Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 35



“Sion? Sion?!”

I opened my eyes, seeing Conner hovering over me.

“I was getting worried. How are you I blinked at him as I tried to remember what happened. Clover. I sat up glancing around. She still wasn’t back, and neither was Odell. I closed my eyes as I recalled what had happened..”

The moment I couldn’t see Clover, I went feral. I was in a blind rage when I heard the sound of the water. I dove into the hydra, attacking its center. I didn’t care about the heads swooping towards me. There was only one thing on my mind and that was getting to my mate.

In order to take out a hydra, you have to take out its center. With all the heads acting as defensive guards, it isn’t an easy task. Yet, somehow I managed to fly past them all and I dove into the body. My claws shredded into it as my teeth plunged a mortal wound in the creature. The creature began to fall but I didn’t care about that. I moved past him and dove into the icy water.


I could only think about her. I swam down and fast, but it seemed no matter how far I went couldn’t find her. I didn’t care about my own life. I just had to save her. Then the giant otter hound grabbed ahold of my neck and was pulling me in the opposite direction.

No, I had to get to Clover.

She dragged me back onto the surface and I scrambled to go back. But I was met with resistance. My own pack was now guarding me from the water.

“Sion, leave this to Odell.” Demetri said, but it was as if l couldn’t hear him.

If something happened to Clover, I might as well be dead. I wouldn’t live this life without her.

It was as if my body moved on its own in that moment. I charged towards the water. I didn’t want him to hurt anyone. I just wanted them out of my way.

In that moment, all l cared about was Clover. She could be drowning right now. She might be fighting for her life. She was waiting for me!

This drove me to a feral level.

This time, when I was met with resistance, I attacked. I was in a blind rage. I barely recognized anyone. I was lashing out at anyone who was blocking my path.

“Odell GO! We will handle this.” It was muffled but I heard Demetri yell.

“Snap out of it, Sion!” Kai now stood in front of me. He had shifted back and stood in front of me defenseless. It was this act that brought me back. I could see his eyes and the blood dripping down his body. I did that. I had hurt him.

Then suddenly I was slammed by some invisible force. I crashed into the wall, and everything began to go dark.

Take a nap, pup. When you wake up, make your way through the path. You will find Clover at the end of it.
I opened my eyes as I took in a deep breath. I had shifted back at some point when I was unconscious. I looked over everyone, but they were already healed up.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered as I moved to my feet.

“Don’t worry about it. You were just trying to get to Clover..” Demetri turned around with a frown, staring at the water.

“What happened to you?” Logan asked and I shook my head.

“Something hit me. But there was a voice it said when I woke up to make my way through the path. That Clover will be at the end of it.”

I watched as Demetri pursed his l!ps together in deep thought. “A woman’s voice?”

I nodded my head, and he clicked his tongue, shaking his head. “Let’s do as she says.”

“Wait a minute, we are going to just trust some voice?” I looked back at the water hoping to see something. Some sign that Clover was okay.

“That wasn’t some voice. Whichever goddess it was, made sure you didn’t continue to hurt anyone or yourself. Which means, they did it for Clover’s sake. I don’t know what they are up to, but if she says we will find Clover at the end, then we will. This way, Clover won’t have to travel Serpents Path. It is safer this way without her able to shift freely. Which means her healing is also hindered.” Demetri began to walk ahead as the other looked at me.

“Let’s go. I need to get to Clover.”

Inwardly, I was afraid. I attacked her pally.. I attacked everyone. When it came to Clover being in danger, I couldn’t control my emotions. Nothing else could even begin to matter but her. She was my salvation and my downfall. I wonder if she will feel differently about me. After she hears about the monster in me…

“What is going on with Clover’s wolf?” heard Kai ask, and I glanced up, looking at Demetri expectantly.

“I was planning to wait, but I don’t think any of you are compromised. You know how I explained she has two dominant powers inside of her? Well, that is true, but it isn’t just that. A sheya’s power is so much that it takes over everything. It makes no room for anything else. However, this will not be the case for Clover. Clover was born in a blessing pool. She was blessed by several goddesses, but the main ones being Eos and Selene. We really don’t know what all she was blessed with, but we do know she can keep her wolf. It will be hard, but she can keep both powers. Selene insisted on this because she is a born luna.”

“Wait… time out… why? Why would she get the blessings of-” Logan began, but Demetri interrupted him.

