Omega’s Possession Chapter 67

It would throw people off. I was Omega initially giving me enough time to escape, hopefully, since Omegas can’t use an aura or command, that would make them waiver and second guess what I am as long as my pheromones didn’t get in the way.

It reinforced the need to practice. Thane pulls me to the center of the room and Raidon drags the coffee table out of the way.”Okay, just like yesterday,” he tells me, rubbing my arms.

Closing my eyes, I try to pull on my aura, searching for it. My heat the other day seemed to do the trick though because since then I have been more aware of the light buzzing of my skin, the essence behind it.

“Good Lowe, now push on mine,” he tells me and I focus on projecting it, feeling it try to force over him, his aura making mine buzz as it fought to flicker out when it draws it out further.

“Now, try to get me to submit, ” he says, and I almost roll my eyes at him. That would not work.

Maybe by some miracle, I could make him sit but submit. Not a chance. His alpha aura wouldn’t allow for that, it would be like challenging him.

I won’t be able to hold it,” I murmur, trying not to lose focus as I feel the edge flicker, wanting to retreat.

Just try it, no harm in trying,” Thane says, and I sigh, making my body shake as I try to hold it onto him. A bead of sweat runs down my neck as it pushes against his. I might as well be pushing against a brick wall. His aura was impenetrable.

Thane wasn’t a normal alpha, but an alpha of alphas in our pack.

Gritting my teeth, I try to push on it, feeling it flexing as it pushes against his free will. “I can’t,” I grit out.

“Hold it, Lowe. You can do it, Thane says softly.

His fingers grip mine firmly, tugging me closer. “

Focus, hold it, I can feel it, he assures me.

“Yeah, but soon as I try to command you, it will drop,” I tell him, squeezing my eyes shut harder as if it would actually add more strength to it and not give me a headache.

“Try, just try once and we’ll call it a night,” he tells me. I sigh, my entire body heating as I try to focus. I could hear Scarlet babbling happily in her rocker, hear the soft music it played as it rocked from side to side. Using my aura, my senses enhanced every little thing.

His touch even felt stronger, the sparks rushing across my hands and up my arms. The beating of his heart, mine and our mates. Yet Thane’s thumped faster than normal, beating rapidly and loudly.

Try Lowe, I need you to at least try,” Thane murmurs.

His aura wouldn’t allow it, yet I knew he wouldn’t let me stop until I at least tried, so I sighed and spoke the word. “Submit!”I tell him.

I wait for the pain to start as it sometimes did when playing with his aura, or trying to command them, it was unnatural for them and me, yet as I spoke the word, I felt his aura drop slightly and I try to j3rk my hands from his grip but his grip tightens. “Hold it,” he tells me and I shake my head.

Hold it,” baby,” Thane whispers, and I open my eyes to find him kneeling before me.

Stop it, ” I grit out, knowing the only way that was even possible was if he allowed it. My aura was no match for him.

Hold on to it. I need you to hold on to it,” I shake my head, tears brimming in my eyes because I could feel him struggling with his own instincts not to fight me, he was surrendering to mine or trying to.

“Say it, Rhen speaks and my eyes flick to his.

My hands are clammy, and I sweat, my silk night dress sticking to my skin. Glancing down, it was like Thane was fighting a war.

“I don’t need you to do this,” I whisper to Thane.

No, but I need you to,” he tells me. I don’t want you to be my mate, I want you as my Luna,” he says and I svck in a breath.

Now make me submit.” he squeezes my fingers and I swallow, knowing what he is giving me. I make him submit, he is no longer my alpha, and we will be equal, his order would not work on me and I would be able to control his calling, even with all of them ordering me or using their calling on me, it would have no effect unless I allowed it.

My voice trembles as I fight not to drop my nearly nonexistent aura.

“Submit,” I stammer, pushing against him when I feel any and all resistance drop from him.

I could tell it was causing him pain, feel his agony through the bond as he fought his own aura, and his senses, refusing to allow it to fight mine before he bares his neck to me. This is what

Charles meant by it was almost impossible to do.

It went against everything that is engrained in every molecule of our being. It’s why alphas usually fought to the death, unable to submit to each other, they rather die than survive by submitting. And yet Thane did it and I felt my own aura strengthen as he submits, giving me domination over him and our mates.

Tears dripped off my chin at what he did, made me do and my aura drops the moment it does my legs give out under me. Thane’s arms caught me before I hit the ground and pulled me close.

“I love you,” he whispers. His entire body was covered in sweat, his skin sticking to mine that was equally sweaty. I love you too.’ I murmur when hands tug my head back by my hair. Raidon leans down, brushing his l!ps against mine, while Thane buries his face in my ch3st.

“Now you’re our alpha,” Raidon mumbles against my l!ps. Pulling back, Rhen is gripping Thane’s shoulders, whispering something to him and trying to calm him as his entire body shakes as he clutches me. Thane lifts his head and I see tears etched into his skin as he looks up at Rhen, who smiles softly at him, leans down and k!sses him.

“Thank you,” Rhen murmurs, making me wonder if it was also for them too. Thane wasn’t just making me his equal but giving me power over them, so I knew Thane wouldn’t have done what he did without telling them first.

Leaning forward, Thane looks at me, his l!ps tugging in the corners as he k!sses me, his tongue tangling with mine as he stands. I wrap my legs around his waist as he stands, his hand falling to my as*s, and he squeezes it.

“Yours,” He whispers.

“Mine,” I smile against his !ips.

“Hm, that means I now dominate you, I tell him with a laugh.

“Except in the bedroom,” he laughs. “I can live with that,” I tell him.

“And the kitchen. Don’t let her have that either,” Leon chimes in, and I shoot him a glare over Thane’s shoulder.

“Yes, definitely call rank over my kitchen.”

“My cooking is not that bad,” It could be better,” Raidon mumbles, and my eyes narrow at him. I look at Rhen.

“I’d still eat it,” he shrugs and they all stop and glare at him. He shrugs.

“See and you reckon you’re not brown noser,” Raidon exclaims.

“Even she knows her cooking is sh!t.  I raise an eyebrow at Raidon when he motions toward me.

“Edible.” he finishes. “If you like charcoal,” he adds with a laugh.

For the safety of Scarlet, I think it is better if I cook,” Thane defends their remarks on my lack of cooking skills. “But I’ll teach you,” he says, pressing his l!ps to my cheek as he climbs the stairs.

Leon is retrieving Scarlet who is wanting out of her chair, kicking her legs furiously.

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