Oscars 2022: This year’s goodie bag of nominees will have the most expensive gifts to date

When we think of the Oscars, many things come to mind.

The Oscars 2022 will take place on March 28 and guests at the most glamorous film awards are expected to receive, as every year, a goodie bag with rich gifts.

This custom has often been the subject of discussion, and not for good reason. The gifts it contains range from simple and cute to absurd, very expensive, ridiculous to offensive. Nevertheless, it remains one of the established practices of the event because, no matter how we do it, everyone loves gifts – even if they make fun of them.

This year, for the first time, all attendees will get one goodie bag with products worth $ 100,000 to $ 999,999.

What will this very expensive bag contain?

Beauty Productssuch as bath bombs with crystal top, beauty treatments, luxury holiday packages and high quality olive oil will be in this year’s goodie bag, which will have the eloquent name: “Everyone wins”.

Gifts of course do not stop here. Among them is a trip to the Highlands of Scotland, with a two-night stay in a 10-bedroom castle, a box of gold-plated pretzels, liposuction treatment, botox, skin rejuvenation laser, life coach sessions, and… property management by a construction company in Los Angeles for the next house (or whatever) they will buy / build.

Somehow in this year’s award no one will be lost, even if in the end he does not receive the golden statuette. The question, of course, is, do the candidates need all this, who in their vast majority can buy it themselves? Probably not. Does anyone care? Also no.

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