Nigerian billionaire disowns his 7 children and bars them from his properties

Netizens were in shock after learning that a wealthy man allegedly barred his children from his properties whether he was alive or dead.

The man who made the brash decision is none other than Chef Rufus Abadi Osiri, a Nigerian billionaire. The report says he disowned his seven children while banning all of them from accessing or using any of his properties.

He announced his decision in an open letter which was shared by Joe Igbokwe on Facebook on Thursday, April 7.

The open letter reads: I, Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri, attention has been drawn to the subversive, predatory and evil activities of my children whose names are listed above to dispose of my property in Yenagoa, Port Harcourt Lagos, Abuja etc., all in Nigeria.

I educated them from primary to university level and went further to create the right environment for them to have a good start in life by providing each with housing and a car. They are in the age bracket of 27-40 years old, are adults, able to fend for themselves after creating the right environment which is a springboard for them to start life on the right footing. That the approach they have taken is reprehensible.

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In order to avoid further incursions by my children and to secure the property, I asked my lawyer to write a will to exclude them from inheriting my properties.

Therefore, I hereby prohibit them from accessing, using or coming close to any of my properties.

This post hereby bears witness to my statement.

Any attempt to do otherwise will be considered criminal trespass and will result in serious consequences.

Be warned.


Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri. »

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