Nigeria/ A famous gospel singer dies following domestic violence

A famous gospel singer by the name of Osinachi Nwachukwu has lost her life as a result of repeated domestic violence. This tragic death has aroused enough reactions.

Since last Friday the famous gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu has been torn from the affection of her relatives and fans. Known for her song “Ekwueme” featuring singer Prospa Ochimana, the artist will no longer have the opportunity to be heard.

According to sources close to the victim, she was the victim of domestic violence. She was regularly beaten by her husband. ” He mistreated her, often kicked her. He gave him a violent kick in the chest. This led to her being put in hospital on life support for five days before her death “, underlines Frank Edwards, one of the relatives.

His death aroused strong reactions, including that of Pastor Chinedu Chukwunonso. For him, the victim took this abuse in silence because of religion and the gaze of each other which prevented her from leaving her violent husband.

Nigeria/ A famous gospel singer dies following domestic violence

Did I hear someone say she should have left that toxic marriage when she was abused? By the way, how could she, when our religious mindset was more toxic to her life and gospel music career than her husband. I’ll tell you why she didn’t go but rather died in silence.

Who doesn’t know that based on a religious mindset, the selling point of gospel songs depended on his “staying in his marriage”. You still don’t understand. So I ask, how many churches or Christian organizations would have considered it asand a good guest minister if she had divorced her husband?

How many people would have kissed her like a sister in Christ without believing that she could not be submissive to her husband no wonder she was divorced? This is how ironically we use religion and the religious mindset to kill the gifts God has given us in the church.

Today many are throwing stones at her husband and yet we fail to see how much the mindset of religions within us helped in his death as well.

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Believe me, there are many more Osinachi in our churches today still caged in marriage with their abusive husbands because of the “God hates divorce” slogan.

I can bet you that only one of two things keeps a woman in an abusive marriage. The first is her inability to survive independently of the man who abuses her and the second is religion! Of these two, religion is more deadly because even many women who can actually survive independently of those of their abusive husbands still remain because of religion and that was the case with our dear sister Osinachi!

Nowhasnt preacher, you say God hates divorce and you quote the scripture verse but I ask you to do this same God does not hate domestic violence and abuse?

When the divorce that God hates can become a solution to the domestic violence and abuse in marriage that God also hates, doesn’t wisdom teach you to choose one thing that God hates that will keep you alive than the one that he hate who will kill you?

It’s high time you stood up and stopped living your life by the standard religion you set. he expressed.

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