Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – chapter 1 Run its course

City Tong was always like spring all year round, but this winter was particularly cold.

Amber White was wearing a thin wedding dress standing in front of the full-length mirror, the hemline which was dropping in the floor, made her more skinny than she was. Fortunately, she had beautiful skin, and she was still the most beautiful bride.

“Bang” –

Someone kicked the door to the bedroom.

“Tell me, what exchange condition did you use?”

Sean smith, the man with handsome appearance,which was in his gaze at that time was full of coldness.

He threw a stack of newspaper on Amber White’s face. “Miss White, you are notorious, what kind of exchange conditions have you used to convince my so harsh mother for marrying me successfully?”

Amber White frowned and his hand consciously touched her lower abdomen.

The wedding dress was not a slim style, but the belly of more than eight months was so big that it couldn’t be concealed.

Sean Smith’s gaze moved to her stomach, and there was drunkenness and irony in his eyes.

“Even with other people’s child!”


Not others’.

Amber White subconsciously refuted, But Sean Smith was faster than her, he squeezed her neck with one hand, sneered and asked: “Not? Not others’? Could he be mine? Miss White, It seems that I don;t even know you. Right? Tonight, it’s the first time we met in such formal occasion!”

Amber White’s neck was squeezed,the sound of that behavior could be heard.But she still tried her best to protected her lower abdomen by her hands.

“Let, let me go…”Amber White’s face turned red, and she stared at the man, “If I die, you will die soon,too!”

Sean Smith’s gaze sunk, and the strength of his hand was less than before.

Amber White suddenly fell to the ground, the thin white neck has been red printed, she raised her trembled hand and breathed heavily.Then she stared at the man and said: “Didn’t Mrs.Smith tell you? The three brothers of Mr. Smith were all dying of cancer, It’s a genetic defect in the family, and you couldn’t escape from this. You have up to 80% of the blood cancer hidden danger, we are match.”

“What are you talking about?”Sean Smith tightened his fingers and the lines of his jaws tightened,either. “That is just a hidden danger!”

“It’s a hidden danger! But it is very possible! Mrs. Smith only have one son. 80% probability! she definitely can’t gamble!” Amber White smiled. “are you asking me about the condition? The condition is, I am always giving you bone marrow, but you have to give up your first lover and marry me.”

The thin face of Sean Smith became more and more dark, and for a long time, he opened his mouth in disgust.

“Amber White, except for marriage, I can promise you anything.”

” I don’t want anything else beside marriage.”

Amber White existed, her tone could be described as ‘stubborn’.

Sean Smith picked her up from the ground, squeezed her jaw, and stared at her with his eyes which was full of blood streak. “Why? Are you so crazy with me?will you still insisted to marry me even if I let you walk with a big belly today? Do you know that Mrs. Smith’s position is my girlfriend’s, it’s belong to Manman!”


Her ear creaked, and her stomach swayed so badly. She didn’t heard any of his knife-like words,but ‘Manman’…

It made her breathless.

She got choked up. She hooked her lips, took a deep breath, tried her best to stopped her tears. Then she finally looked up and looked at the man’s eyes: “I am very happy that you still remember your girlfriend. Are you here for asking the disappearance of Lin Man?”

“I know it was related to you!” The two thin lips of Sean Smith blended to a arc,which made the lips looked like a blade point,his vigorous fingers almost crushed her chin.

“I don’t have such a big skill, it is Mrs.Smith who helped me.” She smiled and pointed to the account book on the dressing table which was behind her. “The wedding has been finished, and the marriage certificate is not finished yet. Lin Man could only be safe if we get the marriage certificate today.”

“You are crazy!”

Sean Smith was so mad,so he threw her away.

Amber White was weak,she was thrown out by him, her stomach was slammed into the corner of the table, and the pain suddenly came !

“It hurts, my stomach hurts.”

The belly was tight, the pain tortured her again and again. Amber White touched her belly, she really had a bad complexion at that time, She frowned. “Take me to the hospital! take me to the hospital.”

Sean Smith’s eyes turned dark, he squinted at Amber White: “Tell me, where is she? After that, I will take you to the hospital!”

Not for long, the blood dyed the white wedding dress, and Amber White’s hand which was covered on her belly were instantly covered with bloody smell.

“I don’t know! Mrs. Smith didn’t tell me.”

Amber White gritted her teeth. She was always calm. She never panicked like this. The pain made her very scared. She felt that she was suffering the birth contractions after hitting by Sean Smith. It seemed that she may have a premature birth.

“Will you still insist?”

He showed her a expressionless look, and the dark eyes were like the deep sea. It seemed that he had a hesitation,but just for a second.

When they had eye-contact, Amber White’s heart stopped beat for once. She saw the coldness from his eyes, just like eight years ago.

She knew that it was useless to ask him, so she could only drag the wet-stained dress and reached out to touch the mobile phone which was on the dressing table.

Sean Smith stood up suddenly, He took a step which more faster than her,he took the phone. Then he pulled out the phone card in front of her.

“what are you doing?”

There was crying feeling in her tone, and the tears in the eyes could no longer be suppressed. A kind of powerlessness invaded her, the heart-broken feeling was more painful than the contractions.

Sean Smith did not pay attention to her, but went straight into the bathroom.

Then,she heard the sound of flushing the toilet.

“No -“

Amber White stood in the same place, she was stunned, she could not even believe her ears.

She knew what he was doing, he must have flushed her card down the toilet!

He could even forced her to such a situation for Lin Man,He would be indifferent even if she died here.

When Sean Smith went out of the bathroom, he ruined the phone on the dressing table and completely smashed the phone line.

Amber White was about to faint, and her face was white. She reached out and touched his big palm. “Don’t… Don’t do this. Please I beg you… save…

Save my child…”

Sean Smith never answered, and his eyes were full of decisive coldness.

Amber White gritted her teeth: “If my child dies, I will never give you bone marrow!”

“That’s just right! Me too!” His gaze showed a chilly feeling. ” I will not accept the bones which you donated even I die!”

After that, he slammed the fingers of her one by one, and took a paper towel and wiped the blood on his hand.

Amber White was scared.

“Sean! You can’t do this to me!”

“The child is yours!”

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