Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 103: Cindy can’t get wronged!

Amber turned around and found that mother Smith was telling something with Cindy holding Cindy’s hand.

The light was gentle, Amber couldn’t see Cindy’s face clearly. Under the colorful neon outside, what she saw had been changed.

Looking at the villa, Amber spoke, “Lu Yi, you must understand that I can be wronged, but never allow Cindy get wronged. Please help me.”

Lu Yi became silent, then he swallowed, “Okay, I know you are very hard, so you don’t want to tell me that. But you have to remember that no matter what difficulties you meet, I will be behind you and be your solid backing.”

Amber clenched her phone until her fingers became pale.

She had already found Lu Yi’s true feeling to her after getting along for a long time.

He helped her for many times and saved her many times. But Amber couldn’t reply his feelings.

It was a little embarrassed. Amber didn’t know what to say, plus the messy thing here, she could only replied, “Thank you, Li Yi.”

Lu Yi laughed pleasantly, “Amber, don’t be so humble to me!”

After hanging up the phone, the breeze blew beside her ear, which was muggy and made Amber can’t breathe.

Amber put back her phone and walked in the villa.

Mother Smith squatted down to hold Cindy’s hands, while Amber coming out for that call, “Cindy, you have to persuade your mother to save your dad later, understand?”

Saying the ‘dad’, Mother Smith was still uneasy.

Before being his own child’s dad, Sean had to be called dad by a child which was not his.

But Sean was in danger now, Mother Smith couldn’t mind take it seriously. She was clear now that there was only Cindy in Amber’s heart.

She was heartless enough that maybe she hated Sean and the whole Smith family!

Or she wouldn’t be so hesitating, regardless of Sean’s life!

Mother Smith only wished that her only son could live well, so she had to regard a three-year-old girl as her last hope.

Thinking of the words of Cindy just now, Mother Smith licked her lips and coaxed, “Don’t you say that your friends in kindergarten are all be picked up by their grandmother? If you help grandma to persuade your mom, and save your dad, I promise you to send you to school if I am free.”

Only if Sean could escape from this punishment, she could send Cindy to school for a month, let alone only one day.

Now Sean was her life!

If he suffered, she also suffered!

Cindy blinked and said lowly, “Grandma, even if you don’t send me to school, I will persuade my mom!”

“Good girl!”

Mother Smith replied and felt Cindy more endearing.

Cindy was even better than Amber! If she was not Amber’s daughter, or she was Sean’s kid!…

That would be perfect!

There was a little gentleness in Mother Smith’s eyes.

Jiang Xue, who was standing beside was a little uncomfortable.

Why did Amber can be so open to have affairs with other men? Not only that, she also took that bastard to Smith family and let Sean admit that bastard!

She and Shen Ruyun was too careful even if they used a little money, and now, they had to be threatened by Amber!

It was Amber influenced the Smith group’s stock market and had a big loss, but now, mother Smith ignored it and began to follow Amber’s orders!

What nonsense!

Jiang Xue was so annoyed. She stared at Cindy and said, “Mom! She is just a bastard! How can she call Sean Dad? What’s more, What can she do? She is the same like Amber!”

“She would rather help Amber than help us!”

What did mother Smith’s words mean? Did she want the little bastard divide property of Smith group with them?

What did they get after marrying Smith family? Dead husbands?

Amber married Smith Family with a child, she had husband, kid, marriage, and maybe she would have love in the future!

A bastard wanted to get the property of Smith family? No way!

Mother Smith glanced at Jiang Xue. She knew clearly what she meant in her age!

But now, Mother Smith wanted Amber to persuade Tomas while Amber was a stubborn one!

How could she let Jiang Xue make troubles for her.

“Why are you still saying nonsense now! If Cindy can’t help me, can you? Bastard, bastard, if your dad hears it, I will now help you when you get the whips!”

Jiang Xue’s face changed to dark. Seeing Mother Smith’s gaze, Jiang Xue forced a smile, “Mom, I’m sorry…”

After Amber hung up the phone, Tomas got the call from Lu Yi. He stopped the whip which stuck with the blood of Sean. The blood smell became even stronger in the air.

Sean looked up, seeing the old guy was accepting a call.

He was too painful to hear the words in the phone.

Sean moved his legs a little, which pulled his wounds, causing him gasped.

Tomas turned to Sean, noticed Sean’s movement, and then his eyes flashed a little cold light.

Noticing his gaze, Sean lifted his lips with a playful smile, which made Tomas angry again.

Lu Yi asked a document from him. After Sean took over the Smith Group, Tomas didn’t manage the affairs of Smith group, so he didn’t know where the document was placed now.

The important documents were put in the safe box of bedroom in the second floor.

“Uncle, i have sent someone to pick up it, maybe he will arrive in ten minutes.”

Tomas replied him , then hung up the phone and walked toward the study door. When he passed by Sean, he paused and looked at Sean with gloomy look, “It’s not the end! Our Smith family can’t have you such bastard! Wait me here!”

Sean sneered.

Would he let go of him if he didn’t abuse Amber?!

Now he had lashed him. If later, the old guy knew the truth and asked the reason why she didn’t explain, he would be cheated by that woman again!

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