Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – chapter 10 My good sister, I’m pregnant!

Amber touches her face while she hears the voice of Shi Muzhou, she tries to hide away her emotions, but Shi Muzhou has already come to her. He followed her all the way here, so surely he saw she’s hit by the car, he then quickly holds her up and asks anxiously:”how do you feel, are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” Amber shakes her head and says:”just some small scratches on the elbows.”
“Who hit you? You tell me, i’ll sure him onto the court” Shi Muzhou says with an angry tone.
Amber then dazes there, sue Sean Smith? How is that possible? By that time Sean Smith might hate him too.
“The man drove so fast, i did not see clearly his face.”
Amber then walks forward with the supporting from Shi Muzhou, it’s so funny that her legs and elbows got hurt the same place with uneven pain pulling up now.
Shi Muzhou takes a suspacious look at Amber, he clearly saw a car parking here before, after a second thought, he then says:”you are the charger of Luo Shen Bay, so it’s okay if you did not see the man clearly, i’ll just let my agant to check on the monitoring videos.”
“Muzhou, it’s just small scratches, no need to make a fuss, i’ll just wrap it up in the hospital.” Amber says with a calm look, but her attitude is clear, hearing this, Shi Muzhou feels more angry right now.
“Was it Sean Smith again? What’s wrong with him? Why he always make troubles for you? Was he blind to hit on you? I’ve never seen a man who can be so tasteless than him to fix his sight on Tang Tian.”
“He’s such a jerk!”
Amber’s temple beats a few times just now, she then stares at Shi Muzhou:”how many times have i had to remind you that you are a public person, you cannot say words like this in public, you are not only yourself but the whole team, understand?”
Shi Muzhou gets bored by her lecturing, he then holds her from the waist and says with an angry tone:”well, well, i know, stop lecturing me, i’ll take you to the hospital!”
When Shi Muzhou registrates for Amber, his phone keeps ringing, it makes him feeling agitated.
Amber frowns and says to him:”you can go back if you have things to do, i’m a grown up, i’ll be okay here.”
Shi Muzhou is indeed busy on scheduel today, he still has one clothes show to attend after the opening ceremony. It’s his agent who just called him, his agent might feels so anxious right now.
Shi Muzhou then raises his elbow to look at watch:”okay, i go now, you go wrap the wound yourself.”
Amber nods at him, he then leaves the hospital.
After the registration, Amber sits on the stool waiting for the doctor to call her number, there’s also a lover who sit on her opposite, the two seems to be so sweet.
Amber’s eyelid jumps a bit, she seems to see herself 11 years ago.
She’s behind the lover, it’s 20 minutes passed already after she walks inside the room.
The doctor looks old in the age, he wears a pair of glasses, he takes a look at Amber while she walks inside and then watches the wound on her elbows.
“It’s pretty bad, how did this happen?”
Amber answers with a peaceful tone:”hit by the car.”
“Where’s your husband? How can he let you come here alone?”
The old doctor then takes out gauze before she makes any response:”your’ve lost so many blood, how can your husband leave you alone here? silly girl, seems you’ve picked the wrong husband.”
Amber bites her lips with silence, she feels not comfortable while she hears this, but the doctor don’t know that her so-called husband hit her like this on purpose.
The marriage don’t soothen the relationship between them, but instead it deepen the hatred of Sean Smith to her.
After the wrap, the doctor gives Amber a prescription and let her to take the medincine on the first floor, when she walks outside the room, she then finds seems every patient here have company. But only her being here alone herself. She then quicken her speed and comes to the first floor, when she’s about to leave after taking the medincine, she hears a familiar voice.
“Hum, isn’t this my good sister?”
The voice? What a coincidence! She’s never expected she can bump into a familiar here.
She then stops her step and turns back, it’s Tang Tian who covers her face completely.
She then raises her eyebrows, why she’s here? Maybe she’s here to see the allergic on her back?
Amber ignores her, but Tang Tian then waves her a piece of testing report and says with a high pitch:”my good sister, i’m pregnant.”
“It’s brother-in-law’s.”
Amber surely knows she’s talking about Sean Smith.
She then takes a glance at the report, it clearly says on the paper that gestation for five weeks, the fetal develops pretty well.
Seeing Amber makes no any responses, she then smiles:”or maybe you can help me to name for the babe? I am not sure it’s a girl or a boy, i don’t know if Sean will be happy like i am now.”
“I planned at first to pay much attention on my career, the marketing department wanted me to lose 20 pounds before, but seems now this cannot happen, after all i’m now pregnant, babe needs nutriants, i have to take care of the babe, if the babe not healthy, i am afraid Sean might be angry with me.”
“What do you think?”
Amber then sips her lips and says:”finished?”
Seeing the peaceful look on Amber’s face, Tang Tian finally changes her look:”Amber White, if you can tell the situation, then you’s better get the divorce with Sean as soon as possible, he has been here with me for two monthes day and night, you have been staying all along these three years, you think it’s funny?”
“If you ask the divorce yourself, you may still get some shares from Smith’s property, but if you still keep stiff situations like this, you may have nothing by then.”
Tang Tian says with a strong pitch, hearing this, Amber then rubs her ears with her thumb and says to her:”since your words work so well to Sean, how about you ask him to give me a divorce paper directly?”
Hearing this, Tang Tian suddenly changes on her expression, if it works, why she’s here with a pregnancy report and talks with her now?

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