Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 102: Dad, I don’t have such a big kid

Tomas’ face turned to dark suddenly, he covered his heart which jumped fast and cursed,

“Bastard! They are your wife and child!”

“wife is what you forced me to marry, that’s it, I have to admit her. But the child…Hum, Dad, I don’t have such a big child.”

Sean licked his lips lightly, signing that Amber was really awesome!

She not only wanted to let him recognize Cindy, but also had the ability to let the old guy believe that Cindy was his child!

However, he wouldn’t recognize Cindy and never!

Did they think he is easy to be cheated during the three years after Manman left while he left a bad impression outside?

He didn’t have the memory that he slept with Amber! So he never recognize the mistake which never existed!

Tomas was completely annoyed. The blue veins were bumped up because of his anger while his face flushed. He stepped back, touched the whip placing on the table and then slashed on Sean’s back hard without hesitation, “Just keep on stubborn!”


Sean turned pale suddenly.

The wounds which had been alleviated during their communication became three times painful than before after Tomas whipped him.

Sean bit his teeth and tried his best to straighten his back, as if he would fall down at any time. The sweet kept oozing from his forehead.

He took a deep breath and sneered.

Damn Amber!

She could be trapped by Tang Tian with such a small trick!

Did she use all her stratagem on him?

Did she want to change him to be obedient? Or she wanted to change Cindy White’s surname to Smith and then let Cindy inherit Smith Family’s property?

Or did she have other intentions?

No matter what Amber want, she wouldn’t achieve as long as he was alive!

Sean was in a daze because of the pain. The beads of sweat flowed down along his back and face, finally fell on the ground. There was no pain on his face, only the trembling eyelids and the chest ups and downs frequently showing his true feeling.

When Amber arrived at the door of the study, she heard the mocking words, “wife is what you forced me to marry, that’s it, I have to admit her. But the child…Hum, Dad, I don’t have such a big child”

Amber’s hand froze in the air. During this second of her hesitation, she heard a sound of whip which was extremely loud!

Amber and Cindy shivered without any preparation!

Then they heard the stuffy hum of Sean and the curse of Tomas. Amber withdrew the hand which was about to knock the door, and then she hid all her expression, held Cindy’s hand and intended to leave.

Cindy didn’t move but pulled Amber, “Mom, don’t we save dad? Let’s help dad, okay?”

Amber’s heart shrank, causing her lips trembled.

Cindy wanted to save Sean, while Sean cursed Cindy bastard inside!

Thinking of this, Amber’s heart was like being gouged out!

She didn’t speak but pulled Cindy and wanted to go back!

Mother Smith was relieved after Amber went torward study, but the moment she sat down on the sofa with the help of Shen Ruyun and Fang Weiwei, she heard the whip sound from the study again!

It as if whipping on her body, which caused her stood straight suddenly and turned to the direction of study.

Seeing Amber walked back holding Cindy, Mother Smith’s heart was seized hard again, “Amber! What’s wrong with you!”

“I have apologized to you and I have hugged the kid. Do you want to kill Sean? You have said that you would deal with that thing well!”

Amber’s face was extreme dark. Seeing that, mother Smith said, “Didn’t you hear that? His dad was whipping him again! When I came out just now, he was already dying!”

“Please, just pity me, save my son, okay?”

Amber kept in a daze and then caught a phone in her pocket, said coldly, “Mom, it’s not easy to deal with taht thing. I have to give a call now.”

Shen Ruyun sneered, “Why is it not easy to deal with? You said that the company was making a clarify plan just now, I don’t think it can come out so soon.”

“The most emergency was to calm dad down. Once you clarify to dad, it would be solved. However, you didn’t even enter the door! Do you really want to kill Sean?”

Mother Smith’s eyes were full of doubts now. That was true. Even if Sean abuse Amber, Amber just needed to lie to Tomas, then it was over!

Why didn’t she clarify?

Did she really want to give Sean a lesson taking advantage of this chance?

Thinking of this, Mother Smith’s eyes went black.

There was a layer of gloom on her face. She glanced at Shen Ruyun, “Since it’s simple for you, you can explain to dad now, my sister-in-law! And by the way, explain the mansion of…”


Shen Ruyun screamed, which scared Mother Smith.

Shen Ruyun pulled mother Smith’s hands in panic, “Mom, Amber must have things to deal! Just let her give a call now, okay?”

Amber sneered and then walked toward outside.

She called Lu Yi outside.

It was very important to clarify the abuse wife accident. The public relations department was still working at this time, including Lu Yi.

Just when he made a cup of coffee for himself, he got the call from of Amber.

“Amber, what’s up? Don’t you go back Smith family with Sean?”

Amber licked her dry lips and said lowly, “Help me to call my father-in-law.”


Since Lu Yi asked her, Amber had to explain the progress of Sean being whipped by Tomas.

“Lu Yi, you help me to make Tomas away, I want to say something with Sean.”

“Why? Amber, you can explain this with only a few words, but why do you make it complex?”

Lu Yi was confused. Amber had explained in the meeting to the public relations department.

Lu Yi really couldn’t understand why would Sean admit that and he couldn’t figure out what would Amber do.

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