Nuclear attack: Kim Jong-Un’s sister warns South Korea

In full tension between the Russia and Ukraine, two other brother countries exchange not very reassuring threats. The North Korea indeed declared that it would not hesitate to bombard South Korea with a nuclear weapon if ever it were attacked by its neighbor. The remarks were made by Kim Yo-Jongthe sister of the North Korean president Kim Jong Un. Words that come after an unreassuring statement from a South Korean minister.

As a reminder, the South Korean Defense Minister, Suh Wooksaid on Friday that his country’s military had a variety of improved missiles capable of ” to accurately and quickly hit any target in North Korea“. Kim Yo-Jong said after her that it was a “ very big mistake

for South Korea’s defense minister to make such remarks on likely attacks on the North, according to the official news agency KCNA. She warned that Pyongyang would destroy major targets in Seoul if “dangerous military action” such as a preemptive strike took place. For Ms. Yo-Jong, her country does not want a war, but if South Korea chooses military confrontation or carries out a preemptive strike, Pyongyang will have to use its nuclear weapons.

In other words, this means that unless the South Korean military takes military action against our state, it will not be considered a target of our attack… But if South Korea, for a whatever reason opts for military action, the situation will change… In this case, South Korea itself will become a target she added.

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