Omega’s Possession Chapter 62

“Because it is a deterrent, besides if for some reason you had to use it, it may buy you enough time until one of us gets to you,” Thane explains. “Plus, it makes your resistance to Alphas even stronger.”

“But I’m already resistant to command now?

“Yes, but what if several commanded you all at once, or all of us did? Practicing with your aura, even a weak one, will strengthen the side that obeys. Make you more resistant.” I roll my eyes. It seems like a waste of time to me. It’s not like I went anywhere without them unless it was the refuge, and there I had Leo with me.

Leon stands back up, stopping in front of me.

Closing my eyes, I focus on the tingling sensation I felt when Thane used his calling on me. Moments pass when I feel my skin buzz.

“Good girl, now, hold on to it,” Thane tells me, so I know I latched onto the right thing. “Now try to project it, think of Leon, and try to push on his with it.” I do as he says, feeling the spark of touching his aura as it easily fights mine.

A shudder runs up my body, some deep-rooted instinct telling me to back away, a nagging feeling telling me I was taking on someone stronger, dangerous. Leon’s aura instantly flares up, pushing back, and he curses, making me drop it.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, ” Leon murmurs.

“It’s fine,” I tell him.

“Okay, an aura is one thing, but you need to put the command behind it. Without a command, it is just pressure, Thane explains.

 Looking at him over my shoulder, Thane steps away from me. “Leon, sit down. I can ignore mine. I’ll try with her,” Thane tells him. I raise an eyebrow at him.

“I could only barely just touch Leon, and you want me to touch yours?” I shake my head.

“If you can hold it, it will strengthen you, then maybe you’ll see you have a command.”

Thane stands in front of me, and my shoulders slump. This aura and the commanding thing were exerting so much energy for doing absolutely nothing.

“Close your eyes,” Thane tells me, and I do.

Instantly, I find my aura and project it out. I feel it touch Thane’s and instantly retreat when I feel him tug on it, like he was calling it out and making me gasp. “Hold it, I’m not resisting you, Lowe. Keep pushing, Thane urges, and so does his aura.

“Now try to command me.” my brows pinch and I try to do what he asks, only it was like trying to catch air as I willed what I wanted through it. As soon as I told him to submit, it was like someone flicked a switch, my Omega side forcing its way forward telling me to submit to a bigger predator.

Thane’s hands grip my arms, sparks rushing across my skin, and I open my eyes and exhale in a huff.

“See, after a while, you’ll get used to it. You can resist our commands, you just need to practice resisting and projecting the auras.”

But aren’t they the same thing?” I ask him, finding all this very confusing.

“No, an aura is energy, similar to physical energy in a sense, a battle of willpower. A command is an order. It’s not just touching them with your energy, it’s commanding theirs.” Thane tries to explain.

“Come on, we can go to bed. We’ll try again tomorrow,” he tells me. Rhen and Raidon both jump up off the couch, followed by Leon. Walking up the 5 stairs, I hear Scarlet cry out.

Leon rushes past us all in a blur to settle her, and I stop on the steps. I’ll go make a bottle,” Thane says, stopping and heading back toward the kitchen before I can.

Climbing the stairs, I move to the nursery to check on Scarlet to find Leon sitting in the rocking chair with her. Thane wanders in a few seconds later with her bottle and takes her from him.

“Go, I’ll feed her, get to bed,” Thane tells a yawning Leon. He nods and moves toward me and I step aside. I watch Thane give a bottle to her, his index fingers stroking her little nose as he purrs, rocking back and forth.

Siipping the door shut, I wander to our room and crawl into bed, face-planting the pillow. Raidon climbs in beside me and Rhen beside him. Leon stumbles over, falling on my opposite side when Raidon slips his arm beneath my head. I roll, pressing my ear to his ch3st, getting comfortable.

When nothing happens, I smack his ch3st, and he chuckles. “You know you are quite demanding and bossy for someone so small, ” Raidon purrs at me.

Ignoring his comment, I smack his ch3st, wanting to be lulled into blissful sleep. Seconds later, his calling slips out, and a sigh escapes my lips as I snuggle against him with Leon’s arm draped over my wa!st.

Yet before I manage to fall asleep, Raidon does first, making me growl when his calling slipped away.

Sitting up, I was about to crawl over to Rhen to see if he was awake, just as Thane comes in climbing in next to Leon.

I climb over Leon, making him grunt when my knee squashes his ribs and he rolls into me, making me -plant onto Thane before he is even lying down.

He lets out a grunt at the impact and he nudges Leon to move over. He reluctantly rolls into Raidon and Thane lays down, tugging me higher.

Thane tugs the blankets up and I tap his ch3st. So impatient, he mutters as I starfish on him. I better not wake up covered in drool again, ” he mumbles.

“No promises!” I tell him, drumming my fingers on his chest. His calling slips out and I melt against him. “Maybe you do have a dial or a button?” I mumble.

Huh?” I shake my head and yawn before falling into darkness, listening to the thrum of his calling.

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