Omega’s Possession Chapter 61

A few days later.

I was two seconds from storming out of the living room, as Rhen stood there waiting for something, anything, to happen, which would never happen.

I give up. This is stupid, Thane.” I motion to Rhen. My back was hurting. And I was exhausted from pulling on some invisible force I apparently should have. I stare down at my bunny slippers and growl when Thane speaks.

Again, you have an aura. You just need to figure out how to use it.” Thane scolds me. We had been at this for days, sure I can resist his aura and anyone else’s aura now, but using my non-existent one seemed pointless.

If I had an aura or command, it would work by now. Your serum makes me immune to you. It doesn’t make me an alpha, Thane. I’m still an Omega, I retort. I was tired, and I wanted to go to bed. We had been at this for hours.

“Try Leon again,” Thane says, and I roll my eyes.

“Fine, just hurry up. I want to go to bed,” I tell Leon, waving him forward and Rhen sits down.

Leon gets up from the lounge. Every day since we have got home, Thane has me trying to magically pull an aura out of my as*s, trying to teach me! An Omega, to use a command. Like that’ll ever happen.

Sighing, Leon steps in front of me to play guinea pig. Closing my eyes, I focus on forcing my non-existent energy out and forcing it out and onto him. I was beginning to wonder if they were mocking me because Thane seemed to set an impossible task.

I’m an Omega. I couldn’t command a d*mn butterfly! Peeking one eye open, I gr0an and Leon startles.
“Wait, that was it? You already tried?” Leon asks. I shake my head. “Wow, congrats, you’re stronger than an Omega,” I say dryly. Anyone would think he was actually expecting something to happen.

“See, it’s pointless. “

It’s not pointless. You’re not even trying,”

Thane growls, standing up.

“That’s because I don’t know what I’m doing.

How am I supposed to feel my aura, energy, whatever, when I don’t know what I am feeling for?” I deadpan. Good thing he is good-looking because sometimes I swear he lacks vital brain celis. The part that makes him seem to forget I am an Omega.

Thane moves across the room and I see Raidon yawn, also bored with watching me struggle.

Thane grips my shoulders, pulling ne in front of him and turning me to face Leon. You have been marked by all of us, and you have my serum in your system. You can command him.” I shake my head.

“Clearly I can’t or he would be on his knees for me?” I snap.

“Is that an option?” Leon purrs, wiggling his eyebrows at me and l!cking his l!ps.

A silly smile tugs at my l!ps at his offer. “By all means,” I motion to the floor, but Thane growls.

I gr0an, leaning back against Thane, behind me.

“Fine, show me again.” This was ridiculous and a waste of everyone’s time.

“You just love the calling, Rhen snickers, and I smirk. Yep, any of them can lull me into blissful relaxation any day, and I won’t complain.

“Are you going to focus this time? Last time, all you did was dry hump my leg, and wrap your l!ps around my c0ck.” Thane questions, and I shrug.

“I can do it. I don’t mind using my calling.”

Raidon volunteers, raising his hand. He drops his arm when Thane glares at him. Although I like Raidon’s and Leon’s idea better than standing here.

Thane presses his ch3st to my back. His calling slips out, and I melt into him. His hands fall on my h!ps to steady me, his voice next to my ear.

‘Now that psychedelic feeling, the vibration, tug on it, ” he tells me, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay here. Lowe focus, the energy you feel, the tingling of limbs, is me tampering with your essence. Now push against me. Try to resist it.”

Thane speaks nonsense.

Who would want to be pulled from this state? He was barely touching me and my p*nties were already ruined. Instinctively, I try to turn, gripping the front of his boxers. Thane gr0ans, grabbing my hand and turning me back around.

I still stand by what I said. I’m happy and willing to volunteer. If she wants to grope me, I won’t complain,” Raidon purrs, his voice sounding distant as I become drunk on Thane’s aura.

My hand grabs his c0ck behind me. Lowe! You can have it later, focus! Thane retorts, yet my hands had a mind of their own.

Thane sighs, pinning my hands at my side.


“Yes?” I all but m0an. He gr0ans.


“Hmm, focusing, focusing,” I mumble, wishing he had a dial so I could turn it up a little more.

Thane jams his fingers in my ribs, making me shriek and jump.Focus, push on the calling, try to shove it back at me,” he tells me and I sigh but do as he asks. Only when I do, I nearly collapse because it was like I walked into it making it ten times stronger.

My face tingled, my body buzzing as euphoria washed over me, and I hear Rhen chuckle as Thane’s arms wrap around me to hold me steady and upright.

“Now that low-frequency buzz making your skin tingle when you pushed back against me is YOUR aura, your command,” Thane whispers, k!ssing the side of my face, and he drops his calling. It was like a bucket of water was tossed on me and I pouted, wanting it back.

“I don’t see the point of it, anyway. It’s not like I can really do much with a command, besides maybe order another Omega.” I admit. I would never be able to make anyone submit, so it made little sense as to why he had me practicing this anyway.

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