Oscars 2022: Bradley Cooper had the best attendant – his mother

Although this year’s Oscars left us a little “numb” with several uncomfortable moments, there were some that were worth it. Among them the moment Bradley Cooper arrived on the red carpet hugging his mother

THE Cooper he has expressed many times the weakness he has in his mother and it seems that he wants to have her by his side in the most important moments of his career. One would say logical.

At last night’s ceremony, his protagonist A Star is Born appeared elegant, in a black tuxedo upon his arrival at the event and the photographers did not stop photographing him with his companion, who was none other than his mother, Gloria Campano. In fact, she showed special comfort with the lens.

Campano chose a long black dress and a silver jacket with sequins and matched perfectly with Cooper’s elegant outfit. Mom and son exchanged tender hugs

on the red carpet and, between us, they were just adorable.

Remember that the actor’s father died in January 2011 after a tough battle with cancer. In 2013, the actor spoke to “Details” magazine about his close relationship with his mother and their cohabitation after the death of his father. “We both survive. Let’s face it. “It’s probably not easy for her, but living with her son gives her life.”

The actor had also stated in the past:

«My family is very close and my father’s death was brutal for all of us. It was a rift and its aftershock has not stopped. We need each other. But do not misunderstand me. It is not without complications. It is not like living in a complex and it is in the hostel. No. He’s in the next room. “

However, we like that Cooper seems so attached to his mother and in recent years he is firmly his favorite escort on the red carpet.

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