Omega’s Possession Chapter 56

“Well, that’s to be expected. S*x ED, of course,” Elder Cole nods.

They hand magazines like this out? The woman asks. I’m Elder Milena,” she tells me, quickly introducing herself.

“Yes, Milena, and worse.”I tell her.

At thirteen?” she asks again, and I could tell she is an Alpha Female.

“As I said, that is expected.” Cole says motioning to the magazine. She holds the magazine up to him, it was an Omega with an Alpha Pack of five men.

This? Really, Cole, at thirteen?” she snaps at him.

She tosses it on the counter to the other Alphas.

I reach into my bag. “Want to see fourteen?” I ask her and her head turns toward me. I slam a huge rubber d!ldo complete with knot onto the table and it suctions to it. You are out of line, Omega! Cole yells at me.

“Mrs. Keller. She is my mate. You will address her as such.” Thane growls in warning. The Council Elder grits his teeth, glaring at me but I speak before he has a chance. ‘So this is out of line, for a room full of adults, but a classroom full of children it is okay?” I ask him.

Cole clicks his tongue, refusing to look at it as if it repulsed him when Milena grabs it, shaking it in his face. “This! This is disgusting!” she growls at him.

He slaps her hand away and she drops it back to the table.

“And that is what your daughter will be taught at 14, how to get an Alpha off using her mouth and hands.

Wanna give it a go, Elder Cole, you could do a demonstration? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it because I loved those classes. Taught me so much. It should really help your daughter with her council politics.

I’m sure these skills will be valued in your council chambers, right?” I ask him. Now that makes him gape at me in horror, he looks at the other Elders who seem just as horrified.

“No, this is outrageous —“

“Have you ever been inside an Omega Sanctuary?” I ask him. He shakes his head.

“So while you were learning literacy and numeracy, I was learning how to take a knot, how to get on my d*mn knees for an Alpha. All while being taught to be quiet, compliant, submissive to prevent my Alpha from killing me. The same thing your daughter will be taught. Now picture your little girl at your knees before you. Is that an image you see for her?”

Elder Cole steps toward me, his finger shaking in my face. “You disgusting little wench, how- One second Elder Cole is scolding me, the next he is gone.

A loud bang echoes around the room and off the walls as Thane slams him onto the desk. The sound makes me me, flinch and Milena shrieks. Rhen grabs Thane’s shoulders seconds later.

“Remember whose mate you’re speaking with Cole!” Thane snarls his grip on the man’s throat tightening. His eyes water, his face turning purple, while Thane’s entire body trembles with his anger.

The other council members stand like they are getting ready to intervene. However, one look from Rhen makes them retake their seats.

Thane,” I whisper, gripping his arm. He turns his gaze from the Elder who is clawing at his hand.

Thane’s eyes flicker, his canines retracting as he growls. Remember who placed you on the council, Cole.” Thane then grabs the d!ldo, slamming it on Cole’s balding head. The d!ldo suctions to his skin and I press my l!ps in a line.

Milena snickers and I glance at her when Thane lets him up. “Now answer her.” Thane growls. Elder Cole coughs, fingers prodding his throat as he does while the rubber d!ck wobbles on his head. Which only makes the situation all the more worse. Elder Cole straightens, peeling the d!ldo off his head, and setting it on the table.

I’ll give him one thing, he is good at keeping his composer when embarrassed.

“What was the question, Mrs. Keller?” he asks, straightening his tie, as if nothing happened.

Glancing at Thane, he nods for me to continue. “I asked if those skills would help your daughter with her Council politics?” I repeat. He presses his l!ps in a line. Elder Cole shakes his head.

“Those are the only so -called skills she will be taught in an Omega sanctuary. She’ll be taught to obey, and take what her Alpha gives her. Even if she doesn’t want it because her body isn’t hers but her alphas. Even if he hurts her, she can’t run because that is a crime, and she’ll be punished for it, yet staying she risks her life.” Elder Cole stares at the D!ldo on the table.

“You’re taught geography at her age, while she ll be taught to svck and fvck. Any way her alpha orders.”

He svcks in a breath and I look at the other council members, who are watching curiously.

“What if she is forced onto rotation for a punishment this council set forth for running?” I ask and Elder Cole swallows. We all know what that punishment is. “She will become an Alphas plaything, shipped from one Alpha to another until there is nothing left of her. Is that the life you want for her? Would you object to such a ruling, a ruling you helped uphold?” I ask him.

“They are paid for such services, Mrs. Keller and-“

“Some choose it, yes, but the vast majority of numbers in rotation were rulings of this court for running from their duties!” Thane steps in. I have no idea of numbers, but it’s clear this is something Thane has looked into.

“Overrule me, Cole, any of you.” Thane tells the council member’s watching. “And when it’s your daughter’s turn in the sanctuary, we’ll see how you fair when I order rotation,” Thane threatens.

“Are you threatening us, Mr. Keller?” Elder Tatum asks.

“If it is good enough for my Omega. It’s good enough for your daughters, your sons?” Thane asks them. “You’ll sit by and watch them be sold off to the highest bidder, because that is what they are born for, right?” Thane asks, the elder’s glance at each other.

“I have seen firsthand what they teach kids in those places from the age of eight!” he tosses a heap of photos on the table and I recognize the rooms because it was the sanctuary I came from.

“These were taken when I hunted down, Corbin. At his brother’s sanctuary. These classrooms were for primary school kids!” Thane states. Milena picks them up, looking through them before moving toward the table and giving them to the other elders to look at.

Eight years old and you call yourselves Alphas, but are allowing this? Alphas were made to protect their packs, their Omega’s, not send them off to be r*ped and abused by other Alphas and that is basically what those places are teaching them. They are nothing more than glorified pedophile rings, and we allowed it, turned a blind eye to it. Those sanctuaries are not governed. They are kept hidden away from the public, so you can take your pick of the v!rgin when she goes to auction.” Milena nods her head in agreement.

“We failed them!” Thane screams, his fist coming down on the table, making everyone jump.

“Just like you will fail your daughters if we don’t make this city a safe haven for Omegas. Give them a choice, educate them, but not with this sh!t.” Thane says, picking up the d!ldo and dropping it.

“Your Omega is from a sanctuary, Mr. Keller!” Alpha Cole states.

“And every goddamn day, I have to look at her knowing my fathers failed to stand beside my mother. That the very council my family founded subjected her to that!” Thane snaps, his hands fisting at his sides.

We did this. We can fix it.”

“Mr. Keller, this city is small compared to the rest of the state. These laws won’t pass in the state, let alone the country.” Another man speaks up.

“You’re right, not straight away they won’t. But it’s a fvcking start. How many Omegas are reported missing every year? How many run? We don’t even know their actual numbers anymore because most flee with their children. What if they had somewhere safe to run to? Alpha bloodlines are dying off because we forced them to run. Showed them we wouldn’t protect them, and you expect them to hand themselves over?”

“Our bloodlines wouldn’t be so badly decimated if Omegas didn’t fear us! Omegas don’t need us. We need them. And it’s about time we started showing them how important they are and how valued they are instead of beating them into submission and expecting them to stick around or not kill themselves. Last year’s number for Omega deaths, do any of you know those stats?” Thane asks. They shake their heads, and Thane growls while turning and walking back to the desk he was sitting at. He grabs a document off the desk and drops it on the table in front of Milena and Cole.

“Twelve percent of Omega deaths were by their own hand–68 Percent at the hands of an Alpha. And you don’t see an issue with that? I wonder what statistic your daughters will fall under. Because either way, their futures don’t look too bright, no matter which way you look at it.”

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