Oscar 2022: Sean Penn calls for boycott of actors if Zelenskyy’s speech is not approved

Oscar 2022: Sean Penn calls for boycott of actors if Zelenskyy’s speech is not approved

THE Sean Penn gave an interview to CNN on Saturday and called on Hollywod to boycott this year’s Oscars, if in the end he is not given the opportunity Volodymyr Zelenskyy to speak during the ceremony.

The 61-year-old actor and director claimed that according to what he knows, “a decision has been made not to give him the opportunity to speak”, stressing however that “I do not know what Zelenskyy’s wish is”.

Beyond that, however, he clarified that “if the Academy and the presenters have chosen not to honor the Ukraine that receives bullets and bombs, along with its children, then I believe that for each of these people it will be the most obscene moment in Hollywood history “.

Sean Penn called for a boycott of the award ceremony and even for the nominees, saying “I will encourage anyone to understand that, despite the fact that this is the time, it is more important to protest and boycott the ceremony”.

In fact, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor (2003 and 2008) threatened to ruin his awards. “If he does not speak, I will ruin my awards in public,” he said.

In the previous days, the media characterized the presence of Zelensky in the award, with the Daily Mail reporting on the Ukrainian president that he is in talks with the Academy, in order to speak during the glamorous night.

In fact, one of the presenters of the big night, Amy Sumer, as broadcast by CNN, moved the threads to present the Ukrainian president at the award ceremony.

“I wanted to find a way for Zelensky to appear or for a videotaped message, precisely because there are so many Oscar viewers,” Sumer said on an American television show.

Sean Penn is particularly sensitive to the war in Ukraine, where he recently found himself filming a documentary about the Russian invasion.

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