Omega’s Possession Chapter 52

I release a strangled cry, collapsing only for his arm across my ch3st to hold me upright. What is happening to me? My h!ps rock against his hand, desperately seeking anything to rub my swollen cl!t against.

The lack of friction only seems to heighten my pleasure as my eyes fall shut, his fingers curling upward as his thumb presses against my cl!t. “Come for me,” Raidon purrs next to my ear as he adds a third finger, making me cry out. My walls flutter around his fingers as if answering his command.

Thane makes a deep sound. “Look at me,” he says harshly.

My eyes shot upward, burning increasing, As he releases himself from his shorts, his big hand working his thick er3ction. The swollen head leaks with pre -cvm, the hard shaft j*rks under my gaze and Thane growls, “You like it when he tells you to come?”

“Yes,” I breathe out. My org**asm finally relents, my muscles clenching. I can’t tear my eyes away from him, watching him, my mouth watering to taste him. I want their seed more than my next breath of air, and that thought alone sends my mind is whirling. “P-please.”

Does this turn you on?” Thane ponders in a husky tone. “Do you enjoy watching me rub my c0ck?”

I nod, l!cking my l!ps. “Please….”

I am not sure what I am asking for. My body feels empty, aching for them. My neck yearns for their bites to mark me as theirs forever. I want to make them mine.

A low whine erupts from my mouth.

The sound sets Rhen off as he moves and grabs me in a flash and throws me against the bed, my head falls between Thane’s open legs. Rhen’s hands part my legs, and his head dips in between them. He takes a strong inhale and growls. “Dying for this.” He eyes Thane.

Thane chuckles, and he inclines his head as his hands run over my shoulders to my bre*sts. Thane squeezes them before he leans over me taking my n!pple in his mouth tugging it with his teeth.

And there it is. Rhen’s tongue runs up my folds in one swift motion. I arch my back, my eyes closing shut with my mouth gaped open. I am so w3t with need, to the point that my pvssy hurts when I feel the first flick.

Rhen nuzzles his nose against my cl!t, his tongue replacing the sensation of Raidon’s fingers when he had played with it.

He takes the bud in between his teeth, playing with it. I cry out loud. “Rhen-slowly! Ouch!”

A hand tightens in my hair, pulling me roughly, forcing me to look into that burning orbs-Thane.

He looks as if he is riding on the edge of insanity, his nose flaring. “Do you want our c0cks inside you?”

Yes-oh!” I exclaim with a scream when I feel Rhen poking his tongue inside me.

“And our bite? Don’t you want us to sink our teeth into your sweet little neck?”

Before I can answer, his mouth crashes to mine. I m0an, k!ssing him back, desperate for him.

I need all of them, to belong to him-belong to them. Emotions fill my chest with sweet pain.

Pulling back from the k!ss and gazing at my face.

“Are you sure?” He asks. His body is shaking, his eyes burning with desire.

I want to be all of yours and yours only.”

Gr0aning, he drops his head to the crook of my neck.

In response, I loll it to one side, wanting them to mark me.

However, Rhen’s arms wrap around my th!ghs and pull me roughly toward the edge of the bed. My legs are spread wide, my body exposed. Rhen looms over me, his massive form tense with need.

His rigid muscles flex as he strains for control, his face and eyes turning feral and wild as Raidon sits on the bed, pulling me onto his l*p, so I straddle him, his l!ps cover mine, and I rock my h!ps against his hard shaft coating it in my slick.

I don’t have enough control to prepare you.”

Raidon growls as my l!ps travel down his neck. He offers me his and I waste no time sinking my teeth into him. His c0ck twitches against my pvssy, and he clutches me to him as the bond snaps in place.

Fingers delve between my cheeks ,finding my pvssy and I cry out, my canines slipping from Raidon’s neck as Rhen plunges his fingers in and out of me, stretching me. Raidon purrs, his l!ps n!pping and svcking the skin of my neck and his blood from my l!ps.

The idea of him slamming inside me has me arching my back with a whimper. He growls, and Raidon turns me on his lap. Gripping the backs of my knees, he spreads me wide for Rhen, whose eyes are on my glistening pvssy, pushing forward, sliding his er3ction over the slick folds of my pvssy.

Rhen makes a low sound of pleasure, sliding over me again, coating himself with my wetness. Gripping himself with one hand, Raidon eases forward behind me. I feel him press against my pvssy from behind.

My eyes nearly slide shut in pleasure as I feel him slide in once and pull out.

‘Look at me,” Rhen hisses. My eyes snap open. “Do not close your eyes. Watch all of us take you.”

With a growl, Rhen eases forward, clenching his teeth and resisting the urge to slam inside my tight heat. My slick inner walls grip the throbbing head of Rhen’s er3ction just as I feel Raidon’s grip on my legs tighten, lifting me onto his c0ck at the same time Rhen thrust into me, forcing both of them into my tight confines.

My pvssy burns furiously when I am smashed with Thane’s calling forcing me to turn languid between them and erasing the sudden pain. Rhen’s breath is heavy on my neck when he offers me his.

My canines slip free as I sink my teeth into him, and he m0ans, his h!ps j*rking along with his c0ck that is deep inside me. His blood floods my mouth, and I swallow it feeling my bond to him solidify.

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