Not being the boss and still earning a lot? It’s possible in these 5 jobs

The boss deserves the most: it seems the logic itself, and yet today it is no longer always right. The reason? As an expert with knowledge of the specific subject matter, you are just as indispensable as a manager and you can feel that in your wallet.


It is not easy for insurance companies to find suitable staff. Both ‘insurance advisor’ and ‘insurance manager’ are serious bottleneck occupations, because the jobs require such specific knowledge. Actuaries or insurance mathematicians are also very thin. As an actuary, you have to be a crack in economics and mathematics, because you calculate and evaluate risks. Do you want and can you set insurance rates, solve the pension issue or advise banks on mortgage loans? Then you can count on a monthly wage of around $6,000 gross


It is no secret that the chemical industry pays well. But as a chemistry expert, you can go in many more directions. How about developing new medicines in a pharmaceutical company? Improve recipes at a food producer so that products can be kept longer? Researching ways to reduce CO minder emissions? Every one of the fascinating career opportunities for chemists, which on average gives you $5,000 per month.

Electrical engineering engineer

Self-driving cars, the 6G network, robots, fully automated production processes… The future has a lot of exciting things in store for us! Engineers are needed to be able to develop and continuously improve all these technologies. Indeed, profiles specialized in electrical technology are in high demand in the labor market. Are you interested in mathematics, science, technology and IT? A job as an electrical engineering engineer earns you an average of $5,000 per month.


Anyone who has ever fallen into legal proceedings knows that the legislation is a very complex tangle. In other words, good lawyers are worth gold. Companies know that all too well. If you have completed a law study, you can quickly earn a considerable amount per month, indeed, if you focus on a specific area of law.

HR specialist

The most important capital of any company is actually human capital. Because without good, motivated employees, organizations are nowhere. As an HR specialist, you fine-tune the personnel policy. You ensure that new suitable employees are recruited and that current employees continue to grow and feel good at work. That gives you an average of $4,000 per month.

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