Omega’s Possession Chapter 39: Thane POV

“It’s not that. I know you don’t trust me a hundred percent, but I can get in there. I can get to Harlow!”l glance in the mirror to see my mates also worrying about the same thing as me. Corbin will be able to tell if he is lying. Not only that, but what if Leo betrays us. Corbin is his mate, after all.

My hands grip the steering wheel tighter. “And exactly what are you going to tell him? We let you go? That we had a f*cking change of heart?” I demand. No way Corbin would believe we let him leave. Leo sighs and I glance at him before returning my eyes back to the road.

“I’ll tell the truth, that.I escaped.” Leo shrugs as we drive around a winding bend.

“Escaped?” Rhen snaps, knowing it sounds just as ridiculous. Leo picks up my serum, twirling it in his fingers and examining it. “I can mindlink him, tell him l escaped, and I am coming in through the tunnels. He’ll send someone to see if lam alone, as long it’s the truth he won’t question me. I can tell him l came to warn him that we need to leave mountain pack. He would already be aware of authorities watching the place.”

I shake my head, knowing there is a flaw in his plan besides being caught out in a lie.”He would mark her, I know he hasn’t yet. My mark would hurt.” I growl.

“As long as she doesn’t mark him, you can remark her. This way! can get to the control room, shut everything down and let you in.” He looks at the serum again, I nearly want to snatch it from him, not liking the way he is eyeing it off.

He turns slightly in his seat, looking at all of us.

“Why didn’t she take this?” he asks as if he thinks she is insane.

“I don’t know, but the moment I get her back, she is f*cking marking me and taking it.” I tell him. He nods in agreement, turning the metal vial in his fingers.

“She would be able to resist his command if she took this.”

Leo reminds me of what I already know.

“Yeah, fat lot of luck it is now.” I shake my head.

“She’ll resist, Thane. Your Omega is stubborn.” Leo tells me.

“I’m not worried about her not fighting it. I’m worried she  does, and his command k*lls her.” I mumble, knowing that is a possibility. Rarely happens no one normally risks their lives when it comes to an Alpha Command, but I believe Leon is right, and that she is stubborn enough to try. Which could end with her getting herself k*lled.

“So l’ll tell him I escaped, give her the serum. And you four come to save the day to get your Omega back. And keep my daughter safe. I’ll keep my promise, but keep yours, Thane.

I am placing a lot of trust in you to protect my girl.” Leo says with confidence.

“Which is exactly why I don’t trust you. You know Harlow won’t let anything happen to your daughter, even if you did betray us. Harlow won’t let me k*ll her, or chuck her in rotation.”

“I won’t betray you.” He assures, but I don’t believe him.

“So you’re fine with us k*lling your mate. Knowing full well it will end in your death eventually.”

“For my daughter, yes. Wouldn’t you die for yours?” Leo asks me. I press my l!ps in a line, knowing I would give my last breath for Scarlet if it meant she got to take another. I nod once at his words.

“So-“I shake my head, my words cutting his off. “You’re forgetting something, Corbin will know you’re lying.

“Not if it’s the truth.” Leo says, and I scoff. He pockets my serum, and I snarl when he suddenly tosses the door open on the next bend. Raidon screams and reaches for him, but he throws his body out the door and I hit the brakes, the car tires screeching 20 meters down the road from where he jumped out.

Tossing the door open, we all jump out. We were going too fast. He would be like a skinned rabbit. His body lay motionless and I move toward him. Cursing under my breath when I hear him gr0an. He rummages in his pocket and I scream when I see him take my serum, popping it in his mouth.

“No!” Rhen screams and Leo turns his head, smiles before he shifts. We chase him, but he darts into the woods long before we reach where he originally landed.

“F*ck!” I curse, turning back toward the car. Leon is leaning against the trunk, cigarette between his l!ps.

“Thanks for your f*cking help.” I snarl at him, knowing he could have outrun him. Leon shakes his head and draws back on his smoke. “I don’t like Leo, don’t hate him either.

But gotta give him credit, he is smart.” Leon tells me.

“He is going to mark our f*cking Omega, our mate.” I snarl at Leon and he sighs heavily.

“He just ate my serum.”

“Or Corbin will k*ll him. When he realizes Leo is lying to him.” Raidon snaps.

“Or he was lying to us, he took my f*cking serum.”

“No.’ Rhen speakS, and we all turn to look at him. Leon chuckles and I can feel smug satisfaction through the bond.

“Leon’s right. Leo said he just had to escape for Corbin to believe him because he wouldn’t be lying.”

“And escape he did.” Leon chuckles, flicking his smoke and walking back to the car. I scoff then blink. Worry still laced me, yet he did say that. But Corbin could order him to mark her, he could feel differently once home with his mates.

“Come on, now we have to wait to see if he is telling the truth.” Leon says.

“And if he is lying to us?” Rhen shrugs. “We k*ll him.” he says simply.

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