Omega’s Possession Chapter 37: Thane POV

I had just set Scarlet down, and we were getting ready to leave to meet Jake when Leon came busting into the room. Elaine hushes him, and I move toward him, feeling his worry and the urgency running through him.

He shows me the front of a phone, and I see it is a private number. I go to take it from him when he pulls back, covering the speaker.

“Rhen is hacking into the servers. It’s Tal and Bree Thane.” Leon whisper yells at me. I snatch the phone, placing it to my ear, yet the voices are muffled. Tal seems to be arguing with Bree.

“The b*stard took my f*cking phone!” She yells, but I can only just make it out. Rushing through the house, I wave for Leo and Raidon as they enter the front door. Rhen also moves from the kitchen, his laptop open as he types away when Leon chucks him a cord. Rhen snatches it, and I set the phone on speaker, holding a finger to my l!ps.

Raidon and Leo automatically shut their mouths, stopping any words they intended to ask. We listen while Rhen races to get his laptop set up, plugging in the cord before jamming it into the phone. He presses more keys while we listen to Tal and Bree argue.

“Dont’touch me. I can barely look at you after what you have done.”

“What did you expect me to do, let you f*cking die?

” She says, and I glance at Leon.

“Yes, better than her being here trapped. They are going to f*cking mark her Bree, force her into a f*cking bond.” Tal snarls. I stagger back at his words. A sinking feeling makes my stomach drop as rage sets my blood on fire. My hands tremble and fur grows along my arms when Raidon suddenly stands.

“So what? That’s what she is made for.” Tal growls at Bree’s words. That’s what she is made for. As a result, I became even more enraged by her words.

Harlow was mine. She belonged in my pack.

The fate she would impose on her sister is cruel and inhumane. Rip a baby away from its mother?

Harlow would be unable to stop him, unable to resist him if he orders her. She never took my serum. We found it in the den between the cushions.

“Calm down, Thane!” Raidon warns, feeling me through the bond.

They have her,” I tell him, stating the obvious.

“We’ll get her back. Give Rhen a minute to locate her.” Leo speaks calmly. Heads would f*cking roll for touching my Omega, my mate, my Luna.

“Got it!” Rhen snaps, and Leo moves to glance over his shoulder. “Raidon, get the plane ready. We found her. Rhen tells him.

“Where is she?” I ask, finally finding words. Rhen and Leon stare at me, and I can feel their fear loud and clear as my aura slips out. I was on the verge of snapping and couldn’t rein it in.

“‘Mountain pack. He went home.” Leo whimpers as my aura crushes him.

“Get authorities there now!” Rhen snaps at Leon as he chucks his phone to Leon.

“They can’t.” Leo grits out, and Rhen glares at me.

Get yourself under control, Thane!” Rhen snaps as my vision tunnels. I fight the violent urge to kill something, yet it isn’t enough, as the fury burns hotter, and I feel the shift start to take over.

The next second, I feel a pinch in my neck.

“F*ck!” Leon curses while on the phone. Wolfsbane burns through my system, it wouldn’t last long, a few minutes at most in my bloodstream, but it does enough to knock ne out and dull my senses. The last thing I see is Raidon pulling the needle from my neck, the phone propped between his ear and his shoulder.

“Sorry, no choice. I don’t feel like fighting your be*st right now!” Raidon says before talking to the pilot. He tosses the needle onto the lamp table beside us, Rhen catching me as my legs go from under me, then I see nothing as I am knocked out.

Waking up. I am in the car. I j*rk upright, and Rhen slaps a hańd on my chest. “We are on our way to the airport ” He tells me.

Peering over my shoulder, I see Leon, Raidon, and Leo jammed in the back of the car. “Authorities get there?!”

“We called them off. Leo said the place is boogie trapped. Explosives around the entrances in case he has to escape. We send them in. They will trip the sensors.”

“So what, we let him mark her?”

“She can resist Thane. It will hurt her, but she will resist, I know, Harlow.” Leon says with confidence.

Yes, but an Alpha aura can be deadly. I grab the vial of my serum sitting under the stereo, shaking my head before dropping it back down into the little compartment.

Why didn’t she take my serum? She would be stronger than him? Leo reaches forward between the seats, plucking it out and looking at it.

“I think I have a plan?” Leo says, and I snatch my serum off him.

“What is that?” I ask him.

“I can get in through the tunnels. If I can, I will switch off the alarms and detonators.”

“No, you’re his mate. He can feel if you’re lying to him. He would question you.'” Rhen tells him.

“Not only that, I don’t trust you to not go in there and mark my mate!” I growl, and Raidon’s hand falls on my shoulder from behind. I exhale, turning my face and k!ssing his hand. He gives my shoulder a squeeze, which is enough to settle me somewhat.

“‘Well, have you got a better plan?” Leo demands as we pull up beside the plane. I growl because I don’t, and I know waiting for experts to come in and be organized would take too long.

Climbing out, the pilot was ready for us, and I was about to board when I stopped. Racing back to the car, I grab my serum. As soon as I got her back, I am forcing her to take it, and she would be marking me. I won’t have her vulnerable ever again.

“What did you forget?” Leo calls from the top step.

I hold up the vial and his pinch as if he is thinking before he nods, and we board.

Despite the trip only being Thirty minutes, it seems to drag on, every passing second feeling like an hour. What irked me the most Was Leo, and I were just over when we came for Curtis.

Corbin went home, back to the most obvious place we could have gone to find, yet I didn’t think he was stupid enough to. But after talking with Leo and learning they have a way in and out of the pack house using the mountain tunnels, it just infuriated me more.

Yet even Leo was shocked at his brazenness to return home. Leo believed he would have tried to flee the country. However, thankfuly, he didn’t because we would be too late to save Harlow if he left the country.

A car was waiting, and my phone rang the moment we touched dowm. Some of the authorities arrived on the scene and were about to send in drones to see what they could pick up when we raided the place.

Leo had been quiet the entire flight, and that was no different as we climbed into the car. He jumps in the passenger side, and I drive heading up the mountain when we stop at a local gas station.

Stopping to get more fuel, everyone else stretches and gets out of the car.

“How much further up the mountain?” I ask Leo, having never been to Corbin’s pack before.

“Pardon?” he asks, looking at me over the car’s roof.

Your pack?”

“Another twenty minutes, it built half into the mountain.”

“Are you okay?” it must be hard knowing we were about to rip his pack apart, his mates. The bond, despite how much he hates Corbin right now, would make it hard for him to not feel anything about what it is we are about to do.

“I’m fine. I just want to get your mate back.” I swallow. The same thing was what I wanted. “I’ll pay,” Rhen says, wandering into the service station.

I nod to him and finish filling the car. We know he hasn’t marked her yet. I would feel tethers either on break if she marks him back. Or two be able to feel he bond stretch if he had marked her yet.

We start heading up the mountain. Leo remains quiet the closer we get, and I glance at him. “If you can’t go in there, tell me now, Leo. I won’t add extra danger to my mate.” I snap at him. He was making me uneasy.

“It’s not that. I know you don’t trust me a hundred percent, but I can get in there. I can get to Harlow!”

I glance in the mirror to see my mates also worrying about the same thing as me. Corbin will be able to tell if he is lying.

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