Omega’s Possession Chapter 49: Thane POV

I watch as Raidon takes Leo outside, Charles curses under his breath as he peers out the kitchen window watching them. Turning around, I face him leaning on the counter. What were you and Mom fighting about? I ask, just as Elaine walks back in, setting the empty glass on the counter.

“It’s nothing Thane,” Elaine murmurs, rinsing the glass. “You aren’t betraying her!” Charles snaps at her, and I growl at him. He shakes his head, folding his arms across his ch3st, and leans against the fridge.

“Betraying who, now fvcking speak. Is this to do with Leo?” I demand. Charles clenches his teeth before he sighs. Elaine shoots him a worried glance.

“I have known Leo for years. I know he did some unspeakable things, Thane. But he had his reasons. ” Charles defends Leo. I nod my head, knowing he was ordered to kill my mother. He saved my mate and daughter.

“I can’t mark him.” I tell them feeling guilty. It wouldn’t work.

“We aren’t asking you, too.” Charles grumbles, and my eyes flick to his before I look at Elaine.

She turns her gaze to the window watching Raidon, Leo and Emily. Her l!p quivers.

“I loved your mother,” Elaine whispers, her l!ps quivering. “She was like my sister.” Elaine says, fiddling with her bracelet. The same one Harlow wore that belonged to my mother.

I never lost contact with Leo. He has helped me over the years. I have emailed multiple times and kept in touch with him when I have needed help with my surgeries. We didn’t know he was responsible for your mother’s death, Thane. But he is a good surgeon. Despite what he’ he’s still a good man.” Charles tells me.

I know, I see that now. But I–”

Charles lifts his hand. “We want you to look past what he has done,'” Charles cuts me off.

“The fact I brought him back here proves I have done that, Charles.” I remind him.

Enough to let me mark him, for Elaine?”

Charles asks, and I blink at him. My eyes flick to Elaine, who can’t meet my gaze. Now I understand what they were fighting about.

Elaine thought she was betraying my mother and me by asking to save him.

“And you can accept him?” I ask Charles and his eyes darken. To save him, yes,” he answers, looking at Elaine. I knew Charles was a possessive man, he has refused Alpha Packs in the past, refusing to share Elaine. And by marking him, he would have no choice.


I understand if you say no, she nods her head, swallowing. Her guilt, I could tell was eating at her. She was torn between my mother and saving him, knowing she held that power if she agreed.

I scrub and hand down my face, knowing what they are asking me. They want me to allow my mother’s killer to live. A person I vowed to end.

One, Elaine did too. Arms wrap around my wa!st, and I jump, looking down to see Harlow’s huge doe eyes peering up at me. An empty baby bottle in her hand.

I lean down, k!ssing her head when she notices Charles. Morning,” he chirps, standing on tippy-toes to peck Charles’ cheek before moving to Elaine. She gives Elaine a peck on the cheek before realizing Elaine had been crying, and she just walked into some bizarre situation her groggy mind hadn’t picked up on yet.

Hey, are you okay?” she asks Elaine, reaching for the kettle. Charles opens the fridge, handing her sterilized water for the bottle.

Fine, dear. Here, I’ll make that while you make your coffee.” Elaine tells her, reaching for the bottle. Harlow’s brows furrow and her eyes flick to us. She holds up the kettle, and we all nod as she tries to read the room.

Is everything alright?” she asks, her eyes moving to mine. Elaine and Charles want to mark Leo to save him.” I explain, and her shock hits me, but so does a sliver of excitement before she masks it. I tilt my head to the side. I knew what Leo had done to save her.

Every detail, Leo laid that out on the plane, giving me a choice to end him for touching my Omega, my mate. He didn’t try to hide touching her the way he did, and I could tell Harlow didn’t feel violated by it once she realized he was doing it to keep up appearances to save her.

She understood it, and so did I. It didn’t make me any happier about knowing his paws were fondling and touching her, but I accepted it.

“Thane?” Harlow murmurs, noticing Raidon outside the window with Leo and Emily. Her eyes darken, turning clouded.

“Maybe it’s time we let go of the past and let the dead rest.” I murmur. Everyone’s head turns to me. Elaine’s mouth opens and closes as she looks at Charles.

But- I wave her off.

Mom would accept this, Elaine. You aren’t betraying her. She would do the same, knowing he was responsible for saving Harlow and Scarlet. Mark him, he deserves a second chance.”

I tell them, looking at Harlow. I have had plenty with Harlow, and she has always found a way to forgive me.

“Son?” Charles asks, and my eyes move to his.

