Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 45

The way his mouth was devouring mine was practically feral. His fingers gripped into my neck tightly as his tongue assaulted my mouth.

My poor Sion. His raw emotions were desperate. As if I was a life preserver, and the only thing keeping him from sinking. It never really hit me before… until this moment. When he said he needed me.. he wasn’t just saying that. His hand holding me was trembling.. he was still holding back. This half-feral nature was still him holding back.

“Sion,” I mumbled through our frantic k!sses.

“You don’t have to hold back.” I listened as he growled, biting my lower l!p. He took it into his mouth, su*cking on it, keeping it captured.

My back was against the wall when he finally released my swollen l!p. His hot breath beat against my mouth, as his hand moved from my neck. “Not yet…” He whispered. I looked up to see his lu*stful hazel eyes gleaming at me. His fingers reached the hem of my shirt and slowly he made the journey upwards. He discarded my shirt and b*ra then took a step back. His eyes wandered over me as he stared at my ch3st. My heart was pounding in anticipation of what he would do next.

I watched as he discarded his own shirt. Then he discarded his bottoms, letting them fall on the floor. All that was left on him was his boxer briefs. I looked at is eager bulge, demanding to be released. I looked back up, seeing the desire in his eyes as he stepped back toward me. He wrapped his hands around me, squeezing my bu*tt as he lifted me up. He held me higher and inhaled one of my n!pples, pushing me back into the wall.

My breath caught as his teeth and tongue teased my hardened bud. I wrapped my legs around his torso and entangled his hair with my fingers. He was now holding me by one arm as his other hand moved to cup my other breast. He began pinching and teasing the other bud, making me gasp and tighten below him. I could feel the we*tness as the scent of my arousal wafted in the room.

Then we were moving again and a moment later, he released me from his mouth. He laid me on the bed and pulled my bottoms off, leaving only my pa-nties on. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and pressed his bulge against my w*et p-anties. My breath was ragged as I arched into him, pleading him to continue. There was a glint in his eyes his l!ps twitched up. With one finger, he slowly pulled the thin fabric off me, letting it drop to the floor. Then he knelt to the floor, hooking my legs over his shoulders.

“Sion…” I whimpered as I felt his l!ps k!ss my inner th!gh.

“Mmmm.. I’m making sure I fully claim this.”

He growled. His tongue slowly traced around my entrance, making me shudder with pleasure. I gripped my hands in his hair as his tongue plunged inside of me He la-pped up my juices and pumped his Hot tongue inside of me.

“Sion.” I m0aned, arching into his tongue. His hand gripped into my bottom holding me in place as he continued to devour and taste me. It was maddening. I squ!rmed under his tight hold as he continued to enjoy himself tasting me. Then he abruptly stopped, making me whimper as he pulled his tongue out of me. In slow tantalizing movements, he la-pped over my moist center. His hot breath hit my sens!tive bundle of nerves. “Sion.

“l panted as I pleaded for him.

He stood up in front of me and I watched as he slid his boxer briefs off releasing his er*ection. It bounced up hard and eager. I went to move, but Sion slid his hand under me, cupping my bottom.

He reached down with his other hand holding both bottom cheeks as he stepped forward. With a low growl, he stared down at me. I watched how his muscles flexed as he held his position right in front of me. I felt his tip brush over my moist core.

I tried to arch into him, but he gripped my bottom firmly, holding me in place. His eyes were devouring every inch of my body before returning to meet with my eyes.

I tried to move into him again and this time, he let a low growl come from his throat.

“No, my love. You just lay there and receive what I’m going to give you. l am staking my claim on you. Every inch of you. is MINE.” The low sen*sual growl of his voice had my heart racing. I knew how to provoke him to get what I wanted, though…

“Well.. claim me then.. if you can,” I said coquettishly as he growled again, positioning himself standing in front of me. I felt him brush against me before, very slowly he slid inside of me.

He pulled me towards him as his hands gripped into me.

