Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 22

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered as Sion stepped back to look me over. His hand reached up to my arm and he lifted up the sleeve to look over the wound.

“It isn’t deep. I just need to bandage it up and keep it hidden.” I watched the pained expression on his face as his fingers moved around the wound. He finally let the sleeve drop and he let out a breath. Okay, this was it. He was ready to yell at me or so I thought.

He cupped my cheek with his hand and his thumb moved over my skin sending tiny tingles through me. Yes… I know I felt them that time. It was like a soft vibration ca*ressed my cheek with his fingertips. For a moment it was there.

“When the patrol mind linked me…”I watched him close his eyes and shake his head. “I can’t even begin to describe..” His voice was quiet as his thumb gently ca*ressed my cheek. “The thought that I could have lost you…” His voice sounded strained as he tried to talk. He took in a deep breath and opened his eyes. His deep pooling hazel eyes seemed to hold me captive, but they weren’t threatening. It was a different type of hold.

“A child climbed over the fence, and she went after him. I’m lucky she did, even though it did put her in danger. I could have escaped but not with the child. She showed up and allowed me to get the kid to safety. I went straight back for her, but a centaur had saved her.” Kai spoke up but Sion never looked at him. His eyes stayed glued to mine.

“It was that furry centaur we saw before… his name is Demetri. I don’t know how, but he knows about me. He knows about my father..”

“If he saved you. l guess I can’t hate him,” Sion said, and I shrugged slightly.

“l still might have won. I had my next move planned out.” I gave him a weak smile only to see him frown.

“I don’t even want to think about it… the idea that you were fighting against one of those rogues..” He leaned his forehead down to mine. I reached up and held his face and smiled, staring into his eyes.

“l don’t plan to fight another rogue until I get my wolf back.” I watched as a crooked smile spread across his face as he let out an airy laugh.

He leaned his l!ps towards my hand and delicately k!ssed my palm. I watched as he lifted up his head and then pulled his shirt off of him. He tugged it over my head swiftly just as a few people emerged from the woods. Logan and Conner were there as well. I now understood why he put a second shirt over me. It was to hide the blood stain on Kai’s shirt.

“Dr. Snyde is examining the dead rogue. What are your orders?” Conner asked, while Sion continued to look at me.

“We need a few more perimeter runs just to make sure everything is clear. I also want an extra patrol for tonight. Conner, you take a group out and start one run, and Logan you do the same. I’ll keep the mind link open if you need to reach me.”

Sion nodded his head, and the men immediately were on their way. If I wasn’t here, Sion would have been going with them. “I can’t right now Clover… I can’t bring myself to leave your side, so don’t keep giving me those disapproving eyes.” My l!ps parted in shock. I didn’t even realize I was doing anything different.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to. I just-

“I know Clover, but sometimes it is okay to be the reason I don’t do something. You are the most important person in my life. This is a well-oiled pack. Even without me, they are extremely capable. Conner and Logan are heading things up… so it’s okay for me to stay by you. This is where I am most needed.” Sion then looked behind me towards Kai. “Follow me back to the house, I want you to give me your report in detail”

“Yes, Alpha,” Kai said as he straightened up. I could see how his eyes lit up… I’m sure it felt good to feel useful. Sion was being considerate of Kai. He was trying to include him. I felt my heart begin to race as I looked up at Sion. It really felt like he was too good to be true.

He was considerate of me, and he cared about his pack. I was trying to find fault here, but other than Dr. Sinister haven’t found it. I know it has only been one day and no pack is perfect. But I wanted to be with Sion. I could feel this driving force in my body that needed him.

Of course, there was one thing about this pack. They didn’t have female warriors. The females should have to train just like the males.

They don’t all have to be warriors, but they should be combat trained. This was a conversation I needed to have with Sion soon.

I stepped into Sion’s side and his hand instantly snaked around my waist. My body began to vibrate, but not like the sparks and tingles before. It was different. I could hear a slight hum that was starting to grow louder. I could see Sion’s l!ps moving but I couldn’t hear his voice. Instead, I was hearing screams. I gripped onto his shirt as my chest began to rise and fall rapidly.

“Get Sion to safety! drag him out of here if you have to, go!” I heard a gruffer voice growl out.

Visions began popping into my head as the sounds of fighting filled the air. I saw Conner and Logan… only they looked much younger. They were dragging Sion away as blood dripped down his face. He was trying to fight against them, but his injuries made it impossible.

“Alpha! Luna! Get out of there!”

Someone screamed as a guttural growl echoed in the air. It was so loud I couldn’t even hear the screams

The lifeless bodies of wolves were all over the place. It all happened so quickly. The ground was soaked with red. I watched as a red wolf dragged another lifeless wolf. He then shifted and pulled the wolf into his chest as he sobbed. I noticed his red hair first and that was when I saw his face. It was Kai. A younger Kai but it was him.

A fire covered the area. It ignited all at once with a tremendous amount of energy.

Burning the bodies as it spread. Kai had no choice but to run and leave behind the dead wolf he was holding. The bodies were engulfed by an even amount of heat by a creature with incredible power. Oh. My. Gods. The burned bodies looked the same… the singed earth looked the same. That snapped me out of it.

