Omega’s Possession Chapter 58

Clara was roughly Milena’s and Harlow’s age, which works to our advantage. They were from a newer generation to the rest of the council, a fresh set of eyes on where to go in the future.

Rather than the city remaining stagnant as Cole would see to it, they were also more open- minded and eager for changes. I know Cole b!tched badly about having them on the council because they challenged him at everything, which is exactly why I had them voted in. Rhen looks at me.

“We open an Omega school, the adults we can train for council, and city jobs or within my companies. At least that added protection will also help keep tabs on them, also employ those wanting to work. There will be free courses run through the refuge, self-defense classes, counseling, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We have resources we can use.” I explain and they nod, yet I could see they were worried about the City as they should be. This was a big change.

“And what of Alpha offenders, those that refuse to acknowledge the laws?” Cole asks.

“Like anyone else, depending on the crime, prison, banishment from the City. Same as any other law, we make laws to keep the alphas in line, we make sure all Omegas have free healthcare so they have access to pheromone blockers, essentials that will help keep them safe and also stop sending the Cities alphas into a rut.” Tatum and Milena nod their heads.

“And what of the Omegas that want to join packs or rotations? Some of these women have been on rotation for years, some choose to go.”

“Those wanting that can, we just make it safer.

We’ll find ways to make rotations safer if they choose it, and make sure they are compensated properly. As for those wanting to find packs and Alphas, we can also hold meet and greets, yet ultimately it is up to the Omega, and any intentions for claiming must be revised by psychologists and the council to ensure they aren’t coerced or under command.” I tell them.

They glance at each other, saying it out loud. It sounds like a lot but is manageable.

There is no perfect way to do this. It will be a learning experience not only for us but for the city and the Omegas. Errors will occur. We just need to make sure we lean from them and make the changes needed quickly to prevent any further mishaps,” I tell them and they all look at each but I see Cole nod his head.

They deliberate for a few moments and I glance at Harlow, who has been quiet since coming back. It made me wonder what she was thinking because through the bond she was all over the place, as if she was in shock that this was even happening.

Harlow looks at me and I nod for her to come over to me. The relief through the bond is palpable as she quickly gets up from her seat and moves to my side. She goes to take the seat beside me, but I pull her onto my la*p, uncaring that the council elders were right there. Yet I feel the way her body warms with embarrassment at the action. However, the elders are not paying attention too busy debating and trying to figure out where they can make cuts and what is essential.

“I feel like throwing up,” she murmurs, her nerves suddenly coming through loud and clear as she fiddles with my mother’s bracelet on her wrist.

“What if they say no?” she whispers. I knew she was worried about Scarlet, but I would forge her documents if needed. Our daughter isn’t setting foot in one of those places.

They won’t. We have enough proof. Enough supporting documents, and it won’t cost the city much. Half the work is done already. It’s mostly legalities.” I assure her. She chews her l!p squirming on my la*p as she tries to hop off. I growl, n!pping her shoulder when Elder Cole clears his throat, and she quickly slips off my la*p.

We do this, and our city will come under hot water and fast. So we’ll have to take precautions, Thane. And you must attend all council meetings until everything is set in stone. But the council has unanimously decided. The laws surrounding Omegas will be abolished and new ones are to be written to protect them. We’ll start sending out notices for the closures of all rotation facilities within the city limits, and start the referral services,” he tells me and I see Rhen nudge Harlow, whose heart I could hear racing as if it wanted to leap from her ch3st with her excitement.

Tatum slides a diary over to Cole, who quickly flicks through a few pages before looking up.

Next week at 5 PM, another meeting will be held to discuss employment agencies and security risks. Until this is fully managed, weekly meetings will begin starting then.”

I’ll be here, and so will Harlow,” I tell them, glancing at her and she nods, reaching over and gripping my hand beneath the table. Her relief was so immense it nearly steals the air from my lungs and vibrates out of her through the bond.

And I knew that was for Scarlet. Elaine already tested her blood, and like her mother, she is an Omega. But now she will be safe, and so will every other Omega living in this city.

Finally leaving, we climb in the car. For once, I felt a sense of accomplishment. For the first time, I did something that truly mattered, that would impact lives and mean something which only made me want to do more.

Glancing in the mirror, Harlow remained quiet.

If only I did this years ago, if only my mother succeeded, she never would have ended up in that place. I can’t go back and fix it, but I can ensure I change it for the next generation and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

And once I can gather enough evidence to prove the new method works and is safe, I will go to the state council, then going after Parliament.

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