You have my blessing, but you didn’t need it,”I tell him, and Elaine slams against me. Her arms wrap around me as she squeezes me. Thank you.” she whispers, and I nod, rubbing her back.

I help Harlow make coffee for everyone, and we carry the tray outside. Raidon looks up as we set them on the coffee table. Son?” Charles nods for his son to speak to him. Raidon points to Leo, but his father waves for him to come to him, and Elaine takes his place to prop Leo up. They wandered inside, and I knew this would be a huge thing for Raidon to accept moments later, Charles returns, and Raidon seems okay through the bond as he grabs Harlow, setting her on his lap. He rubs her arms, trying to warm them when Leon comes out with Scarlet, feeding her the bottle Harlow gave him.

He leans against the door, her tiny body bundled up in her pink blanket as she slurps away on her bottle.

Charles moves, and taps Elaine on the shoulder, and she looks up. She nods, Charles takes her place and Leo gr0ans. “Always gotta ruin things, Charles, she was comfier to lean on.” Leo huckles before coughing.

Shut it, youll have to get used to me touching you anyway.” Charles snaps at him.

“Yeah, I can put up with ya for a few more days,” Leo laughs, he was deathly pale, his veins dark beneath his skin and eyes sunken deeply into his skull.

“Or maybe longer.” Charles tells him. Emily lifts her head up to look at Charles and Elaine.

You found something?” she asks, hope flaring to life in her eyes. Leo goes to wave her off.

“We have.” Elaine says, looking down at her. Her eyes move to Raidon. He nods once to her, and she smiles sadly down at Leo. Leo tilts his head back to stare at her.

“You’re gonna let me mark you, Leo.” Charles tells him, not giving him the option of choice.

“You want to mark me?” Leo scoffs, looking at Charles over his shoulder. Charles’ eyes remain ahead, and I know how hard this must be for him. Leo looks at Elaine in confusion when Charles doesn’t answer him.

You want this?” Leo asks her.

“Let us save you.” Elaine whispers, looking at Charles. Leo looks at his daughter. His brows furrow. You’ll mark him?” Emily asks Elaine, and she nods her head. Emily rises to her feet, slamming against Elaine, making her stagger back as she clutches her.

Thank you,” she squeezes her. Elaine brushes her fingers through her hair before Emily lets her go, dropping back on the step next to her father.

But after what I’ ve done, I” Leo speaks, but I cut him off.

“I’ll take care of it,” I tell Leo and he peers over at me. I svck in a breath, knowing I just promised him no repercussions for killing my mother.

“Please, dad?” Emily pleads, looking at Ella and Charles. Leo sighs, looking conflicted. “And you’re sure?” he asks Charles.

Just shut up before I change my mind,” Charles tells him, and Leo laughs.

You were always a tough prick,” Leo chuckles. “

And now yours, so give me your neck, Charles orders him.

“I’m not being your bitch, Leo. You agree, then you submit to me.” Charles tells him. Leo swallows. “Please.” Emily begs her father, clutching his hands.

“Submit!” Charles orders, smashing Leo with his aura. Leo would always be too walk to reject it, and it would kill him in this state. So Leo had to choose now, submit and live, or die from his aura by refusing. His aura was practically nonexistent now he was dying. Leo growls but bares his neck to him. Charles doesn’t hesitate, sinking his teeth into his neck.

I swallow, watching Charles mark him before Charles orders, Leo, to mark him back. Leo does before he looks at Elaine. Leo’s color had already returned. It always amazed me how tying our lives to our mates was like some miracle cure for most things.

Emily breaks down, crying, knowing she will get to keep her father. Leo sits up, now having enough strength to do it himself, and Charles moves toward Elaine. Knowing no doubt, Leo was about to knock her out when he marked her.

Elaine drops to her knees before him before sinking her teeth into him. Leo then marks her, and as expected, his bite overwhelms her system, and she sways, but Charles is there waiting to catch her. Leo holds her for a few seconds before looking at Charles.

Charles nodded once, and I knew this would be an adjustment for him. It was for me.

“Thank you,” Leo speaks, staring at Elaine with worry. Charles scoops Elaine up, and Leo lets him. I watch as Charles k!sses her cheek, walking back inside to lay her down, and Emily crashes against her father, clutching onto him.

I’m not going anywhere now,” he breathes. His eyes flick to me, and I nod to him before getting up. “Where are you going? Harlow asks, her hand gripping mine.

I give hers a soft squeeze. I need to go take care of a few things,” I tell her, leaning down and brushing my l!ps against hers, then walking off inside to change.

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