The world returned to normal as I gulped for air. I was being held in Sion’s arms, but we were back at the house. We were in my room.

“Clover, are you okay? What happened?” I heard Sion’s voice as I began to look around. I could see Kai standing at the foot of the bed and then my eyes landed on the stand. I swiftly moved away from Sion and grabbed my phone. I opened it and began to dial. The phone began to trill and after about three rings a voice came through on the other line.

“Clover? Is everything okay?!” I heard Denny’s voice as I tried to steady my voice.

“A demon, Denny. What started the fire in the holding cell was a demon.” My voice was a bit shaky and there was silence on the other end.

“That makes sense… but why?” I sighed and bit my bottom l!p. I didn’t know why but I knew that it was the same fire. The same creatures that killed so many pack members… I just didn’t know why.

“I don’t know. but I’m sure of it.”

“I’ll start looking into it immediately.”

He paused for a second and I heard a quiet sigh.

How are you? I found my present… I love it. I’m wearing it now. We miss you.” A small smile reached my l!ps. It was nice to hear his voice.

“I’m good, Den. I’m glad you like it. You guys better not be slacking.” I listened as he chuckled on the other line, and I felt. content. It was nice to talk to him, but it made me realize even more that it wasn’t my home. I didn’t yearn to go back. I could hear voices in the background and could tell he was busy. “Anyways, I just wanted to call and tell you that, so be careful.”

“You be careful. Given the situation..”

“I will be.. bye.” I hung up the phone then and let out a sigh of relief. I could tell Denny believed me and that was the first step. It would now be up to him to move on the information. I set the phone down and turned my head to Sion. He was wanting answers, but I didn’t understand it myself. How did I see the past? His past? Was this because I was part sheya? Was this part of their powers? Or Was it something else?

I kept thinking about his face… and Kai’s cries it was horrible. I started to feel insecure too.

If l tell him about what happened…would he want me anymore? I was trying to think of what to say when he reached out and pulled me into him. He slid my body flush against him and held my head against his chest.

“Wait for me downstairs.” I heard Sion say and then a moment later I heard the sound of the door shutting. I felt his chin resting on my head as I rested against him. I had to tell him, but I was still terrified.

“It’s okay Clover. You can talk to me

“This is going to sound crazy, but I saw the past. I saw your past…” I quietly began to go over the details of what I had seen. He stayed in the same position holding me and letting me talk without interruption. I explained to him how the fire reminded me of the fire at the Sulfur pack and that I was fairly certain it was the same creature or something with a similar power.

It must be a type of demon. Then I waited and he stayed silent. I began to chew on my inner l!p as my nerves were rising. What was he thinking? Did he want me to leave because this could be a sheya power? I felt a w*et drop on my arm and that was when I pulled away slightly to look at him.

There were silent tears sliding down his cheek. His eyes were closed, with a creased forehead and pursed l!ps.

“It should have been me too. I should have been there. I should have died that day too…”

I listened to his gutted voice rasped out. “That moment haunts me. They stayed there to make sure I lived. So many pack members… and my parents… We lost so many. It was my fault. I insisted on tracking some unknown creatures. I killed them. It was my fault, but I was the one to Iive. I wanted to die with them”

“Don’t say that.. please,” I cupped his cheeks, wiping the dampness away. He opened his eyes, revealing his sadness. “I’m glad you lived. I—” I swallowed as I took in a breath. “Your parents gave their lives for you because they love you.

They wanted you to have a full life. And… without you, I would be alone right now. I only have you.” I whispered out quietly. It was true, but I also didn’t want him to feel like he had to keep me now. After all l just unloaded crazy on him. I chewed on my l!p and glanced down.

“But if me being here ever becomes a problem, I would rather know sooner than later. “I’ll be okay… don’t want you to think that you have to..”

He reached his hand out pressing his thumb under my chin to tilt my head up to him. I searched his eyes as a gentle smile reached his l!ps. “Silly woman, what are you thinking? l don’t think you realize this yet.. but I’m the one who needs you. I would even venture to say I need you more than you need me. Your existence is the only thing that has kept are going since that day. I knew you were out there. Now that I have you… ” I watched as he shut his eyes for a moment and shook his head.

“I know I said you can decide but I don’t think I can ever let you go. I don’t ever want to be parted from you again. You aren’t the problem Clover, ever.” He leaned forward and his nose brushed against mine. His hot breath pelted against my l!ps, and I parted them expectantly.

“But I am your problem. Take responsibility for me Clover because l am a complete mess over you.”

It was complete silence as I felt his breath searing my l!ps. The atmosphere felt heavy with the growing sensual storm radiating between us. I had wanted to wait longer but it was as if my body already belonged to him. I couldn’t help but think of his mouth and the memory of his body on mine. The way his strong movements were still so tender and gentle with me.

He stayed there not moving.. waiting… for me. He was waiting for me to close the gap between us. I was always thinking and planning for myself. It was rare that l acted purely on what I wanted. I did once though… with Sion years ago I acted on what I wanted.

His breath tickled my l!ps as I moved forward. My bottom l!p brushed against his as he continued to hold still. My hands entangled in his hair, and I thrust my tongue into his warm mouth. Igniting a sensual battle between us.

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