Paul Walker: An actor redeems the sunglasses he potrated during his fatal accident

A tribute… somewhat morbid! More than eight years after the death of comedian Paul Walker, actor and TV presenter Zak Bagans has said he wants to buy the sunglasses the actor was wearing at the time of his fatal accident to return them to his family . A bit strange attention, while this pair of glasses is the subject of many controversies…

A memory… that never stops talking! More than eight years after the death of actor Paul Walker, the pair of glasses he wore at the time of his fatal accident is once again at the heart of the debates, while an ultra popular comedian in the USA, Zak Bagans , offered to get them to return to the family.

A proposal that seems bizarre but is actually not very surprising coming from him: Zak Bagans has also shown himself in a ghost hunter show and has a collection of objects belonging to deceased stars: he is notably in possession of Sharon Tate’s wedding dress, the car in which James Dean had his accident, or even a tooth from Patrick Swayze…

He has already declared that if the family does not want to take back the glasses (which he is ready to give them without consideration), he would then ask them for permission to create a new shelf dedicated to the actor of Fast & Furious

, where he could expose the glasses. At the moment, he says, he does not feel very comfortable to place the glasses in his haunted museum…

As a reminder, these glasses have been the subject of much controversy. Indeed, while the fatal crash of the actor occurred in 2013, a man present at the scene of the accident had recovered the object in the bushes, after they had flown from the car. He then sought to contact the family and then sold them at auction for 15,000 dollars… but after a huge controversy, nothing had succeeded.

Seeing that he could do nothing with these glasses, he then contacted Zak Bagans, very present in the media and accustomed to this kind of request. This one, known for his searches for ghosts in houses and for his sometimes a little tough interviews with the owners, has taken matters into his own hands and would like to recover the object!

Paul Walker died in November 2013, when he was at the height of his fame with the saga Fast & Furious. The actor had lost his life at just 40 years old when he was a passenger in a Porsche which one of his friends had lost control of. Both men died in the crash. His daughter Meadow, was 15 at the time of the accident, she is now married, and it was Vin Diesel, her father’s friend, who had led her to the altar…

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