Petit Denis regrets his past, “I have done too many negative things in my life”

The artist Zouglou Petit Denis alias the child of Gbatanikro returned to his past during an interview he gave to the online media Brut Côte d’Ivoire.

Currently in Europe more precisely in Paris, Petit Denis has in an interview granted to Brut Côte d’Ivoire, confessed his past which according to him does not make him proud. Between signing a contract and his detention in prison, Captain El Capo spoke of the dark moments that marked his life.

One of the facts that marked the existence of the zouglou singer the most was the death of his mother. He regretted not having been present at the burial of his mother.

Currently, I continue to experience it badly, because I didn’t bother to bury my mother. I haven’t had the opportunity to bury it, and that’s something that breaks me so far. I was away, I was in Europe. I did not yet have the possibility of being able to return, and everything happened behind me“, he confided.

Little Denis regrets his past, " I have done too many negative things in my life"

To the question if he had managed to mourn, he answered in these terms:

It’s difficult! My father, I did not know him. So the only person I had left was my mother. A mother’s love, nothing can change that, and after she’s gone, I see that I’m all alone because I don’t have a brother. I do not have a sister. Here is! In my universe I’m all alone

For the artist, it is impossible for him to know whether his mother is proud of him or not, because his past is not pleasant. ” I’ve done too many negative things in my life (..) So if she was proud of me, that I can’t know. Only from where she is, that she forgives me. That’s all“, he expressed.

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As for his time in prison, Captain El Capo did not want to return to this past which is not a source of pride for him.

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