In deliberate, t0rturously slow movements, he pulled out and pushed in. Making sure I felt every movement. It was sweet sen*sual t0rture. Pleasing me but never bringing me to my release. Every time he felt like was close, he would back off and hold his position. My eyes were closed as the insanity of it made me delirious.

“Look at me.” He commanded softly. I opened my eyes as I l!cked my l!ps. “Watch me. Watch me as I please you.” He began to move against me, the pleasure made me roll my eyes back into my head and he stopped again. “Keep your eyes on I want my face engrained in your mind.” It was sen*sual madness.

He began to thrust into me again making me delirious with pleasure. Bringing me to the brink and stopping only to do it again.

“Sion.. please.” I was overwhelmed with the pressure of wanting to be released, yet it felt so insanely good.

“That’s what I’m doing, my love. I’m pleasing you.” His voice was hoarse as he panted with his own resolve. What he was doing was t0rturing himself too.. but it was a sweet, maddening t0rture. He pulled away from me, lifting me up to turn me over. This time his body come over my back.

His tongue la-pped at my neck, letting his teeth rake over my sens!tive skin. “This time… it will never fade.” He growled as he n!pped at my neck, sending electric sparks through my body.

His hand cupped my breast, his fingers finding my n!pple as he thrust inside of me hard. At the same time, his fangs plunged into my neck. The tingling pleasure rushed through me, and I couldn’t take it anymore. He pounded in me again as an earth-shattering org*asm ripped through me.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Strong pleasurable waves rippled through my body as I clenched around him, bringing him his release as well.

He pulled out of me, rolling me into his front as he lay beside me. I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers trace over his mark on my neck. The bond between us was roaring back to life instead of the trickling stream that it was, Soon the floodgates would be completely open… once I marked him.

“Clover.” He squeezed his arms around me and buried his nose in my damp hair. I felt his ch3st rise and fall. The sound of his heart gently drummed against my ear. Our moment together was perfect, but something was wrong. I felt his arms tremble slightly as if he was still holding back.

“Sion… what is it?”

“Thank you for being by my side.” His voice sounded so vulnerable it caught me off guard. I pulled back to look into his eyes.

“Sion?” asked, reaching my hand up to sift through his hair. “What are you fighting against?”

“I’m selfish to keep you. I might be a monster now.” He whispered, staring into my eyes. I smiled and shook my head.

“You are no monster, Sion.”

“I’m struggling to keep control. Struggling to fight against the outb*ursts that rise to the surface..”

“You mean like what every Alpha I know goes through? Sion, you hold yourself together better than any Alpha l have ever met. I’ve never seen someone with your control before.”

“It’s worse now. What if… I think something dark has taken hold inside of me since became Anubis. I feel it is trying to creep out.

Even with the omega earlier.. I wanted to handle that more tastefully. I couldn’t. Then when she started talking about you.. I wanted to kill her. My hand was trembling for her bl00d.” I watched as he closed his eyes and shook his head. “I keep clinging to you while it tries to pull me down. What if I drown you with me?”

“Sion… if someone talked about you like that, I’d want to choke them out too. That’s normal.

“I traced my fingers over his trembling arm. He was fighting for control right now. “Sion, talk to me. What is this about?

“Something else inside of me wants you… but I won’t let it out. I–l am afraid to let it out.”

I remembered how I noticed his shuddering, struggling arms while we were having s*ex. Now it made sense… he was afraid to let go. He was trying to control himself. I leaned up on my arm and shook my head.

I sighed and smiled. “There is nothing wrong with you. And you would never hurt me. You don’t have to hold back with me. Honestly, especially with me. I can stop you in a second.” I could see he didn’t believe that fully.

“I think you need to see for yourself.” I smiled, moving to sit on his stomach. His hands came to rest on my sides as he watched me. “Sion.. it is time to let go.”

I watched him swallow and shake his head no.

“I don’t want to hurt you. its okay l can control this.”

“Sion… this is you too. I’m going to prove to you that you can trust this other side of yourself…”

I w*et my l!ps and reached for a part of myself I was still learning about. “Sion, let go,” I commanded, using my sheya power. I knew it worked because his eyes instantly changed color to a golden hue.

