Omega’s Possession Chapter 32: Harlow POV

Slap… Slap…

The sound echoed somewhere deep in my mind. Silence overtook the place, and now, I felt like I could keep sleeping. I was deserving of this rest.

.Slap… apparently rest is only for the f*cking wicked, though. I didn’t want to wake up, I wanted to keep drifting into nothingness, drifting into peace.

..Slap… yet at the same time, I felt the urge to return or more felt the hand forcing me to.

“Wake up!” Someone shouted what seemed like from miles away. “Wake up!” The distant voice invaded not only my hearing, but also my senses. My cheek felt warm as my eyes barely fluttered. I didn’t want to open them.

“Wake up!”Theard the same faint voice again. It was somewhat annoying and almost encouraged me to keep my eyes closed until I felt panic through the bond, fear so strong I fight the urge to drift away. Yet the pull s*cking me under was almost stronger.

That is until I felt my head whip to the side, and my cheek started burning furiously from the force of someone’s hand connecting with my face again. That is when I heard the voice this time, I could finally recognize the person. It was Bree.

“Come on, you useless piece of shit, give her your bl00d!

You know as well as I do that she is no good to either of us if she is dead!” I heard Bree snap.

A loud, pained groan left my l!ps as I forced my eyes open and relief flitted through the bond from my mates, yet I didn’t have time to fear whatever it was they did when I was thrust back into the nightmare I thought I escaped from.

My vision was blurring, and once again, I found myself in a car with my tormentors. A man who tried to r*pe me, and a woman who claimed she wasn’t a monster but still decided to kidnap me from my home and tear me away from my daughter and mates.

Sadly, it wasn’t just a bad dream. It was my reality. A whimper escaped me as I had to release the hope that I had dreamt about all of this.

The car suddenly stopped, and Bree leaned closer to pry my eyelids open.

“Why isn’t she healing? Aren’t werewolves fast at healing or any of that bullsh!t? Or is that just Alphas?” I heard  Vadum’s menacing voice echo around me.

I felt like l was floating. Like my body was able to lift in the sky on its own and settle on the fluffy clouds.

“Oh, so very smart of you! Maybe that’s because you took too much bl00d from her, you imbecile! You claimed you wanted a taste, nothing more. But no, you had to go overboard and forget there is this thing called limits. She ain’t a never-ending f*cking juice box! She just had a baby a few days ago, you idiot. She wouldn’t have shifted yet. Not while she bre*stfeeds!” Bree screamed at Vadum.

I didn’t hear his voice or any stupid remarks anymore, but despite the throbbing pain, I was pretty sure my body jolted when I heard a ripping sound.

My l!ps were suddenly pried open, and instinct took over me despite the weakness I felt. I thrashed while Vadum pressed his bleeding wrist against my l!ps.

I coughed and sputtered, refusing his offer and spitting it out. Not only that, but I didn’t want it. I didn’t need it. I refused to accept any part of that vile man inside me, even if that cost me my life.

“Stop being so stubborn! Do you want to die, Harlow? You just stopped breathing a few seconds ago! Think about your daughter and drink his f*cking bl00d!” Bree snapped at me.

She pinched my nose as Vadum forced his bl00d down my throat. I could feel the wound on my head closing, and its pounding slowly faded, leaving behind nothing but a dull ache as my vision slowly cleared.

Finally, Bree let go of me and let out a breath of relief. How did she think it was okay to act relieved if she was the one who did this to me? Alright, it was Vadum, but it wasn’t like she tried to stop him from almost s*cking me dry until he nearly k*lled me.

“She’s fine now,” Bree muttered to Vadum. “Keep going. We can get back on the road. Corbin said he would be waiting for us near the service station, he just needs to figure out how to get off the mountain. Then we can follow him to the location from there.” She explained as Vadum got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

I wiggled, sat up higher, and flexed my wrists in an attempt to loosen the binding ropes.

Bree slowly leaned back in her seat as her eyes slowly found mine. She noticed that I was already watching her, so she shook her head. “Don’t look at me like that. Don’t pretend that you’re better than me and wouldn’t do the same thing for one of your mates!” She snapped.

I understood her and didn’t at the same time. I knew I would do anything for my mates, that was a proven fact, but I never asked her to justify herself or her actions now.

All I did was look at the woman who claimed to be my sister and had kidnapped me. There is no way I would hurt a sister like this, even one I wasn’t a part of their life.

“l’m not claiming I’m better, but I wouldn’t,” I shook my head to emphasize my words. “I would find another way to help them.” I told her, certain that I would never stoop so low.

Bree pressed her l!ps in a thin line and focused her gaze on the window. As much as I wanted for this conversation to end, I didn’t.

“What did you mean when you said that thing back at the house?” l asked her, letting my own gaze focus on the window as I tried to figure out where I was.

However, to my great disappointment, I didn’t recognize my surroundings at all.

“I can’t help but wonder… I wonder if our mother felt bad when she looked down at me as she set me in that basket and left me on dad’s doorstep. How could she walk away from her own child like that?” I repeated her words.

I didn’t struggle to quote Bree as her voice when she said it was burned in my memory. Without thinking, I turned my head back to look at her right when Bree pursed her l!ps.

“1 never understood why my father would never speak of my mother.” I tilted my head to the side, watching her as strange statement slowly sunk in. “She left me in a basket on his doorstep and walked away. But she kept both of you.” Bree added, and my brows furrowed.

I squinted my eyes as I tried to read her facial expression, but since I couldn’t notice anything, I gave up. “That makes no sense. Thane told me you were the daughter of CurtisBlack, yet I don’t remember ever seeing you at the facility.”

I hummed once the words left my l!ps, still raking through my memories just in case I had seen someone resembling Bree.

She rolled her eyes at me and scoffed, crossing her arms in front of her ch3st.

“Yeah, that’s because I was sent away to a boarding school.

Besides, I am five years older than you… Our mother told me that she couldn’t bear to look at me. Her own daughter. Her flesh and bl00d. And all because I resembled my father. Her r*pist,” Bree spoke as she gazed out of the window. I barely caught her last words, as those were just a whisper.

I s*cked in a breath. “Harper?”

Bree closed her eyes and exhaled. “Yes, Harper. Your mother… She was supposed to be mine, but instead, she abandoned me… Not you two girls, though. She loved you both. More than you could imagine… But she couldn’t love me.”

A lone tear rolled down her cheek while all l could do was stare at her. I didn’t know what to say, but Bree didn’t need my words as she kept talking. “l just wanted to know her…

To get to know both of you.”

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