Olivia Yacé involved for the first time in a discomfort with a former Dauphine

This is the very first time since her coronation as an Ivorian beauty queen that Olivia Yacé has been involved in a discomfort with a third person. While she would complete her mandate brilliantly in a few months, it turns out that Miss Word Africa had a little discomfort with the named Hyllen Légré first Dauphine Miss Côte d’Ivoire 2015.

Olivia Yacé has established a brilliant reputation since the beginning of her adventure as Miss Côte d’Ivoire. Since her coronation, through her visit to the Miss World contest, Olivia Yace has only sparkled with her brilliant career. Until then, the Miss Word was free from the various tumults that are frequently found in the world of beauty.

But two days ago, a former runner-up Hyllen Légré revealed a discomfort that would have occurred between Olivia Yacé and her, very close in the past. In a response to a user on Instagram, she spoke about the nature of her current relationship with Miss CI 2021. They would have a very intimate relationship, according to Hyllen Légré until she noticed a strange decline in Olivia Yace.

She was my crush, my little one sister for years. When she introduced herself to Miss Côte d’Ivoire, we called each other as usual, then, overnight, she left for Miss World, unfollowed me and no longer replied to my messages. I did not understand what happened but I am very proud that she made Côte d’Ivoire shine so much, that she realized her dream and I hope she is doing well. For my part, file closed, we will never know what happened in his head lol! Hyllen Légré hinted.

Ivory Coast / Olivia Yacé involved for the first time in a malaise with a former Dauphine

For her part, Olivia Yacé has never spoken about any reason that would have put a damper on her relationship with the first Dauphine Miss Côte d’Ivoire 2015. To the revelations of Hyllen Légré, Olivia Yacé has not yet given a answers.

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