He growled as his predatory eyes looked me over. I stayed there still as l sat on top of him, waiting to see what he would do. His hands began to move up my sides as he sat up, shifting me to his la-p. I gasped in shock as I felt him enter me as his l!ps came to inhale my n!pple.

“Mmmm… mine, His raspy voice growled as I wrapped my hands around his head.

“Yes. I’m yours.” I listened as he chuckled and stopped what he was doing. He pulled his head back as his golden eyes pinned against mine.

“Not entirely yet, my queen… but you are about to be… for all eternity.”

I smiled and brushed my fingers through his hair. “That’s all | want is to be with you forever.”

“Sion… you see. You are the same man I love.” I looked into his eyes and moved my hand down to his cheek. “The man I am going to claim as mine,” l said, pushing my wolf forward. He obediently moved his head to the side and moved his h!ps against mine.

“Mine,” I whispered as I l!cked his neck, letting my canines scrape over his sens!tive skin. His body shuddered under me, and I felt his breathing becoming rapid with anticipation. He let out a low purring growl of approval as l sank my fangs into him. I made sure I gave him a deep mark that would never vanish, pouring my essence into it.

His purring sound soon sounded feral as his fingers gripped into me. I barely pulled my fangs out of him, and he began to move, pulling himself out of me.

He lifted me off him, setting my feet on the floor. I watched him curiously as he scooted off the bed. He stepped into my front as I stared up at him.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a tilted smile, watching how his golden eyes started to shade darker.

“Giving you what you need.” He growled as he grabbed my two hands, spinning me around, and placing them on the wall. “Brace yourself… ” He ordered as he moved behind me. His one hand grabbed my breast as he teased my n!pple. Then his other hand traveled lower, rubbing over my sens!tive mound. “I’m going to claim you now.”

He warned in a seductive tone.

“Then do it.” I shuddered with anticipation as I felt his probing maleness brush over my core. I felt my liquid desire begin to move down my th!gh, filling the air with my arousal. He gently moved his mouth to my neck tenderly k!ssing my frantic pulse that was increasing with his touch. I was trembling with a need I shouldn’t have had already.

He slammed inside of me, taking away my breath as the surging pleasure rippled through me.

His hands played with me as he began to thrust into me wildly. My m0ans filled the air as he echoed them with his own. It was madness. Pure ecstasy.

He possessively and greedily, rammed into me with an intensity that lifted me to a forceful peak.

He didn’t stop the pleasurable insanity. He continued to thrust into me, making me delirious with pleasure. I felt him l!ck my shoulder on the same side where he had marked my neck. An inarticulate gr0an of hunger escaped from his throat as I felt fangs pierce into me. It was a hot, burning pleasure sinking into me. It pooled from my shoulder through my body, and I found myself reaching my peak again. I let out a strangled cry as a wildfire leaped through my nerves.

I was still stunned by the fierceness of his passion and need. The force of ecstasy had my mind foggy. I couldn’t think about anything, but the muscular driving need that continued to satisfy me.

“Mine..” he muttered, his dark raspy voice flowing through me. His powerful legs continued his demanding thrusts until he brought me to yet another powerful org*asm. As I clenched around him, he spilled his seed in me, grunting with satisfaction.

My arms trembled from exhaustion, and I wasn’t sure I had the strength to keep standing.

He slowly pulled out of me and lifted me against his ch3st. He cradled me against him and k!ssed my closed eyelids.

The sen*sual storm had been powerful and exhausting. Yet, it had a homecoming feel to it that was needed. I felt a connection stirring inside of me, but I was too depleted to explore it. Sion had really been holding back before, but there was no need for it.

“Clover… my love.” I felt his hot breath over my cheek as he curled around me on the bed. I smiled and rolled into his ch3st burying my nose into him.

“See Sion? You are exactly what I need. All of you.” I whispered out as his hand rubbed over my back. I felt him pull a blanket up to cover us as he pulled me closer. His l!ps brushed over my temple as he said his head on top of mine.

“Rest my love… my Luna.. my Queen…”

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