end to their collaboration without however giving the reasons for this premature separation. According to “Mymy the siren” the contract in question runs until May, even if Yvidero has not cared about it for a while.

In addition to the professional aspect, she attributes in her exchange with the animators, rather mysterious remarks to her former producer. “She said something to me that sent chills down my spine…She told me she doesn’t like people who want to succeed. (…) it shocked me, but I stayed with her revealed the young actress.

Yvidero in turn, left a short message on his page in subtle response to the words of his ex-collaborator. ” I’m giving you the opportunity to make yourself known by having you play in a series on TV, but I don’t want to see you succeed, what a paradox! Hey God help me, cause I can’t take it anymore said Yvidero, as shown in the screenshot below.

New serious charges against Yvidero: the web comedian reacts

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