Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -chapter 100: Mom, I always respect you

Fang Weiwei walked a few steps forward and took the arm of Amber White and she whispered:

“Oh,Amber, mother is angry because of Sean’s injury. What she showed was nothing but anger. Why do you care about those words?could you ignore it?I know Cindy is wronged,but just once,okay? “

Just once?

Amber White laughed. In the past few years, Cindy had suffered too much.

She was laughed by her classmates,she was insulted by the teachers and classmates, but what was more,they wanted to bully Cindy when she was still with her.

Sean Smith’s mother was a mother,but she was also a mother!

Saying that Amber White had no intention to compromise. Shen Ruyun’s face was dark, she said: “My sister-in-law,please be less arrogant. At this point, you should worry about the injury of my brother, why kept bothering our mother and do such things!”

“You are really cold-blooded!”

“Mom didn’t make any mistake, every penny you cost was from this family, If I were mom,I would hit you!”

Because Amber white did nothing to Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue but just one glance, the two was more courageous and kept insulting her.

Amber White didn’t want to waste her time on quarreling with Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue. And she didn’t want Cindy to be more sensitive.she was still small,how could she afford those bad words!

Therefore, whether insulted or persuaded,Amber White did not retreat. She just looked at the man’s mother and said:

“Mom, you are old and your are unhealthy. You gave birth to four sons for this family,so dad won’t beat you. But it is Sean’ss idea to bring Cindy here. I don’t know if dad would be mad at him…”

All the woman cared was her son,Amber White’s word got the key point.

She was very angry, but Amber White got her weakness.


After this words, the woman was silent,all she was doing was sighing.

But her silence was not the signal of the end,Amber White still had something to say.

Amber White turned, her eyes was slightly pink, she licked the lip, turned her head, and looked at the woman,she said: “Mom, I always respect you.”


Mother Smith sneered!


If Amber White really respected her, she should know how important Sean was to her!

When Sean’s father wanted to punish him,she should stopped it!

But she was here, looked at it indifferently!

If Amber White respected her, she won’t asked her to apologize to a child in front of those persons!

If she apologized, if she apologizes to Cindy White. What about her reputation?it’s shameful.

If it was spread out,how did could she kept her fame in this city? !

The Woman looked up and looked at Amber White wickedly!

She did not believe that Amber White would go to the study room to tell Tomas what happened here!

Thinking about this, she stood up straight, and she ignored Amber White.

Amber White was not a fool. She understood the woman’s meaning that she won’t apologize to Cindy.

Amber White lowered her head and took Cindy’s hand. Cindy was forced to take a step.

The girl looked up,she stared straight at her mother with her big eyes, and she asked softly: “Mom, where are we going?”

As soon as she spoke, the other four pairs of sights in the living room also fell on Amber White.

Amber White squinted, although the tone was chilly, when she turned Cindy White,her tone was gentle:

“Go and ask Grandpa whether you are your father’s daughter!”

When she was about to move, she was stopped by Fang Weiwei.

Fang Weiwei’s face was a bit anxious: “sister-in-law, don’t be angry, can I apologize for my mother?”

“apologize? Amber White,do you think that Sean has not suffered enough? He had been injured, but you still insist to go in?!” Jiang Xue said: “Do you want to him to be killed by father?”

“Do you think that’s not enough? Do you want to make our parents had no offspring?”

Amber White’s gaze wander for a while on the Jiang Xue’s and Shen Ruyun’s face, and she finally said: “are you finished?”

Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue looked at each other. Amber’s gaze made the two nervous. After hearing the words, they did not dare to say anything.

“then leave me the way when you’re done!”

She said coolly, Shen Ruyun pushed Jiang Xue away, and they showed her the way!

As soon as she moved, the woman stepped over and stopped her and Cindy. She said loudly: “I apologize! I apologize to her, could you stop?!”

If Sean Smith was dead, she couldn’t live anymore!

After she said this,Amber White’s expression was better. She leaned down and looked at Cindy White. “Cindy, Grandma just told me that she said something wrong, she is sorry. Cindy, she will treat you well in the future. Are you willing to accept her apology?”

The woman pouted, and if Amber White didn’t threat her, she would not apologize!

What she wanted to do was show off and let everyone know that she won.

It was her fault!

It was she who bothered the cold-hearted comet, she felt sorry for her son!

She had married her son,how could she be such arrogant ?

Only Tomas,the stubborn old man would believe that his son had hurt her.

The woman’s body was so stiff that she was afraid that Cindy White would denied. If that, Amber White would still go to the study room and say something to the old man!

After all, she was Amber White’s daughter, who knows if she was wicked,too?

Cindy White moved and suddenly said: “Mom, I am willing to.”

The woman took a sigh of relief. Amber White reached out and touched the head of Cindy White. She looked at Cindy’s eyes softly and her voice softened. “If you are willing to, you should call her ‘grandma’ again,and let your grandmother hug you.”

Cindy White nodded, although she was somewhat afraid of that woman, but compared with fear,she wanted grandparents more.

The little girl walked up to the woman and grabbed the woman’s clothes,she asked, “Grandma, can you hug me?”

The woman’s body was stiff again.

What did Amber White mean?

Wasn’t she afraid of that she would hurt her baby?

Besides, why should she do this?

She was not Sean’s daughter!

Did Amber White intend to threaten her and let her admit this child?

The woman did not respond, Cindy White was a bit sad, but she did not give up,she went closer, and held the woman’s thigh.

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