Omega’s Possession Chapter 68

Four Weeks Later.

You’re pregnant,” Raidon tells me as I heave my guts up, his hands tangling in my hair.

Scarlet is barely four months old,” I retort.

And you went into heat, we fvcked you, and you’re knocked up,” Raidon chuckles. That’s not a guarantee!”

“Isn’t it?” he laughs.

“We can’t have another right now. They’ll be the same age! Scar-” I heave, upturning my stomach again, my hands clutching the toilet bowl.

“Only for a few months, ” he tells me unfazed by my retching yet Rhen I threw up in front of him the other day and he in turn threw up in the bathtub, his heaving made mine worse and we were like a synchronized dance, both of us unable to stop until we had nothing left.

Leon walked in on us both, laying on the cold tiles, feeling like death, then Thane got stuck cleaning up after the mess we made in the bathroom.

Please don’t be pregnant, please be a stomach bug,” I whine. I didn’t want to be sick every day.

Scarlet didn’t make me this sick. Our pregnancies were only 16 weeks and Scarlet was only just starting to crawl. I shake my head, hoping he’s wrong.

Hearing footsteps, Raidon tugs slightly on my hair, and I look over my shoulder. “Rhen, don’t you come in here, I’m carrying your as*s out.”

Radion sings out.

“Again?” Rhen sings out.

Yep, past twenty minutes.”

She’s pregnant!”

“I am not!” I retort, and Raidon laughs.

You are and to prove it, Thane should be here any minute with a pregnancy test.”

I roll my eyes at him before finally making it to my feet. I rinse my mouth and brush my teeth.

But before I could leave, Thane walks in with a box of pregnancy tests and a cup. I glare at Raidon when Thane hands me the cup. Moving to the toilet, I sit down, only to find them staring at me.

“Get out!” They don’t, and I scrunch up my face. “Can’t even pee on my own,” I mutter as they turn their back on me. I pee in the cup and set it down only for it to disappear before I could even pull my under**wear up.

I growl at Thane, who takes it. Raidon bites the wrapper, tearing it off and pulling the testing stick out, and handing it to Thane while I wash my hands when he opens another two.

“I’m sure one is enough,” I tell him.

“Nope, I know you will say the test is faulty,” Raidon retorts. I huff moving to sit on the edge of the bathtub.

Thane looks at his watch, and I exhale as we wait. “Why are you upset? This is a good thing,” Thane says, glancing at his watch again as if it will make three minutes go faster.

“Says the man not puking his guts up every  morning!” I tell him.

I’ll speak with mom and dad, and get you something,” Raidon tells me.

“Is it safe to enter?” Rhen calls out and Raidon pops his head out the door and nods at him. Rhen wanders into the bathroom with Scarlet and I hold my arms out for her. He passes her to me and I bounce her on my knee when Thane’s watch beeps.

He glances down at it while Raidon plucks the tests out. “What’s it say?” Leon asks, walking in while they all huddle around my pee cup. I shake my head at them and Leon does a happy dance before spinning on his heel and moving toward me. He plucks Scarlet out of my arms, juggling her like a tea bag, and she cackles, jamming her fist in her mouth. “Mummy’s having a baby,” Leon coos.

Told ya,” Raidon smirks.

“Could still be wrong,” I mumble.

“What was that?” Thane asks with a laugh.

Two Weeks Later.

The ultrasound technician moved his Doppler over my stomach. We estimated I should be about five weeks pregnant, assuming it was my heat when I fell pregnant, which means we should also be able to tell what I was having. I have been terribly ill for the last three weeks now and wasn’t gaining weight despite the medications I was on.

Yep, she is five weeks along. The woman says, pressing some buttons.

Then we can also find out the gender?” Thane questions. The woman nods, pushing her glasses up her nose. I glance at Rhen, whose eyes were on the screen, arms braced on his knees. He smiles when he feels my eyes on him.

“So the gender of baby A is—“

“Baby A?” Raidon asks and my head turns to look at the screen. She points to the screen and I notice the extra one. Yep, twins.” the woman confirms. She moves the device over my stomach again.

“Now, Baby A is…” she moves the device a little.

Is a Boy,'” and I smile, looking at Thane, who winks at me.

“Hear that you’re gonna be a big sister to a brother!” Leon tells Scarlet, who has no idea what he is telling her.

And baby B… also a boy.” the technician tells us.

Another boy!” Leon tells Scarlet, who just gives him a huge gummy grin. She had started teething, her gums are all swollen, and she was chewing on everything she could get her hands on, including the furniture.

“Now I’ll just check their heartbeats and turn this up,” she turns a dial, the heartbeats nice and strong as we listen to the thumping. A giddy feeling makes me tingle all over, excitement slivering through me.

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