Omega’s Possession Chapter 60

On the wall was his mother’s mural. She stood in the center of the wall. I spent days digging through the den’s storage boxes, trying to find the right photos to give to the artist. The mural was of Hana, and in her arms, the artist was able to put our daughter.

Thane stood beside her, his arm draped over her shoulder. The background was the Omega refuge Thane built in her honor, but with different symbols in the windows, it took me ages to convince Elaine to hand over her bracelet and Zara asked for Sophia’s and brought it with her when she visited last week.

In each window was each pendant from the bracelets. Each one of their challenges displayed shows how much had changed and how much had been overcome.

Thane lets me go and makes a whimpering noise, I hadn’t heard come from him before. Rhen moves closer to him and he instantly reaches for Scarlet.

“That’s your Nana,” he whispers to her, k!ssing her cheek.

You all did this?” he asks, looking at our mate’ s but they point to me. He nods his head, his l!p quivers as he turns back to look at the painting and I wrap my arms around his wa!st.

Feeling the tremble in his body as he fought a war with emotion. “Your mother would be so proud of what you have done because I am,” I tell him and he nods, looking down at me.

“I never would have done it if it wasn’t for you, though. It would have always been an idea not an accomplishment.” he tells me. I nod, knowing that already, Thane started the plans for the refuge when I was locked in the basement. He started building this place when he hated me. He never had the intention of killing me or putting me into rotation, he couldn’t stand me but had no intention of letting me go either. Despite knowing that, it didn’t make this place any less meaningful.

Thank you,” he whispers, turning and wrapping his arm around my wa!st to tug me closer. He k!sses my forehead when Rhen, Leon and Raidon come over.

So I’m not getting spa*nked now?” Leon asks and I laugh and so does everyone else.

Another month later.

We have been run off our feet, Thane was trying to hire extras to run the refuge, but with so many Omegas coming to the city each day we were also having to look into alternative housing. We had a few exchange homes set up with trusted femaleAlphas and Betas. Nearly every hotel was booked out and extra security added.

Within two months, our Omega population tripled once word got out. Thane intended to go to state council next month when he was fast-tracked to parliament instead. Two other cities changed their law’s already becoming safe havens for Omegas.

Word was getting out and facilities were being shut down.

Ready?” Zara asks me and I put away my tablet, climbing out of the car with her. We had just come from our parent’s grave sites. Thane was having their bodies exhumed and moved to the city. Last week he showed Zara and I their headstones, mom and dad no longer had to hide anymore and they would soon be laid to rest under their true identities.

Following Zara she stops and I turn my attention to the huge building. I hated this place, hated it with a passion, but I needed to do this. We had scoured through every inch of this place for the last three days, removing evidence of Corbin’s crimes, crimes within the facility for Thane to take to the parliament. Curtis was sneaky. He even had a black book filled with officials that helped cover the crimes of his family.

Thane was talking to the project manager with Jake.

Rhen, Leon, and Raidon stayed back at the hotel playing daddy daycare with all the kids so Zara and I could do this.

Looking up at the facility, I was relieved it was being demolished. Zara grabs my hand and I look down at our hands clasped, her hand is shaking slightly, I rub my thumb across her hand in circles, my mother’s bracelet glistening under the sun next to Hana’ s on mine. After shutting down Tal’s and emptying the apartment, we found Bree took mom’s bracelet.

It was hidden inside a secret compartment of a jewelry box. Going through Bree’s stuff, we learned more about how unhinged she was. Mrs. Yate’s was charged with helping Bree cover up my parents murder, we learned Bree called her and they burned out the car, Mrs. Yates also reported her car stolen.

Turns out she was in love with Mr. Black.

It is also her who covered up mine and Zara’s identity in the facility so Black wouldn’t know, but not out of guilt. She was worried Zara or I would take our mother’s place. Her obsession with Mr. Black was shocking, and it came out in the open when she was arrested.

Thane and Jake come over to us. They hand us hardhats and safety glasses, leading us away from the site. We move back near the cars, which is a safe distance from machinery that are about to tear the place apart.

We couldn’t erase the past, but we could erase the place that caused so much trauma to so many people, and today that is what we do.

“Ready?” a voice comes over the radio in Jake’s hand. Jake looks at Zara and me and we both nod.

Knock her down.” he calls back as Thane’s arms wrap my shoulders. His l!ps pressing to my cheek.

“3…2…1” he whispers as the huge digger brings its bucket down on the roof, caving it in. I lean back against him, it only took an hour or two before the place was reduced to rubble.

“No one will ever step foot in that place again?” Zara whispers.U

“Or any place like it by the time I am done tearing apart parliament, Thane assures her. Zara smiles.

I nudge Thane and he looks down at me. “I wanna go home,” I tell him and he nods.

Come on then, I don’t particularly want to watch the cleanup,” he tells me and I agree, my feet were aching and my lower back. Yet I needed to do this, and so did Zara. It was like we were finally burying the past, and letting it go all in one.

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