“This has always been bigger than Clover. She doesn’t realize this yet, but she is part of something bigger. Don’t you think it is weird how the Alpha King just suddenly emerged? And now to know his son is somehow a Lycan? A future Lycan king with his future pure Lycan queen. Ultimate rulers of both werewolves and Lycans. The fairies have also grown in power. Their future queen is a demigod. Another fairy princess is the future queen of the vampires. Don’t you see? This is like a chess match. The pieces are being assembled for war.”

“Clover is one of those pieces. My grandfather has been in council with the Fairy Queen. A war is coming that can’t be stopped. The gods won’t be able to intervene. And the demons will use the nembrant glass to seize control from the shadows.”

Demetri stopped and turned to look at all of us. I was already aware that something bigger was coming but didn’t realize how in-depth it all was.

“It will be Clover’s descendants that will be needed in the upcoming war. They will have gifts that will be invaluable. Clover is still developing her powers, but she will be able to see when someone is being controlled. This and her other gifts are things she will pass down through the generations. Clever gifts from the goddesses meant to help with the future war.” I watched as his eyes met with mine. “Clover has an umbrella effect. She is like a walking shield, able to protect those around her.

“She just has to learn to control it. Her children… your children will have this.”

“So my children will be sought after because of their gifts? They would have to be next to the Lycan rulers.” My eyes widened as Demetri nodded his head. I swallowed as I realized what this really meant. “But. the princess… and my bloodline… she would never..” Demetri shrugged.

“l doubt they would want someone so important to just live in the Diamond pack. Someone with those gifts.. would probably be made part of the family… don’t you think?” I inhaled sharply, not liking where this was going. “Look…we are getting ahead of ourselves, but this is where all of this is going. For now, we need to find Clover and work on saving your pack.”

I ran my hand through my hair as I continued to follow Demetri. I didn’t have anything against the Diamond pack or anyone there, especially the Lycan princess. It was just, I was afraid that she would hold a grudge. I would try to explain to her about Shaun and that he was actually an identical twin but who knows if she would believe me. I don’t want my child to suffer from the sins of an ancestor. I don’t know these people. My concern would be my children first.. children.

I mentally chuckled to myself. I didn’t even have a pack to go back to. I want children, but mentally my mind isn’t there. My focus is on Clover and then saving my pack. Who knows now though… after Clover hears how I snapped, she may not want to stay with me. She might end up disgusted that I could hurt my own pack members like that.

I didn’t want to make excuses for myself.

No excuse was really excusable. The thing is, I haven’t had my Lycan for that long. I have still been adjusting. My Lycan form is stronger and the emotions are more intense. Things I felt before were amplified once I was given my Lycan form. My emotions are on thin ice when it comes to Clover. I can barely keep them in check.

When I was being kept from going after Clover… I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t want to control myself. I saw my future disappear and it went into the water. Honestly, even presented with the same situation again.. it would still happen.

I would still fight to go after her. For her, I’ll be everything. I’ll do anything but without her… I’m a feral mess.

If I hadn’t been knocked unconscious and heard that voice… I would have continued to dive into the water after her. I don’t care if it would have cost me my own life. Gosh… I am a mental wreck right now.

My whole body is on edge. I just need to see her. I hope she doesn’t turn away from me… please don’t hate me, Clover. l just love her so much.

“The path will now narrow.. I’ll lead. Sion you bring up the rear. If there is a fight, it is too narrow. It will be a one on one, so be careful.”

Demetri then walked into the serpent’s path. I turned and looked at Conner, Logan, and Kai, nodding for them to go ahead of me. When Conner finally reached me, he stopped and looked at me.

“I should be the one to be last. If something happens to you-

“Conner, I have the experience and I am stronger. Go on.. Conner.” I sighed for a moment and then looked into his eyes. “But just in case… if anything did happen to me.. protect my mate above everything.”

“She is my luna, that goes without saying.

“He smiled at me and then turned towards the tunnel.

I watched as he slowly walked into the narrow path, and I followed behind him. I glanced behind me once, trying to see if I sensed anything.

Demetri was in the most danger. He was walking straight into a nauc hole. A narrow but tall opening where it was impossible for someone to squeeze around you. If Demetri encountered a nauc it would be a one-on-one battle. The same would go for me.

If something came up from behind me, I would have to take it out on my own.

I would fight anything I had to. This was my path to get to Clover and nothing was going to stop me. I needed to see her. I had to see her. I hope she was okay. I hope the voice was telling the truth and she would be at the end of this path. I wouldn’t be able to calm down until l breathed in her Scent.

Gods please… let her be okay. I don’t care about myself, but Clover. she is everything. Just let her be safe.

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