Omega’s Possession Chapter 36: TALS POV

At first, I thought I was hallucinating when I saw Harlow paralyzed on the chaise across from me.

Prayed I was. I was willing to die for my mistakes, there was no way I was letting her.

her hands. Baring my teeth at her, I growl. How could she? How could she do such a thing and drag Harlow into this?

Don’t touch me!”

Baby, you don’t mean that.” she purrs at me, and I see Corbin getting further away with Harlow. I needed to get her out of here.

It’s fine. It was the only way to get you back.” I blink at her.

They are planning to mark her!” I scream in her face and she flinches. Adrenaline and panic surge through my veins. Gritting my teeth through the bloody torture, I force the shift. My body was deformed as I tried to force the Wolfsbane out of my system. Bree shrieks, but it works, and I feel my bones snapping back into place, and my hands slip out of the restraints. Shoving Bree aside, she screams as I rush for Corbin.

Before I reach him however, he spins, and I collide with Harlow. Her body was tossed across the floor.

Corbin also shífts and we start tearing into each other when three out of seven of Corbin’s mate rush into the room. Slater and Kingsley rip into me as they shift and Corbin shifts back.

Eventually, I am left limp and n*ked on the ground while Bree wails loudly. I gasped, watching as Corbin moved toward Harlow, who was still in the same position, unable to move.

Teeth sink into my neck and I cough on my blood when Kingsley shifts back in front of me. Yet I couldn’t tear my eyes from Harlow as she whimpered and pleaded with Corbin to let her go.

Kingsley the prick grabs my foot, and starts dragging me back to the library, they don’t bother to restrain me, it was almost like taunting me.

Adrenaline gone and I was struggling to heal. That surge of energy now gone as Bree fusses over me, screaming her outrage at them. Her hands clutch my shoulders and all I can do is stare at her with disgust. For once, I was truly seeing her, the depths she had fallen.

When I fell into trouble with the club I couldn’t bare asking Thane for help again, she said she had a solution, never did I dream it was trafficking Omegas. Which was why I couldn’t go through with it. I thought I could, but I’m not that sort of predator.

Finding out that Bree had been luring, building trust of those she helped, only for Vadum to traffic them, it disgusted me. But I was already in too deep, so I figured I would do the one Job. Yet when I was handed the woman, I realized she wasn’t a woman but a young girl. So I set her free, gave her all the money I was given, and told her to run. And now Bree has shown me she truly has no limits because she dragged my family into this mess now too.

Bree tries to help me sit up, which helps clear my airways a little. “Get me your first aid kit, as*shole.”

She snarls at Kingsley. He looks down at her and smirks, using his fingertips he flicks his ash blond hair from his eyes wandering off. Slater standing guard by the door when Bree stands. She retrieves the whiskey from the desk and sips it, wandering over to me. She tries to pour some in my mouth but I turn my head away from her.

Tears well in her eyes and she growls, her canines protruding as anger takes over. Bree has always had a short temper, many times she has beat into me when she hasn’t got her way. For years I took it, knowing how frustrating it could be in our line of work, now I am beginning to wonder if it was just one of her many faults.

“It will help,” she states, still, I refuse I wanted her away from me. Bree snarls, and I recognize the unhinged glint in her eyes as one she gets when she is on the verge of losing it. And she does, she smashes the bottle on the wall in a fit of rage.

“After everything, I just did for you, Tal!” she screams. Slater growls, moving toward her when she grabs a glass, tossing at the wall beside my head. She reaches for something else only for him to catch her hand before she lobs the paperweight at me. They tussle and Slater drags her away, kicking and screaming as she lashes out. “Let go of me!” She barks the order as if it would affect him.

She kicks off the desk, and he snarls, backhanding her. I watch as she flies forward, barely catching herself on the desk. Instantly, she turns and attacks him, claws out and going for his face.

Slater kicks her legs out from under her, and she hits the floor when something hits my foot. Her phone.

Glancing up she doesn’t appear to have noticed it missing. With what little strength I have left, I use my toes to drag it closer. Bree causing the distraction needed for me to quickly snatch it. I place it under my as*s, learning back in time just as Slater knocks her out.

“Crazy b!tch!” He spits while she lay face down on the ground. Kingsley returns a few moments later, stopping in the doorway, he gr0ans seeing her on the floor. “Well, I’m not cleaning him up.” He snaps, thrusting the first aid box at Slater. Slater waves him off.

F*ck him, she can do it when she wakes. Hopefully in a better mood.” Slater says, snatching the first aid kit off his mate and tossing it on the desk.

“What about him?” Kingsley nods toward me. He ain’t going anywhere, come on. We need to mark the Omega. Corbin is convinced it will be the only thing that stops Thane from k*lling us.” Slater says, nudging him toward the door. I watch them both leave.

Slater is right though, if they mark her and order her to mark them, Thane can’t k*ll them, her marking Corbin would override Thane’s mark on her completing the bond. If Thane k*lls Corbin, he k*lls her. Once I am sure they are gone, I quickly grab the phone.

It is password protected, yet Bree always uses her DOB for Passwords, and I am glad for once she does. Dialing Leon’s number. Yet before I get a chance to place it to my ear, I am forced to hide it when I see Bree move. She gr0ans, and I tuck the phone away, praying Leon picks up.

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